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DrillMany Russian citizens aware of the situation, often accompanying the repairs made in urban apartments: you need to drill into free time, that is, at the weekend, and residents of neighboring apartments are not just complain, and resent, and even scandals and threaten fines. Is it impossible to drill into the weekend? Can I get legal penalties for violation of silence during the week and on weekends? Read our article about it.

The federal law on the silence in 2019

Not all the citizens of the Russian state knows that now the current Russian legislation provides for the regulation of disorders associated with the rest of the Russians. All borders are "noisy" actions are set at the federal level. That is the power of big cities pass laws on the regulation of the regime of silence, which operate at the local level.

So, in 2017 in Moscow came into force an update of this law:

  • noise level from 7.00 to 23.00 must be no greater than 40 dB;
  • limit noise during the night (23.00 - 7.00) - 30 dBA.

Such limitations specifically introduced to the residents of apartment buildings have the opportunity to protect themselves from harmful noise for themselves. This also applies to visitors to health care facilities, schools, kindergartens.

For more details with all the nuances and limitations of the law of peace and quiet in Russia can be found in the summary table diagram by clicking on the link In this diagram contains all the relevant data for the regions of our country (starting with the Republic of Adygea and ending with Moscow and St. Petersburg - a total of 20 positions).

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"Noisy" actions prohibited by law in 2019

Russian law clearly limits the time you can not violate permissible limits of noise level:

  • on weekdays from 22.00 to 8.00;
  • during the siesta (in the "quiet time" day of rest) from 13.00 to 15.00;
  • on weekends and public holidays from 23.00 to 12.00.

Repair is strictly prohibited on weekdays from 20.00 till morning.

By "noisy" actions of the law classifies:

  • loud included radio, television, musical instruments;
  • playing musical instruments (trumpet, piano, piano, drums, violin, etc...);
  • pyrotechnic work (including weekends and holidays, except New Year's holidays);
  • handling operations during the move (including moving furniture);
  • shout with the scandal, singing, whistling, loud speech;
  • all kinds of repairs (including, it is impossible at this time, a specific legal framework, drilling walls and ceilings).

If the offender actually punish the legitimate by Russian citizens disturbance.

Who should I contact regarding the non-compliance of the silence of the law

If you get yourself into a situation where your neighbors disturb your peace "noisy" actions at the wrong time, write a complaint to them (of course, after the preliminary peace talks). Consult with a similar complaint can be in the local administrative court, which after review will make a decision.

Before the trial, it is desirable to apply to the local police station, that is, to his precinct and Rospotrebnadzor. Also, the sanitary-epidemiological service carries out noise measurements in the premises, officially commits it to the required documents (acts), which provided the injured person to the judicial authorities.

How to measure the noise during maintenance work

The magnitude of the noise produced during construction and rehabilitation works, defined by special devices - the sound level meter, as it is measured in acoustic decibels (dB). This measure is a physical quantity that indicates the sound pressure level of the human ear.

The sound meter operates on the principle of a conventional microphone, but it is still connected to the voltmeter, which scale marks denoted in decibels acoustic that it was possible to determine the noise level in the relevant units. Its principle of operation is based on the work of the human body as the ear. That is, this device picks up not only the frequency of the acoustic noise, but also its intensity. Also, a number of filters embedded in the sound level meter, which mimic the mechanism of the human ear. Now use these two filters:

  • A - has the effect of the middle ear, that is, captures the range of weak noise level;
  • B - respond effectively to the strong noise (including activities such as drill-knock).
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Thus, this device operates on the peak levels, and evaluates them in the averaging mode. All sound level meters, which are designed to measure the noise in our country are produced in accordance with the officially approved standards - GOST 17187-81. Of course, the measurements made by devices of this type depend on the measurement target, and the conditions under which they are held (echo effect may be affected in an empty room on the noise level).

Sanepidemstantsii performs appropriate noise level measurements, in the case of a written complaint from a Russian citizen:

  1. Employees with a sound level meter is visited by the plaintiff at the weekend it is in the period of time that is stipulated in legislation.
  2. Measured in the apartment of the claimant noise.
  3. Record the data on official procedures and results in the relevant documents (acts of living conditions survey).
  4. Go on a visit to the violator.
  5. Measure the level of noise in the apartment intruder during their repair work (that is, when he starts drilling, knocking and the like. D.).
  6. Record all measurement results in the preparation of the act.

You, having the appropriate document with the official data on the abuse silent mode and your rest, boldly go to court to punish violators of the order.

Penalties for violation of silence

If you decide to drill the wall on the weekend after 23.00, please note that the neighbors can apply to the relevant authorities with the application for you. Penalties for individuals have a step system, that is fine for each subsequent violation of the law of silence will be higher:

  • for the first time - from 1000 rubles up to 3 thousand rubles (depending on the severity of the victims suffered moral damages);
  • the second time - 4000 rubles;
  • for the third time - 5000 rubles.

Such penalties are provided for not only individual citizens but also for the officials and legal entities. Officer can be paid from 5000 rubles (for the initial violation of the regime of silence) to 50 thousand (for the third and subsequent times). But legal entities (companies, enterprises) in the case of non-compliance with the scope of this Federal Law can immediately prepare a cash sum of 20 thousand rubles (the minimum amount of the fine for the first violation) to 150 rubles (the maximum fine).

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These penalties do not apply in some cases, which is also stipulated by law:

  1. During religious events.
  2. In preventing various criminal and illegal actions.
  3. During emergencies, and emergency response.

Ie during the period of emergency (earthquakes, floods, and so on. D.) Drilling is possible even on weekends.

How to avoid fines for violating the peace of neighbors

If you do decide to start repair work on the weekend, and afraid for their actions to receive monetary penalties, do not worry, there is a way out. Experts suggest: it is possible to agree on an amicable with its neighbors, and then to take from them a written authorization for repairs in the apartment over the weekend. Just do not forget to register it in all kinds of "noisy" works that will be performed (eg, hammer, drill and so on. D.), As well as specify the precise time of their conduct (from 8.00 to 23.00). In the presence of such a document, you can safely begin reconstruction work on the improvement of premises, home to you or your relatives.

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expert Tips

In order to avoid misunderstandings between you and the residents of neighboring apartments, be aware of some of the nuances that accompany any repair work. So, during any noisy activities just need to take a break every six hours (and you rest, and neighbors a little "quiet" break). The duration of any continuous repairs should be about three months (in the case of a prolonged "long-playing" option, there is a need to interrupt for a month, after which it will be possible to do again "noisy" arrangement of their homes).

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