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Finishing brick facade is the most popular solution has for hundreds of years, especially among private houses. Facing brick is available in numerous colors and patterns, many of which are not inferior to the aesthetic properties of the stone, while laying bricks to carry much more convenient and easier. In this article, we suggest you look at the different options for finishing the facade of a private house with brick, as well as modern alternatives to consider: front panel, artificial stone and tile under a brick.

Finishing the facade of a private house with brick and artificial stone

Facing bricks: features, options and masonry facades Photo

Facing brick made of clay using various techniques (roasting, extruding, hyper) that increase its quality and aesthetic properties. A particular demand for facades today uses clinker bricks that are made of special clay, followed by calcining. It does not rust and does not crumble, can withstand harsh winds, rain, frost, fire and other events, as well as good resistance to mildew and fungus.

Finishing brick facade - photos of houses

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The main drawback of high quality and durable brick is its high price. Therefore, when strength is not critical role played (such as when installing the cap), to reduce the cost of the trim facade used hollow brick with holes . It is characterized by smaller weight and good thermal insulation properties, making it an excellent choice for cladding and insulation of facade. Great choice of its shape and size allows for convenient decorate the corners, windows and other parts of the building complex.

Facing brick - Photo of different variants and sizes Facing brick facade - finishes homes

It can not be said about the aesthetic properties of masonry. You can choose and combine various beautiful shades of brick on its facade, as well as use an unusual method of laying. The following photo shows you only a few options for decoration of houses facing brick facade.

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Facing brick facade: show finishes and masonry Facing brick facade - interesting options masonry Facing the facade of brick homes - a beautiful finish to the photo Also read: Choose a beautiful color for painting the facadeMasonry facades - the different options on the photos and diagrams Facing brick facade - photo color combinations Decorating a private house facade facing brick Beautiful masonry - face brick on the facade of the house

Finishing facades stone under a brick

Artificial stone imitates a variety of materials, and it is very like to use in the decoration of facades and interiors of the following properties:

  1. A relatively small weight (which creates less stress on the building);
  2. Low price compared with natural stone and brick;
  3. Satisfactory durability and frost resistance due to lower porosity.

Different manufacturers use different materials and techniques in the production of artificial stone under a brick, including polyester resins, cement, clay, shale and so on. D. In addition, you can find in the market as artificial stone under a brick or brick veneer. Origin mimics the shape of conventional bricks and stacked in a similar manner.

Finishing facades stone under a brick - options and models

Laying of artificial stone under a brick

Veneer is much thinner and more like a tile with a smooth side for easy mounting on the facade. Due to the ease and cheapness it can be used on any wall without the need for further strengthening.Exterior decoration under a brick artificial stone

Decorating the walls with brick veneer

A disadvantage facades stone under a brick in a higher susceptibility to damage of the material in comparison with the facing brick. But if you choose not to veneers, and full-fledged simulation, it will last you much longer.

Here are some photos of houses with stone facade facing a brick.

Facing the facade of artificial stone bricksFacing brick made of artificial stone - photo facade Also read: Private house in the style of hi-tech - 25 stunning photosfacade decoration brick and stone - a photo of a private house Facing the facade of a stone house under a brick Facing the artificial stone of a private house under a brick Masonry facade of stone

Decorating the house facade panels under a brick (8 photos)

Facade panel under the brick may be made of plastic or cement. Depending on this, they have a smaller or larger weight, cost, durability and ease of installation. However, any panel under the brick will be much more convenient to work than other materials for facades. With their use you at times reduce the time and cost of the lining of his private home. Just look at their design in order to understand it.

Finishing facade panels under a brick - photo installation

In addition, the finishing panels under a brick facade attracts a wide decorative features. Facade panel can have a variety of colors, textures and designs, such as oxidation effect, antiques , and so on. D.

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Finishes facade panels under a brick Facing brick facade - photo panels for finishing

5 more photos of private houses with beautiful brick cladding panels for:

Finishing facade panels under a brick house - Photo Facing panels under a brick one-story houseAlso read: Facing stone facade - 30 ideas with photosThe façade of a private house with beautiful paneling under bricks Exterior decoration under a brick with the help of panels The design of the facade of a private house - photo finishing panels under kipich

Paving tiles under brick for facade cladding

Paving tile as clinker, it is made of special calcining clay at high temperatures. As a result, it has an enviable strength and durability that make it one of the most reliable materials for exterior decoration of houses.

As you will see in the last 7 pictures in this article, it is ...

  1. Available in various colors and textures:

Paving tiles under brick - finishes

2. Can be mounted directly on the wall, insulation, or hinged ventilated facade:

Installing ceramic tiles on cement Clinker tiles and insulation for facades Photo hinged facade with ceramic tiles

3. Perfectly simulates the laying of bricks on the facades of houses:

Finishing facade ceramic tiles under brick Finishing facade tiles Brick type - Photo of a private house A single-storey private house decorated with ceramic tiles

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As you can see, the choice of materials for finishing the brick facade is large and diverse. Choose the one that best fits your budget and objectives, based on the following criteria:

  1. The requirements for strength and durability of the lining;
  2. Material Weight (affects the need to strengthen the facade and complexity of works);
  3. Ecological and insulating properties;
  4. Ease of installation and repair in case of damage;
  5. Aesthetic and decorative features.

Finishing brick facade: the types of materials and masonry houses + 34 photos Updated: April 5, 2017 author: Margarita Glushko

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