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Tanks for the cottage waterSummer comes, and people flock to the country - a place of rest your body and soul. But for relaxation and comfort you need to stock up on all the necessities. No matter where the people in the city and outside it, he needed drinking water. It does not matter what is its consumption. In any case, clean water should be in any way store. Specially for this purpose created a water tank, which is very convenient to use in the country. Today you can find them a large assortment.

How to choose a water tank

In order to find a suitable water container, you need to pay attention to:

  • the material from which it is made;
  • on a volume of water is calculated (100l, 500l, 000l 5);
  • which it has the form ;
  • for what purpose it is bought, it is possible to store drinking water, rainwater or for accumulation.

Cumulative plastic containersThat's not all the criteria to be taken into account. It is important to immediately check before buying, is firmly fitting lid to the container , whether it is equipped with a crane to bring the water, what a way to water extraction, whether there is in it any damage.

First of all, you need to understand what form of capacity will be most suitable for a specific country site, depends on her convenience . It is necessary to note that the choice of vessel form depends on the purpose of its use.

Tanks rectangular shape are especially in demand. It depends on the fact that it can be put against the wall structure, it will not interfere and does not take up much space in the room or on the site.

No less popular form of container is round. They are set for different purposes. In the shops there is a possibility to find a suitable form of the water tank.

On the appointment of the water tank

Distinguish 3 main types of containers:

  1. Storage containers for water, which are used for storage;
  2. rainwater;
  3. funded.
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Water TanksThe capacity for storing water should be installed where the water is most often required. It can be in the water for other uses , for example, to water plants, wash the car or cleaning. Simply put, this type of container is universal.

Special purpose has capacity for rainwater. It does not differ high quality. Capacity is designed to collect rainwater drained from the roof. When water enters the vessel at special gutters it flows down into the compartment, after which merges into a tank. Water that builds up, so you can water the plants and use it for other kinds of work. The water from this tank will help to reduce its consumption of water supply, which will save money.

Capacity capable of accumulating water , convenient because there will be to take water when other irrigation systems for some reason do not work. This is especially useful when there is a sudden failure and need to carry out repairs, watering at this time will still be carried out.

Selecting the volume of the container for water

Water tank becomes indispensable when the cottages stop the water supply. Once the decision to purchase a water tank made, it is necessary to calculate how much water it will be calculated. It all depends on what the water flow :

  • Watering is necessary to buy a larger container, eg, 1 000 - 5 000 l;
  • for drinking water , you can buy a smaller capacity - 100 - 500l.

The water tank T-miniThere are numerous models of tanks designed for a different amount. Among the varieties of water tanks distinguish the basic model: T-mini, L, S, H. For those purposes it is convenient to use evrokuby standard size.

T-series tanks capacity are considered universal and most bulky. This larger container - 10 000 l. It is usually very strong. Such containers are often used as storage septic tanks.

The capacity of the L series is designed for the volume of 750l and 000l 1, it is possible to store not only drinking and industrial water, but food. It has a seamless casing and the vertical form for accommodation facilities in small spaces.

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Tanks S series are designed for the storage of water, food and industrial liquids. They are made of 500 - 2 000 l.

Casings and shape containers of different series generated so that they pass through doorways. Optimum capacity for water storage in the country are the EVL series . The volume of containers is different - 200l, 500l, 000l 1. They can leave the country, even in winter, because they are hardy.

The material of construction of containers for water

Water tankWhen buying a water tank should pay attention to the material from which it is made. When selecting by this criterion is necessary to proceed from their own wishes and requirements . There are different models of water tanks, which are made from a certain material.

One option may be a stainless steel. Typically, containers of this material is used for drinking and industrial water. They are made in the form of tanks, barrels rectangular tanks. It should be noted that such containers are very expensive.

Another not very cheap embodiment the container is made of plastic. Relatively recently, the cost is much inferior to stainless steel tanks , but today it is impossible to meet a fairly cheap option of plastic water tanks. They usually keep drinking and industrial water, but they can also be used for other fluids. These containers have a different shape and color.

Containers made of metal, suitable for the storage , heating and cooling water. It would seem that there is a stainless steel container and that they, as metal tanks are made of steel of low quality should be acquired for safety. But they are almost no way inferior to stainless steel tanks, and are a bit cheaper. These products can be purchased in the store, but you can make to order , then they will be additionally equipped with temperature sensors or valves.

No matter what material will be made container, it is important to consider what it is acquired. This will, in turn, determine the choice of material.

Installing a water tank at the cottage

Whatever may have been the positive technical characteristics of the water reservoir , if it is not installed in a very suitable place, then it will be difficult to use. It is therefore very important to determine where in the suburban area capacity will be available.

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Installing a water tankInstallation of the tank has several options. For a start, it is recommended to determine whether it is necessary to establish the capacity directly on the site or in the ground. Depending on this, you should choose the aboveground, underground or overhead . The last set closer to the water supply. In certain cases, you can set the containers on special platforms or platform.

It is always possible to save money and buy already not exactly a new capacity to volume and used for water storage.

In addition to the options for installation of the water tank, it is possible to determine the place of their own for a more comfortable use. For example, install it in an attic, equipped multi water or drain wire, without using a crane.

By following these simple rules of choice for the water tank, you can not worry about what plants do not receive the correct watering and preparing food will not be possible. Purchasing capacity, need not worry about the fact that the products lose freshness as the tank laid out in detail, and it is possible to store foods.

On the selection, installation, tank volume is necessary to think in advance, then stay in the country can be considered complete . Timely purchase the most suitable container will eliminate the problems with the water supply. It should be a time to spend on the purchase of a water tank, and in the future it will help save time, effort and money!