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Production of AL-KO pumping stations engaged in a group of companies from Germany, producing gardens and parks, avtopritsepnuyu technique, as well as climatic and ventilating systems.

It founded the company in 1931 locksmith Alois Kober in the town Grosketts (Germany).

Gradually expanding the production and acquiring other companies, the company has received wide recognition and international recognition. It is worth noting the production of pumping stations AL-KO, is well-proven in the works related to water and sanitation.

Range of products

Pumping station Al-Ko HW 604 Inox
Pump station AL-KO HW 604 Inox

The production program of the company occupies a special role pumping equipment, including self-priming pump stations for water supply, which can be divided into categories:

  • capacity of up to 3100 l / h, is equipped powerplant to 800 W, an expansion tank to pressurize a volume of 20 l capacity and a single-stage absorption system. Fitting power enables workers to lift water from the wells and transported 9 m to 35 m;
  • nominal capacity of 4000 l / h which are equipped with a power unit of 800 to 1000 W, allows to pump water from a well working - 9 m and transported up to 48 m;
  • nominal capacity of 6000 l / h, equipped with a 1400 W power unit enabling to pump water from a well working - 9 m and transported up to 60 m.

Pumping stations produced 2 Series: HW and HWF, which supplied parts for quality and timely repair.

Pumping station Al-Ko 802 HW 802 Inox
Pumping station AL-KO HW 802 Inox 802

Series model AL-KO HW are used to supply water for domestic use private houses and summer cottages.

To improve the operating characteristics of the pumps are equipped with automatic devices which disable operation of the plant in the absence of water in the water system pressure.

Pumping station can be used to maintain the pressure in water supply systems. To increase the operating lifetime of the head of the equipment is made of stainless steel and has the designation «Inox».

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For drinking water a small country house pumps can be used HW 601, HW 802, and to provide the cottage HW 1002 Inox, HW 800 / MC capable of delivering 52-64 l / min.

The most popular models in Russia are AL-KO pumps:

  • Pumping station Al-Ko HW 3000 Inox Classic
    Pumping station AL-KO HW 3000 Inox Classic

    HW 601 Inox;

  • HW 604 Inox;
  • HW 802 Inoh;
  • 1001 HW / MC inox;
  • HW 3000 Inox Classic;
  • HW 3500 Inox;
  • HWF 1000;
  • HWF 1400 inox.

The pumps have excellent feedback from customers in many regions of the country.

Pumping station Al-Ko HWF 1300 Inox
Pumping station AL-KO HWF 1300 Inox

Models pumps AL-KO HWF Series are also used to supply drinking water to suburban areas and private households.

They are used for pumping water and watering plants.

Pumps fitted with an additional filter prevents the ingress of foreign particles into the pump mechanisms.

To prevent the system at idle mounted safety check valve.

When selecting the required pump model is required to take into account the following factors:

  1. Performance Station, the greater the demand for water, the stronger must be the installation.
  2. The ability to lift water from the well to a depth of 9 m, and when operating the deeper sources need to replace equipment.

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AL-KO pumps have a good reputation and have a number of advantages:

  • high performance, compact size and modern design;
  • equipped with automatic controls of the station;
  • equipped in filters for water purification;
  • all stations mechanisms operate almost silently;
  • Station maintenance is carried out in several operations.

Possible faults and repair equipment

With proper care, AL-KO station does not deliver a hassle
With proper care, pumping stations AL-KO will not deliver a hassle

In the event of malfunctions of the pump to diagnose and repair the equipment.

The most common equipment malfunction:

  1. Water does not enter the water supply when the pump is running. It is necessary to check the tightness of the system, non-return valve and troubleshoot.
  2. The station operates in the intermittent mode. To detect and eliminate the cause, check the tightness of the tank by pressing the pin mounted in the tank and in the case of water immediately to replace the membrane.
  3. No power stations. Required stripping relay with simultaneous check of coil windings.
  4. When you turn on the pump is not powered. The reason may be the failure of the capacitor or sticking of the impeller blades to the chamber walls. To repair the system is necessary to replace the condenser and turn the impeller.

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The use of AL-KO pumping station allows water supply to private houses and summer cottages with the lowest cost.

Watch the video, in which the features of the device and operation of the pump AL-KO HWF 1000 Station: