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Many people not only heard of carboxylic heaters, but also to actively use these devices to heat their homes. Let's try to figure out what features are carbon heaters, pros and cons, which they possess.

Features Carbon Heaters

carbon heater
Carbon heaters are wall-mounted, they are fixed to the walls and do not take up a lot of space

Carboxylic heaters are the latest devices and could well prove itself in the case. These devices are considered to be some of the cost-effective devices for heating any premises. In them the heating element is used carbon material (fibers), which is in a quartz tube with a vacuum. This was the essence of this development.

It is important to note the fact on which such devices do not burn oxygen and possess exceptional performance indicators. Their deficiencies will be discussed below.

The main feature of this heater was its thermal conductivity is due to present in it of carbon fiber. Here, the heat conductivity higher than that of the metal, due to this carboxylic heaters require less power, on average, two - three times as compared with conventional TEPLOAGREGAT. In addition, such devices using the existing controller can be set to a comfortable level of heat!

With such a device at home, you can forget about the winter cold and frost, cold wind and icy rain. It will warm you always and everywhere!

Advantages and disadvantages

Outdoor carbon fiber heater
Carboxylic device with a power of 1 kW heats the room of the same area as that of oil with an indicator device 2,5 kW

The undeniable advantages carboxylic heaters include:

  • a good flow of heat coming from them;
  • the heating element is protected from water penetration;
  • in them there is protection against fire, as well as by voltage surges;
  • there occurs immediate heating current is directed.

As for the shortcomings carboxylic heaters, they are little. First of all it is important not to drop or bump the device, as there is likelihood of damage to the heating element.

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included heater
Heater infrared distributes heat generation by means of electromagnetic waves

possible alternatives

Among the possible alternatives to carbon fiber heaters is to provide a quartz halogen and mikotermicheskie, each of which has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

Thus, the modern carbon fiber heaters have proven their worth, as reflected in their popularity and great demand from consumers!