Sinks made of acrylic stones: 65+ stylish design choices for kitchen and bathroom

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Sinks made of acrylic stones: 65+ stylish design choices for kitchen and bathroom

Laconic kitchen in classical style c accents of stone

Laconic kitchen in classical style c accents of stone

In today's housing is increasingly being applied artificial stone , not an exception, and cleaning of this material. To properly select and use the product for a long time, you need to know some of its features and variations. It goes on artificial acrylic stone, which ductility allows you to create from it original, non-standard products.


  • Features 
  • variety of products
  • The choice of cleaning 
  • Design solutions for the kitchen
  • How to care for acrylic stone?

Stone washbasins in the interior of a luxurious bath in the neoclassical style

Stone washbasins in the interior of a luxurious bath in the neoclassical style


Their properties, this material is more like plastic, rather than stone . In its structure - mineral and acrylic components, as well as the pigment.

Important! The material does not tolerate very hot water, however in such a sink it is impossible to pour hot water. However, it has high hygienic and takes the temperature of the atmosphere.

Despite the fact that the synthetic material is resistant to many chemicals, its long-term contact with aggressive media is not allowed. If such liquids accidentally hit the surface of the stone, wash them with water and wash with a soap solution. If you do not, the stone may be damaged.

strict fusion

Strict fusion of kitchen space

On a note! Despite the hardness of the material, he can cobble together or crack if it is hit hard with something sharp or heavy.

During prolonged operation might get scratched, they are particularly clearly seen in the dark shades. To avoid these problems, you need to wash the product, using a non-abrasive cleaners.

Cozy country style

Cozy country-style

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variety of products

By their forms of cleaning can be carried out in the form of:

  1. Square.
  2. Oval.
  3. Circle.
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In this case, the choice is the customer.

stylish solution

Stylish solution for the Scandinavian style

According to the method of installation in the kitchen products are divided into these types:

View Description
Mortice In this case, there is no skirting bowls. Installation is carried out on a level with the table top.
overhead This model is inserted into the cut-out in the worktop opening and bumpers relies on it.
monolithic model Such an embodiment is molded together with the tabletop. They are also called integrated.
With bottom bracket shell Sink mounted to the table top from the bottom.

Modern and romantic at the same time interior of the kitchen in the Mediterranean style

Modern and romantic at the same time interior of the kitchen in the Mediterranean style

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If we talk about the bathroom, here there are also different ways of mounting the acrylic sinks:

View Description
Cantilevered Wash basin attached to the wall and made no secret of communication. In this case, it requires an additional aesthetic issue siphon and drain pipe.
built-in Washbasin integrated into the countertop. Such models are made in a variety of shapes and colors.
Sink on pedestal This option is suitable when you want to hide communication.

For sunny mood every morning

Comfort in the bathroom for a sunny mood every morning

Such washbasins - a great symbiosis of function and aesthetics for your bathroom

Such washbasins - a great symbiosis of function and aesthetics for your bathroom

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The choice of cleaning

The main considerations when choosing a car wash - it is the size of the room and the design features of furniture. An important factor is the color and intensity of use. The installation method should know in advance, as it also affects the choice.

If the room is small, buy a corner variant products . If there is a spacious kitchen features will be much greater. You can take the option with multiple cups, pick up any depth. But do not take too deep or wide product may be a problem with the selection of the crane.

Rustic style

Refined and sublime style rustic

Tip! With frequent use of the option to choose the volume that should have a wing, which is convenient to put the pan or cooked foods. If the home cook often, you can select the washing of small size.

The successful arrangement of cleaning

The convenient location and functional sink deep

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Design solutions for the kitchen

Corian allows you to create different versions of products that stand out for their originality and style.

  1. You can select a product in one color with a countertop or work apron . This point is important for lovers of self-expression.
  2. For fans of the original solutions presents a huge variety of unusual color choices and shapes. However, fans of quiet interiors can select and classical performance.
  3. Another design method - the choice of cleaning in household appliances color and contrast to worktop colors. It is suitable for retro-style and neoclassicism .

Despite the relatively high cost of products, they are popular with consumers. They can choose a different design interior of kitchen and any taste of the owner.

Soulful classic style

Soulful classic style

Luxury in chocolate tones

Luxury in chocolate tones

How to care for acrylic stone?

If you provide the right care for acrylic sink, you can significantly extend its life.

On a note! Due to the dense structure of the acrylic stone does not absorb dirt and grease, they can be easily wash off with soap and water. On such a surface do not multiply the microorganisms and fungi.

marine motifs

marine motifs

Industry produces a special and household chemicals for such surfaces. It is safe and more gently cleans without leaving scratches and stains. Ideal ordinary soap solution, which does not leave a film on the surface.

Important! If you care for the product regularly, it can be formed stubborn stains from wine, coffee, oil and so on. Remove them worth a special liquid, gel or powder for stone tools. Apply the cleaning powder for utensils should be a last resort.

Ideally always relevant

Ideally always relevant

Of lime raid using special tools that are suitable for the purification of acrylic stone. They need to be applied for a few minutes on the surface, then rinse with water. In the absence of such means can apply a solution of ethyl 2,5 {9ac242f99ba1c955172e3292a1a1cf644cba65a97d6701e75d32fb222129ca0d}. It is important to keep this means a short time: a couple of minutes is sufficient, otherwise the upper layer may respond to the solution. Good rub with a soft sponge and rinse with water.

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The original form

The original form of washing

To carry out disinfection, can be used chlorine-containing substances. They are not able to harm and washed away without a trace. Please note that cleaning of the acrylic stone is not necessary to disinfect, because they do not breed bacteria.

Tip! After cleaning and washing the product is desired wipe dry. If this is not done, the dried droplets may leave marks that are visible on a dark background .

Beautiful bathroom

Effective solution for bathrooms

On a note! If you purchased the product from acrylic stone, worth to buy special chemical products for the material care and use them to extend the period of operation.

Sinks made of artificial stone, certainly looks stylish and expensive. Various shapes and color variations make them very popular. However, when choosing such household items worth paying attention to the nuances mentioned in the article and follow the recommendations. In that case you will get the thing that will serve you for a long time.