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Poplar septic tank and its features

Poplar septic tank and its features

Every owner of a country house knows how many problems it is sometimes with pumping cesspools in the absence of a centralized sewerage system. Now, thanks to the treatment plant poplar, which is a full-fledged station for purification of waste water, the problem is solved. There are many similar models of septic tanks, septic tank but poplar stands out from the other list, due to its high level of reliability, durability and productivity.

Poplar septic tank is made of plastic, divided into 4 sectors, each sector is its degree of purification of sewage. To increase the intensity of the processes in the two sectors are mounted aerators, the main task of which - the supply of oxygen into the water and stirring the water. The transition from section to section is due to the air lift, they as aerators work by the charge air compressor.

It should be noted that the septic tank Topol dependent on electricity, which is required for operation of the compressor. Due to the complete cycle of biological processes, you will not feel an unpleasant odor. Organics almost completely decomposes (at 95-98 {8a89a6ec4a1924deff7dfd7fa02d31eb0343820f03092778bfe05c4b04456ef2}) and sludge, which accumulates in the sector can be used as fertilizer. To set the service convenience, there is a removable cover.

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    • Installation is made from high quality polypropylene, this provides assurance, strength and environmental friendliness, as well polypropylene cope with any destructive environmental factors;
    • septic carefully checked for leaks at the factory;
    • the high quality of these products;
    • high quality and durability of the compressor;
    • Poplar septic tank does not require periodic pumping special machines;
    • no unpleasant odor;
    • two modes of operation: forced and independent mode.


    • volatility in the case of a power outage there is a risk of overflow of the receiving compartment;
    • greater number of operating constraints (it is impossible to throw: inorganic debris, cleaning agents which contain chlorine or other substances that kill bacteria).
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    The principle of operation of a septic tank

    In general, a septic tank works like other purifiers, which contain the aeration tanks. The following diagram provides the installation work:

    1. Effluent flows out of the house through the tube and fall into a receiving sector.
    2. There aerator via the liquid saturated with oxygen, and large contaminants break down into smaller ones.
    3. Moving through the airlift pump into the aeration tank.
    4. Processing of aerobic bacteria to septikaorganiki.
    5. Treated effluent moving in the sludge sump.
    6. The deposition of a large amount of silt on the bottom of the sector.
    7. Part of the sludge passes into a receiving chamber, the microorganisms are suitable for the following purification cycles.
    8. The last sector performs the function of the secondary clarifier, then fine inclusions and the slurry settles to the bottom.
    9. The purified liquid leaves the plant.

    Installation and installation of a septic tank Topol

    The first step is to choose a location for a septic tank, it is better to do it in the garden or the house. Then you dig a pit for the septic tank and pipes. It should be added to the perimeter of the pit 25 more centimeters on a sandy base. The cover will be moved 20 centimeters higher than the ground level. It is necessary for greater convenience during maintenance and installation as an additional protection against rising water at high precipitation. At the bottom of the pit at first lay down a layer of sand, then gravel, and then to a septic tank. Then, connect the sewer pipe that comes out of the house to the septic tank. Septic tank filled with water and covered with a layer of sand on the perimeter.

    But still, if you're not sure you can handle yourself, it is much better to invite experienced specialists, who will perform the proper installation of a septic tank in a private home.

    Rules of operation of the septic tank Topol

    should follow a few simple rules for a longer period of use Poplar:

    1. Do not dispose in septic solid inorganic waste, as the bacteria that are involved in the recycling process is not able to process polyethylene, wool, substances which contain chlorine and which contain manganese compounds. A list of all banned substances and articles contained in the instruction manual. These substances can harm the beneficial bacteria colonies or create a blockage.
    2. It is also necessary to remember the allowable value of the number of people who use sewage. Exceeding the allowable threshold may result in an overflow tank and the likelihood of filling other workstations sectors.
    3. If a power failure should be possible to cut back on the use of Poplar, without overfilling sectors.

    By following these simple rules, you will reduce costs for maintenance purification Topol stations that are associated with the repair and elimination of the problems due to improper operation of the plant.

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    Major modifications septic Poplar

    At the moment, there are 3 major upgrading septic tank Topol:

    1. Topol 5.
    2. Topol 8.
    3. Poplar 10.

    No major differences, there is only the separation of productivity and performance.

    Septic Topol 5

    This list is the low-power, but popular model. It looks like a rectangular tank made of plastic with a compound of the sewer systems and withdrawal of purified water. This model is ideal for holiday home or suburban area.

    Now, there are two options Topol 5- Poplar 5 PR and Topol 5 Long PR .

    Pr - solution of high level ground water system equipped with the drain pump is needed for the forced recovery of purified water.

    Long Pr - solution 3 issues: high level ground water and discharge, waste water into drainage. The height of the model above 50 centimeters, it is made specifically for the territory where it is possible freezing of the soil up to one meter.

    Technical data septic tank Topol 5:

    • calculated on the number of people - up to 5 people;
    • daily volume of recyclable waste - 1 m³ / day. ;
    • salvo water discharge - 250 l;
    • maximum possible amount of waste per day - 1.1 m³ / day .;
    • power consumption - 1.2 kW / day.
    • Fitting size - 1030 × 1000 × 2485 mm.

    Septic Topol 8

    Septic Topol 8 - modification created for the consumption of larger quantities of wastewater. This design is a little bit better Poplars 5 by volume waste processing and technical characteristics.

    By their appearance design is not very different from the 5 Topol, contrast is the difference in volume of the reservoir - poplar tank 8 has a larger and more powerful compressors which process a greater amount of sewage water. There is also a modification:

    Topol 8 Long - this setting is used when the depth of sewer pipes over 1 meter.

    Poplar PR 8 - is a further drain pump for the forced recovery of purified water.

    Poplar 8 Long PR - depth model compound with the drain pump.

    Technical data septic tank Topol 8:

    • calculated on the number of people - up to 8 people;
    • daily volume of water processed - 1 m³ / day. ;
    • salvo water discharge - 470 l;
    • maximum possible amount of waste per day - 1.9 m³ / day .;
    • power consumption - 1.9 kW / day .;
    • 2 compressor for enriching water with oxygen;
    • Fitting size - 1330 × 1030 × 2485 mm.

    Septic Poplar 10

    Septic Poplar 10 - one of the most powerful cleaners for the household. Maximum consumes 3.3 cubic meters of sewage water. This option is the best for both of two private homes.

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    In this model, there is also a 3 modernization:

    Poplar 10 OL - unlike Poplar 10 only in the reset process water.

    Poplar 10 Long - cleans wastewater of a private house with bedding sewer pipes at a depth of 0.9-1.4 meters. Filtered water is removed by gravity.

    Poplar 10 Long PR - combined the two previous modifications, it is very convenient for areas with a low occurrence of sewer pipes. The station is equipped with the drain pump.

    Technical data septic Poplar 10:

    • calculated on the number of people - up to 10 people .;
    • daily volume of recyclable waste - 1 m³ / day. ;
    • salvo water discharge - 790 l;
    • maximum possible delivery wastewater per day - 3.3 m³ / day .;
    • power consumption - 2.3 kW / day .;
    • Equipment two compressors oxygen saturation water;
    • Fitting dimensions - 1928 × 1120 × 2485 mm.

    The average cost of a septic tank Topol

    Poplar Series 3:

    1. Poplar 3 - 69 000 rubles.
    2. Poplar 3 OL - 75 000 rubles.

    Poplar Series 5

    1. Poplar 5 - 79 900 rubles.
    2. Poplar PR 5 - 86 900 rubles.
    3. Topol 5 Long - 102 500 rubles.
    4. Topol 5 Long PR - 109 800 rubles.

    Poplar Series 8

    1. Topol 8 - 99 850 rubles.
    2. Topol 8 OL - 109 000 rubles.
    3. Topol 8 Long - 114 500 rubles.
    4. Topol 8 Long PR - 119 900 rubles.

    Poplar Series 10

    1. Poplar 10 - 125 500 rubles.
    2. Poplar 10 OL - 135 500 rubles.
    3. Poplar 10 Long - 144 500 rubles.
    4. Poplar 10 Long PR - 153 500 rubles.

    There is also a more overall model: Poplar 20 30 Poplar, Poplar 40 Poplar 50 75 Poplar, Poplar 100, 150 Poplar.


    Bought septic Poplar, very concerned about the operation of the unit during the frost, as in the winter we have temperatures reach -30, but only in vain worried work - no comment.

    Kovalev Valeriy Moscow

    The wife offered to buy a septic tank, her neighbor recommended. Long time to choose, as the sinkhole already tired ... we are in the century of living, and is still a toilet on the street. Here chose Topol3 septic tank, installed in 1 day, and you know, with him no problem, the wife is happy, I am too. Now all we recommend.

    Panchenkov Dmitry Moscow