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Development plan of land for individual housing construction - a project of survey, which is required for the construction or renovation of any property. The plan contains information about other objects that have already been built or will be built only.

Urban Development Plan is an integral part of the construction of buildings. Without his presence is impossible to carry out the work on development of the territory or renovation of existing buildings. All the rules of document creation application and a set of information in the final plan spelled out in the legislation.

Despite the rules, there are also the part of the application process GPZU, which are determined by the local government. Therefore, before you go to apply, it is necessary to familiarize with the required set of documents, features of the procedure in your area, as well as a sample application for the development plan of the land plot.

What it is

GPZU contains not only information about the location of existing and future facilities, but there are also reflected, and all communications, line features and third-party factors that somehow affect the construction risks.

Plan helps to maximize the use of the land, while maintaining the safety of all construction activities.

Getting urban development plan should take place before the first versions of the planning of the construction process.

Even prohibited to invest in a project that has not yet received the plan, developed in the following cases:

  • land is on the cadastre;
  • observed land use;
  • There is a draft plan;
  • compiled surveying project.

All responsibility for the creation of GPZU falls on local authorities. They alone must agree on all the details with the networks of engineering and technical support, and then fully to plan.

Provisions of the Civil Code and other regulations

The development plan of the land plot is regulated Law №373, which includes the following items:

  1. The purpose of the urban plan - providing information required subjects during construction facility in the area.
  2. The development plan of the land plot is created on the basis of documents and norms of the federal and territorial levels, regulating different areas of construction, including the connection to the network engineering and technical support.
  3. Development plan have to contain:
    1. Information on the details of the project, if the land is located on the territory of the approved plan or project conducted surveying.
    2. Information about the plot boundaries.
    3. Cadastral number.
    4. The boundaries of the zone where will be located the future building. Making Room necessarily must comply with all regulations.
    5. Minimum acceptable margins.
    6. Information on the permitted use of a site.
    7. The exact parameters of permitted construction, if the development plan for the site has not been previously issued.
    8. Information about the necessary settings for the object in the area.
    9. What are the minimum utility, transport and social structures must be present in the territory.
    10. Restriction on the use of land, for example, a portion located at the boundary with the zone to which the special conditions of use defined.
    11. If the site is located in an area with special conditions, the information on the limits of the territory.
    12. The boundaries of the zones of action of public easements.
    13. The number or name of the element of the planning structure where the land is located.
    14. Full characterization of capital construction projects, which are located in the area.
    15. Information about the presence of cultural heritage sites.
    16. The conditions under which portion will connect with the engineering technical nets.
    17. Essential elements of the regulatory legal acts issued by the Russian Federation.
    18. On the red lines.
  4. Construction at the site will not be considered legitimate if it was started before issuing planning area. Capital construction can be placed only in the presence of territory planning.
  5. To get the development plan, it is necessary to apply to the local authority for the receipt of the document.
  6. It issued a document unselfishly. The time allotted for local authorities to check the documents and registration of the plan - and twenty working days.
  7. Seven days after treatment, local governments need to learn the technical details of the connection and operation of the engineering and technical support network, carried out to the site.
  8. If the application is filed by the creation of the urban plan, does not include information on the purpose of use of the site, it determines the maximum engineering maintenance networks load will be the rules of building.
  9. The form on which to create the development plan, created by the governing body of the Russian Federation.
  10. Validity of issued urban plan may not exceed three years. Upon expiration of the information is irrelevant.

Also, information can be found in the articles of the Civil Code, which mark the three most important regulatory law:

  • "On Gas Supply";
  • "On Electric Power Industry";
  • "On technical regulation".
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They contain requirements and building codes, state standards, which must be treated to determine the rules of construction.

Sample cadastral passport on land:

Subrent land regulated by legislation.

A sample application for an extension of the land lease can be found in this article.

Purpose of the document

All matters relating to the construction works at the site, one way or another will involve the urban development plan. It includes all the necessary standards that must be considered in the management of construction. Requirements for each object individually.

The plan is a necessity for:

  • commissioning;
  • monitoring of construction works;
  • obtaining a building permit;
  • develop project documentation;
  • project development.

Who issues and how to get

Development plan is developed and issued by local authorities. The city administration will have to address both physical and legal entities. From persons seeking only required application and the set with the required documents. The order of urban area all the same.

Create a document on the approved form regional authorities then indicated to conduct any construction work site is intended:

  • for individual construction of residential premises;
  • for farming and construction of dwellings.

Treatment, including the issuance of the finished plan is completely free service. Local authorities have no right to ask for payment of resources spent on the construction of the definition of conditions for a particular site.

filling out the application

When the application is to create a plan, in the log corresponding mark is put.

The application must contain the following information:

  1. Personal data of the applicant.
  2. Cadastral parcel number.
  3. Characteristics portion marked by cadastral number.
  4. The exact location.
  5. Confirmation of land rights.
  6. Land category.
  7. Resolution of land use.
  8. Technical characteristics of the buildings, located on the site, if any. If the plan is created for the reconstruction of the house or its overhaul, it is also required and the characteristics of the object.

Download the application for issuance of the urban plan of the land plot

In some regions, for handling citizen can obtain forms and samples of filling in the application. the most common forms are usually used, which consist of points with the required information to populate fields. The legislation does not define the presence of a strict application form, so it can even be in a free form, the main thing - to place all the required information.

The application must be drawn up in two copies. One is transferred to local governments, and the other remains in the hands of the applicant. Each document is registered with the help of notes in the upper left corner.

This sign will say that the application has been taken into consideration. But such a scheme receiving the application may be changed to another. In the second version the application is compiled with the reagent blank, and instead of a copy of the applicant receives a receipt confirming the transfer documentation and start processing the application.

What other documents are needed

Each territorial government has the right to add some documents to the original fundamental package.

In addition to the written application of the following documents may be included on the regional authorities approved the form of:

  • document that can confirm the identity of the applicant, is most often used passport;
  • an extract from the state real estate cadastre;
  • cadastral or product data;
  • surveying the site, which contains information about all objects of communication.

May vary and methods of application, depending on the region:

  • the application is submitted in person;
  • application is filed through a representative who has authority;
  • mailing Russia;
  • sending e-mail;
  • supply of public services through the site or agency.

But the latter option can be used not in every territorial unit.

Term of delivery and cost of registration

The total period of issue gradplana from the date of filing of the application and documents can not exceed one month.

Also, the authorities have no right to ask for payment of their own services. Work is carried out free of charge.

Shape and pattern of urban development plan in 2018

Sample land in urban plan 2018 year included the following information:

  • Document Number.
  • applicant's details.
  • The data on the site.
  • Information about the person that is engaged in registration and preparation of the plan.
  • The drawing, which departs from topographic data, which necessarily are marked:
    • layout area;
    • the border area;
    • construction of facilities;
    • minimum required offsets from boundaries for placing objects;
    • borders, within the boundaries of which the construction can be carried out;
    • parameters of permitted construction.
  • Whether you want to use.
  • Requirements for facilities, which will be posted on the site.


Sample urban plan land

At the discretion of constituting development plan can be made and any other information that would be useful for the construction of the facility on the site. This item affects the look of the document issued in each subject of the Russian Federation.

Last changes

In July 2018 changes have been introduced which relate to a number of articles and chapters of the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation:

  • Chapter 7 is supplemented to obtain information about the plan, the list of sources of information, more information and timing of issuing GPZU;
  • Article 44 has lost its force;
  • GPZU changed its legal status, it is now an information document;
  • Added requirements for the procedure of preparation and content of the plan.

Administrative regulations on granting municipal service for issuing the urban plan of the land plot

Now GPZU must have the following additional information and documents:

  • project details surveying plan and section;
  • estimates of the minimum and maximum level of security of infrastructure facilities;
  • the coverage of public easements.
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Application for issuance of the urban plan of the land plot


Planning regulations - is a package of approved standards, which are necessary to determine the target destination site and the basic parameters for the objects, which will be located on its territory.

Regulations require that if the examination will be conducted to identify the correct implementation of construction works. In some cases, the reconstruction of the object can be prohibited if the plan involves changing the architecture of the building.

Application for execution of works on surveying the memory

Order of changes

Changes to GPZU permitted only when it detects errors or incorrect information.

The information that is entered in the plan only acts on three stages:

  • making;
  • preparation of the plan;
  • Plan approval.

After that there is a right, according to which the information is subject to change in relation to other objects. Since the appearance of another object may entail changes that will apply to the building.

The regions have the right to make special acts to adjust the requirements for the revision of data that have been made in GPZU. The main condition of these instruments - the developer does not have to suffer losses due to the re-registration documents.

Because of the applicant disputes, get a plan and local governments, considered frequent recourse to the arbitration court. The plaintiff wins the case, unless it is initiated or participated in actions that affected the information listed in GPZU.


Validity of the document specified in the Civil Code in Article №57.3. According to an article of the law, he is three years. When the validity period expires, the GPZU considered invalid, which means that developers need to get the plan again.

The data in the document may change over time, which is why the requirements for the design and construction will be different. The registration period shall not exceed twenty days.

On July 1, 2018 GPSCHU does not require approval from the local authorities, it is only registered in the system. Until that date, all issued plans have been tested for compliance with the provisions of the statute.

The grounds for refusal in the preparation and issuance

Refuse to issue the plan can only be in accordance with article №57 of the Civil Code. Reasons for refusal: the applicant is not the owner of the land, or it provides insufficient documentation on planning the territory when dealing with statement

Article 57. Compensation for losses due to deterioration of land quality, temporary occupation of land.

If you want to get GPZU for the architectural design for the construction of capital facilities, it will first have to get the approval of land planning documentation (project planning area and land survey project area), which will be located subject.

Contract of sale of the house with the land must be made officially.

What you need to know when buying land in the CHT - see this article.

We also show you how to calculate the cost of the land lease.

Preparation of urban plans LAND ...

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The development plan of the land plot (GPZU) - the most important planning document including the whole complex of initial permits. It is designed to already built-up land and those on which it is planned construction of new buildings and reconstruction of existing buildings and structures.

GPZU developed for each parcel of land individually and defines the legal status of land in the urban complex.


  • Help in preparing GPZU at all stages.
  • Changes to GPZU.
  • Assistance in approving GPZU.
  • Consulting and practical assistance in the approval GPZU Moscomarchitecture.

Develop and design GPZU carried out within the process of surveying the land and the necessary expertise for the construction project, obtaining permits for the construction and commissioning of facilities.

In some cases, there is a need to make some changes in GPZU, if they do not coincide with the requirements of the owner or tenant. This procedure is also in charge of the Moscow Committee and town-planning-land Commission of the capital.

The authorized bodies appointed legal expertise GPZU, conduct analysis of planned works and shall decide on the possibility or impossibility of adjusting the plan. If the changes are acceptable, the owner or lessee shall submit to the Moscomarchitecture statement on the amendment and during the month gets a new approved document.

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Regulation obtaining GPZU clearly defined by the law, and yet many face challenges in the implementation of this procedure. To avoid wasting time and effort, it is better to turn to professionals who will assist in the preparation of both GPZU and in its preparation.

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ISSUE urban plans LAND

REMINDER-algorithm for obtaining urban plan ...

Project Company PROEKTSKLADA.RF has already accumulated significant experience in the implementation of production and storage facilities and industrial buildings. In this article, we simple language will try to answer the most important questions, the knowledge of which will help each developer to save money and time.

Who gives GPZU in the Moscow region?

GPZU (Urban Development plan of the land) to land in the territory of the Moscow Region is issued by the Ministry of a building complex of the Moscow region.

Based on the application developer discharged Order approval urban plan land being developed main control architecture and Urban Moscow region.

The procedure for obtaining GPZU in the Moscow region.

The developer can get GPZU on the basis of his statement, the following conditions must be complied with one of:

  1. There is an approved project planning area (BSA project) on a plot of land (more here ).
  2. It developed and approved a draft land survey.
  3. On the land there are existing buildings and facilities, they are furnished in accordance with the legislation, the functionality of future buildings is not contrary to the authorized uses of the land.

Usually GPZU issued pursuant to paragraph 1 or paragraph 3. A few words about each track.

The way the project is approved planning area (BSA project).

In some cases, we go on this way: land is empty, it does not have existing structures, a large land area of 1.0 hectares of land not allocated municipal fund, there is assigned to the category of land and the type of permitted use, require a change of land category and type of authorized use.

Dates : approval of the way the project of planning the territory may take from 1 year to two years or more, depending on the complexity of a particular object. Part of this path is described on our page " technical customer ."

Money: need to pay for the development of the project planning area, or may employ a good technical customer service, obtain technical conditions for connection to utilities, until the resolution of Rospotrebnadzor on discharge of stormwater.

Way of obtaining GPZU without the approval of the project planning area.

The best and shortest way, but under the following conditions: the land is worth on cadastre, land assigned to the category and type of permitted use corresponds to the project of development of the territory and objects of capital construction.

Dates: from 1 to 3 months

Money: the owner can apply for yourself, you do not need any special knowledge to gather enough documents. But it is better to hire a technical customer service , because in order to get GPZU with the necessary parameters without unnecessary restrictions on the height and the maximum building area for the further successful implementation of the investment ideas need to hold a series of matching (for example, with the nearby airport).

Practical advice to developers in obtaining GPZU.

At the outset of nucleation the plans for the project development of the territory to send to the company "FGC Renovation" cadastral passport of the land and a brief description of the wishes of the future construction. We, in turn, will analyze on the basis of the existing town-planning constraints, what are the opportunities for the development of the territory and objects of capital construction. IT'S FREE. An example of such an analysis can be downloaded here .

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