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Beautiful lighting effects appeal to both kids and adults. Here's another great idea: wall decorations, paintings and drawings can be created using fluorescent paint, glowing in the dark. Mesmerizing effect suitable not only for the club, bar or game room, but for the apartment! Let's make sure in this together.

Fluorescent dyes and their properties

fluorescent paint for walls photo application

The human eye sees only a part of the light spectrum, which are the colors from purple to dark red. The colors that are outside of this area, we are not able to perceive. However, fluorescent materials under UV light are made visible to us. Moreover, they are beginning to glow. What do you need? Fluorescent dyes and ultraviolet lamp. And then we'll tell you how to apply this knowledge to their own interior decoration.

UV lamp to decorate your interior

glowing pictures on the wall photo luminescent paint ultraviolet

The living quarters, decorated with fluorescent paintings, acquire a special, mystical mood. Are you good at drawing? Decorate your apartment yourself! Paint, light and own imagination - all you need to do. Just note that for the wall paint is applied, it is not for the skin. If there is a desire to draw not only on the walls but also on yourself, get a separate paint for this purpose.

Figure starry sky on the ceiling

starry sky on the ceiling photo luminescent paint

Bright fluorescent paint can be both visible and transparent. Visible paint does not need UV light, although under ultraviolet light there is this magnificent effect - they begin to glow. Transparent colors can be seen only under the influence of light. They are ideally suited, for example, pictures on the bedroom ceiling, depicting the starry sky.

Volumetric luminous pictures on the ceiling

glowing pictures on the ceiling Photo Temple in the jungle

Neon colors allow you to create impressive three-dimensional image, completely change the atmosphere in the room. Fond of the East? Temple in the jungle thickets adjusts to the desired fashion during meditation.

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Creating a wall of pictures with the help of fluorescent dyes

wall picture luminous acrylic photo luminescent paint

Optionally, once mistaken for a large-scale work of art the size of an entire wall. You can start with the painting on the canvas. And here and there is a choice: you can use your own talents, and you can buy a "do it yourself" -version with a stencil and paint spreevymi.

Abstract art under ultraviolet light

luminous ultraviolet image photo wall

Many artists tend to be abstract paintings, embodying a deep sense. Neon paint such pictures pep: visible in daylight, they begin to glow under ultraviolet light.

Starry sky on the ceiling of your home theater

Starry sky on the ceiling home theater photo

You are going to organize a home theater? This is the area in which you want something unusual. Starry sky on the ceiling is a wonderful idea, tunes in to watch the film. Feeling as if you are under the open night sky. UV lamps clean up after drywall edge and provide unobtrusive ambient light.

Playground in fluorescent colors

luminous field for mini-golf photo neon paint decoration

Laser tag - a popular game in America, for which the court is often colored with fluorescent dyes. The same effect is used in the bowling centers and a mini-golf course, located in a dark place. Customers are always welcome unusual impression on the light, and the children will be exactly on the seventh heaven.

Airbrush fluorescent dyes - picture on the wall of the universe

Airbrush fluorescent dyes picture space drawing planetary wall

Airbrush allows you to paint fluorescent paint large areas. However, these dyes are only intended for indoor use.

Glowing pictures for the children

luminous paintings on the ceiling photo baby Peter Pan

Many children are afraid of the dark and can not sleep without a nightlight. Therefore, the fluorescent image can be not only beautiful scenery, but also a means for the peaceful sleep of the child.

Glowing pictures in the children - you need to consider?

Glowing pictures in children's picture flying cats

Before you implement venture with the luminous picture in life, you need to be sure that in the evening in the room is really darkness reigns. Glow from the streetlights and lighting from adjacent rooms will reduce glamor glowing pictures. When complete darkness as every detail of the picture will be clearly visible.

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Transparent fluorescent dyes

transparent glowing image photo baby cat

Decorations that are visible only in the dark, drawn by a transparent fluorescent dyes. Very unusual: additional effects occur only with the inclusion of an ultraviolet lamp.

Glowing pictures in the nursery with the on and off an ultraviolet lamp

glowing pictures photos without UV lamp and it

Before you begin to paint the walls of fluorescent paint, cover the furniture with a protective film, as in conventional painting walls. If part of the picture is visible by day, pay attention to the fact that the pattern looked attractive both enabled and off an ultraviolet lamp.

Underwater World in neon colors

glowing pictures on the wall photos underwater shark

Neon colors allow you to draw a 3D-effects on which kids will love. Drawings on a large area (in the banquet hall, the playground) better make visible colors for guests to enjoy them both in daylight and in the dark of the evening.

Drawings on the walls of neon colors

photo luminescent paintings on the walls of neon colors bar cafe

Fluorescent dyes are suitable for decorating themed establishments. For best effect, priming the walls or the ceiling must be white, then the picture will be better illuminated.

Fluorescent colors in decorating

fluorescent paint decoration interior design photo

Fluorescent colors provide unlimited possibilities for decorating. Even painted jars, placed on a table or shelf, will add charm to your party.

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