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If the pressure at the tap has become weaker, you need to immediately deal with the causes of this. The only way to understand what to do in an apartment with low water pressure. Sometimes the problem can be solved independently.

The main causes of weak water pressure

weak set
The reason for the weak head may be clogged penetrations risers

The most common cause of low water pressure is that the mesh is clogged, which splits one big water flow into many small ones. It is situated at the end of the crane.

Blockages can also:

  • holes inside the mixer;
  • place mixer compounds with the general water supply pipe;
  • strainers;

where to complain

Where to complain at low pressure
The HOA can call on the phone, but you can send a written claim with the requirement to eliminate the blockage

If you are sure you will not be able to cope on their own, you have to complain to the service company. This is most likely either a management company or HOA. See contact details of the organization you can of receipts to send monthly.

But note that the management organization is responsible for service only obschedomovoy property. If you go to them with a request to clean the faucet or water filter, they can refuse on legal grounds.

In any case it is necessary to send them a complaint. Each call of the owner must be recorded in a special register. It is better to send a registered letter to the office, or to appear in person and check accounting.

If the complaint remains unattended for over a month, it is necessary to apply to the supervisory authority. In your case, a service housing supervision and the prosecutor's office.

What you can do yourself

Elimination of the weak pressure alone
If you are not confident in their knowledge and abilities, it is better to turn to a specialist

Clean water in the mesh filters. Try to replace the pipe, they become clogged with scale for several years. Bulkhead valves and cleaning hoses should give a positive result. If you are still dissatisfied, use an electric pump. It increases the pressure in the water.

When the independent actions do not lead to the result, we must again refer to the management company or call the plumber for his money.

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