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Project home on a narrow and long sections

Often in close suburb is quite difficult to get or buy land. Practice shows that such issues often involve serious financial costs. In addition, the ideal place, even if they have the financial capacity, are already occupied.

House plans for narrow areas - the easy way out of a difficult situation

What to do if it receives to acquire the land, but the site is uneven narrow. Only one way out - browse house designs for narrow areas. At the moment, the options really really varied. If we approach the matter with the mind, you can get satisfactory results with minimum effort.

House plans for narrow areas - there are options!

The most common designs for narrow sections of houses include calculations for several rooms located "carriages". But in any case it is not necessary to draw parallels with the notorious Khrushchev models - using competent estimates for narrow areas house projects can get very pleasing results.

House plans for narrow areas - just the facts!

The most budget option - one-storey house of aerated concrete . The roof is best for this house - pitched. The fact that the air cushion between the building itself and the roof directly allow small building does not heat up under the scorching summer sun. Roof as an option suitable and slate, but it would be better to look tiles. Especially that for a relatively small area it need not much.
Option expensive - so-called garret building with a penthouse. On warm summer days, the attic are located cozy beds, which can turn the first floor into a good living. Most often, to maintain a sense of the amount of space on the first floor done in a single room, and the staircase leading up the draft of houses built for narrow plots maximum graceful.

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House plans to narrow sections in the catalog

Options VIP class. House plans to narrow areas of class " elites " often represent a two or three-storey building with a sauna or steam bath, which occupies part of the ground floor. Such projects of houses for narrow areas are associated with a certain financial burden, but it's worth it. The fact that a house with a sauna, if they are well insulated and equipped with electric or classical fireplace can serve as an excellent holiday destination not only in summer but also during the cold weather. That is to build a country house once, you can ensure yourself the possibility of a pleasant stay for life, and even in his inheritance to pass! Good luck to all!