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What should be the interior of a small living room

A house without a living room looks lonely and uncomfortable, probably, so we strive to equip such a room, even on a very limited area of ​​housing. Make it often is not easy.Registration of limited space - it's a real challenge for landlords, as a small living room interior should give the impression of spaciousness, comfort and create the desire of the guests and households to spend in the room as much as possible.

Simplest solution to obtain a luxurious living room - is to remove the partition and expand the area by the kitchen or the other of the adjacent room. But, alas, not always possible to use a purely physical method. What to do? First of all - do not despair and try to add the volume of the living room on a visual level. There are special techniques.

That hide the designers?

In professional designers have their own secrets to transform even the tiniest room in a fairly large space. Knowing them, you will be much easier to cope with the task. The main and most effective moment in this mystery is the use in an interior light tones. Remember that Wallpapering with small print or painting of walls in pastel colors will make the space more volume is guaranteed. Avoid large, bright, even if it is incredibly beautiful designs on finishing materials. They tend to compress the space, shear walls. There are a number of nuances that are worth considering in more detail.

contemporary-living-room (6)

floral prints in the interior of a small living room

The secrets of creating space in the interior of a small living room

It highlights the work on the design of several small areas:

  1. color selection;
  2. choice of lighting;
  3. selection of furniture;
  4. selection of accessories.

Game of colors and prints

"Trim ceiling mirrors. This technique not only to lift the last, but also to add a small interior living space missing. "

The fact that the basic background in a small living room should be bright colors, we have said, however, that the room did not work too "bland", it is recommended to dilute their school decor. Psychologists say that the correct selection of the palette has a positive effect on mood, well-being and even is able to stimulate the working activity. However, this does not mean that the room needs to be done variegated. no more than five shades should be used when combining colors.


small living room in white

Good idea to add to the background palette yellowness. This color symbolizes cheerfulness, fertility, wealth, but in combination with green stimulate activity. If you plan to finish the interior of his small living room wallpaper, then choose the texture allowing for the configuration of the room. If the main problem was the low ceiling, then you can solve it with the help of wallpaper with vertical stripes. When the room has a rectangular shape, but was a small area, buy finishing material with horizontal stripes. This simple reception will create the desired effect of volume. "Extend" square room can be pasted photo-wallpaper with landscape images.

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A great opportunity to play with the visual reality give a mirror. Only one mirrored wall is able to double the space! I do not like constantly stumble at his reflection? Perfectly! Trim ceiling mirrors. This technique not only to lift the last, but also to add a small interior living space missing.

Successfully visually push the room will help extended opening doors, mounted with mirrored doors.

The cover

Having dealt with the background of the living room, Stump the correctness of its lighting. Do not try to adorn the central room with massive, heavy chandeliers. These "monsters" steal space that you have and do not in excess. Note the spotlights. It is not only important and fashionable, but also a great opportunity to recreate the illusion of flying space. Originally looks interior a small living room, where the lights are staggered by a multilevel ceiling perimeter .


stylish lamps, as the additional lighting in the small living room

However, these lamps are not necessarily placed on the ceiling. They are perfectly cope with the task, being fixed on the walls. By the way, the highlighted photo or picture too, will expand the room.

It saves a lot of space and a TV mounted on the wall. effect of depth, mystery and tranquility can be recreated by placing one of the walls of large and flat tank, equipped with a soft LED.

contemporary-living-room (3)

TV mounted on the wall, saving space small living room

The role of the central element in the design of small rooms is often assigned to the window. The space around it does not clutter up the furniture and decorate a variety of fabrics. No, of course, if you can, then you can decorate the window in a traditional style, but in a limited space is better to act practically.

Make out your window without pretentiousness. It is enough to curtain it easy tulle or heavy curtains. the latter may take place roman blinds that do not distort the form of windows, give the interior a small living room stylish.

construction-of-small living-room-How-to-design-a small-living-room (12)

curtains, a small living room as a central element of the interior

A good option for the windows of apartments, decorated in a contemporary style, will be the Japanese curtains. Particular attention should be paid to them that dwell on the first floor. This design element is not only original, but also securely conceal what is happening in the house from prying eyes without hindering the penetration of light.

If we talk about the window, it is desirable to existing standard variant is replaced by a double-glazed window, which occupies almost the entire wall. It does not work? Do not worry, hang on his window ledge and a large surrounding wall, close the curtains. This method will also be useful in achieving the main goal. Just do not zealous with ruffles and drapes. The excess tissue will lead to the fact that the living room will seem stuffy.

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What should be in the interior

"The most impressive interior will look a little living room, furnished with very light furniture»
Interior even the smallest living can not do without furniture. However, in this case, the number of items it should be minimal. Put here only essentials. Do not hammer the area beautiful, but completely unnecessary details of the situation. To maintain comfort in the living room is almost always try to put a soft corner of a sofa and armchairs, as it is very comfortable to sit family, but in this case we need to leave space for free movement, therefore, rational to bow down to an absolute minimalism.

contemporary-living-room (11)

minimalist interior little living room

In this space, there is hardly a place and cumbersome headset. Much more practical to use the transforming furniture. It can be:

  1. modular furniture;
  2. folding chairs;
  3. folding sofas;
  4. Sliding tables.

All of these items is small in size and maximum functionality. If you put the sofa - so choose its multifunctional model: Box for folding laundry, built-in shelves and even a mini-bar. As well it should be easy to unpack and assemble. When the guests arrive to the sofa you can always move up a coffee table and ottomans to bring out of the bedroom, which is great cope with the role of seats.


sofa bed in the living room interior

The use of a small living room interior closet too will be an excellent idea, especially if you decorate it with glass or mirrored doors . This not only saves space, but also serve a good purpose of expansion of space. By the way, in the glass decor can be generated shelves, tabletops coffee or coffee tables. The transparency of the material gives it subjects the external lightness. Furniture can be quite stylish and, for example, has worked in duheprovans or country, as long as when it was created was observed basic rule - kompaktnost.Poetomu often these headsets make for individual orders.

Comfortable in a confined space folding tables. They generally can be spread only when necessary, and provided that the table top is decorated with interesting, then they also can play the role of additional finishing accessories.

In some cases, preference may be given to the design of corners of furniture. This is especially true for areas of irregular shape.

contemporary-family-room (2)

sofa in the interior of a small living room

But back to the aesthetic side of the issue. The most impressive interior will look a little living room, furnished with very light-colored furnishings. In addition to pleasing the eye of beauty, its smooth surface will necessarily reflect the light and thus you will be able to win additional cubic meters of space.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure to enjoy the elegant white furnishings. Many consider it impractical - and absolutely nothing. With modern household chemicals it is possible to afford the "exorbitant" a luxury, even if a family has young children who like "creative" coming to the surface.

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Decorative accessories in the small living room

Interior small living room decor needs no less than the space of huge buildings. Therefore, after the solution of the problem with the furnishing have to smash his head on the final stage of registration. Element of decor can become almost any thing ranging from the usual family photos placed in the picturesque frames. The most important thing is not to overdo it with the details and razmerami.Poskolku general background bright room, it will need to diversify. To attract this juicy and bright colors. For example, a white sofa laid contrasting orange or apple-green cushions. But the bright carpet on the walls of the living room will be superfluous, because these dimensional ornaments peculiar, bringing the share of comfort, reducing space.


picture - the main item is a small living room decor

stylistic fashion

The struggle for centimeters in the interior of a small living room - a noble cause, but at the end of it you should not feel uncomfortable in the room . Think about that new-fangled design in minimalist style, which implies almost complete asceticism in an environment and with a modern twist are often reminiscent of the space shuttle cockpit, you can be really disgusting. But to remove these bulky structures as the battery completely rational decision, not causing a negative. "Warm floor" use the system. Takoysposob heating is not just a tribute to the fashion trends, and more successful tactful step, both in terms of the expansion of space, and in terms of financial savings.


As you can see, a small living room design will ask you a lot of problems, so, before starting repairs, do not be lazy to revise the mountains of interior photos and meet with existing design resheniyami.Vpolne possible, if not the whole idea that some aspects of the proposed you useful. And remember that even though you will be working on in this room, as the living room, which inherently implies the reception, but still first and foremost you want to create room for himself. This means that you will certainly be in it comfortably.

The atmosphere of the room will never be perceived positively coming, if the owner does not feel in their own home, they say, "at ease." Do everything slowly, intelligently, carefully and most importantly - to the soul. Decide on the style, color issues and furniture priorities, while the interior of the small living room was no less luxurious and dimensional than the palace hall, but the comfort it will be much more.

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