How to replace a toner cartridge in a mixer

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How to replace a toner cartridge in a mixer

How to replace a toner cartridge in a mixer

Plumbing in the house is always a kind of fetish, that ceases proud owners and subject to good envy guests, friends, whose home is not worse, but what the things-dryuchki not so fashionable, is not shine, not so ... And only very few know what happiness in the house of the flourishes-spouts, but from a vital element for design, which is not visible at all, but that is just the mixer. And the name of this node cartridge, which means "cartridge charge", but simply - "I'm in charge." Drip-drip, but not on the street, and in the bathroom, sometimes becomes an occasion to find out who has what and where growing ... And actually all very simple - to blame the cartridge.

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  • 3 How do I replace the cartridge mixer with their hands
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  • types of mixers

    The water in the apartment goes almost everywhere hot and cold, even if it involved a home heater. But here for the enjoyment of it is mixed in different proportions and at the output of the mixer in the kitchen or in the bathroom, we use warm water on your request. Sanitary kits, which include all of these air valves, nozzles, regulators, seals and twist-vintki have just a little more than half-century history and call them very accurately - mixers . But the main assembly of the mixer mechanism is adjustable feed water flows for mixing. There are three designs of mixers:

    • lever , which only allows the control knob to control the pressure of the water and its temperature and by raising / lowering and rotation of the handle. A node that controls the flow of water depending on the position of the handle, called a cartridge.
    • dvuhventilny , wherein the two handles overlap each a flow of water with a rubber or ceramic head parts. Turn the control knob, we increase or decrease the corresponding flow to mix and get to the exit. These mixers are good because they are not sensitive to chlorinated water and are simple enough to be repaired.
    • taps thermostats - last squeak, more precisely, the rage - for pre-exposed by the value of the desired temperature support it no matter what.

    The most widely used single-lever mixers with kartridzhem- looks very simple, attractive design and easy to use. They are available in an assortment of all producers - and the brand, and not very much.

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    Cartridge - construction and disadvantages

    By its very existence the cartridge is designed for mixing water from the two highways, which means it is the main unit of the device. There are two designs: the cartridge ball and ceramic discs. Ball are less common because of the higher prices and the absence of obvious advantages. Consider in more detail the disk cartridge device.

    • Structurally, it is a plastic keg , which contains a set of disks with holes.
    • Top barrel protrudes a control lever rod, and which is worn handle mixer. She has two degrees of freedom - rotation and vertical movement up and down . At its lower end the rod enters the groove of the upper ceramic disc. If the handle is displaced, and this leads to the displacement of the disc.
    • Two ceramic regulating water flows, drive, have a very flat mating surface. The upper disc slides at a fixed stationary bottom, which has openings for the passage of water flow : two inputs and one output. This disk is connected via a gasket-ring with the bottom of the cartridge. In this case the feed water of the lower disc apertures overlap the upper disc to varying degrees, depending on the rotation of the handle, and thus regulates the flow of water passing. Before going into the discharge channel, these streams are mixed . For normal operation of disc should eliminate any gaps between the disks and bottomed - only in this case eliminated water leakage.
    • The bottom of the cartridge is closed bottomed , wherein there are three openings - two for input lines and one of the output stream which is outputted to the outside. Each hole has a spacer ring made of polyurethane foam.
    • The outer housing and the bottom of a barrel connected during assembly snaps in tension.

    Cartridges mixers differ in size and are classified by diameter - d 40 and d 35. Depending on the external dimensions of the cartridges also differ in size and configuration of the rod seating location pins, so when replacing the cartridge in the mixer is always necessary to have a sample for comparison.

    By itself, the cartridge has a simple construction, is easily disassembled, but can not be repaired because the main cause of failure - wear of parts due to friction . Such a defect appears only in that the water begins to leak, but no specifically due to some parts in any place formed "slack" can not be determined. Another reason - getting the fine dust, grains of sand, rust in friction pairs. The cartridge contains a small number of parts , but selling them is not, t. To. It is believed that it is easier to replace the whole thing that most artists do. Some contribution to it and makes contrast structures in the details, but nevertheless ...


    How to replace the cartridge mixer with their hands

    To begin the repair by replacing mixer cartridge should only being sure that cause leaks in the cartridge, and not weakened banal nut on supply water pipes.

    See this is very simple: "guilty" cartridge passes water from the control lever. The final diagnosis can be made if to embrace the cartridge slot on the circumference of the thumb and index finger - even the smallest trickle soon will be felt from beneath the arm.

    Besides primitive leaks and other possible faults:

    1. The lever moves with great effort.
    2. Adjusting the water is not carried out - the pressure and / or temperature of the water does not depend on the position of the lever.
    3. Not included only cold or hot water only in the extreme positions of the mixer lever.
    4. No water completely off.

    Further - classical genre: disable the valves at the entrance to an apartment supply of cold and hot water. The right tools for repair, proud owner, as a rule, always on the spot:

    • small flat blade screwdriver or hex wrench (too small of a set);
    • adjustable up to 40 mm, or open-end wrench ;
    • pliers (just in case);
    • liquid WD-40 to "become attached thread."

    We get a case, which is called "first aid kit to repair", all of said tool out there, of course, is, and ... begin. What do we have to do?

    Step 1. Remove lever mixer

    Under the lever is a decorative cap to "combat" coloring - cold / hot. "Knock over" it with a flat screwdriver or a knife there is no difficulty.

    Hole under a flap gives access to the locking screw that secures the lever. 3-4 turning a screwdriver or wrench - and the arm with a pin of the cartridge is removed. But this is not always: if the lever does not want to appear "for good", it break out , and if the metal shaft, only the detachable machine to cope with him, called in the "Bulgarian" people.

    Step 2. Remove the nut securing the cartridge

    Under the handle is decorative nut . Very carefully unscrew it should - it usually does not sit tight and twisted by hand, and if not, then it is possible to pick up a pair of pliers for the edge and remove. Then there is the clamping nut. Its size depends on the type of cartridge, but we pick up his wrench and unscrew it. If you unscrew the nut did not work and start to break down in parts - it simply break out and change to a new - for sale they are.

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    Step 3: Replace the cartridge

    With the old cartridge on hand, go to the store. In the selection we pay attention to planting pins in the bottom of a - they may differ in diameter and the shape of the sealing rings. When installing a new cartridge combine with the pins in the bottom of a bearing seat in the mixer. A small gap during installation allows you to "feel for" landing place effortlessly.

    Then, as they say, we do everything in reverse order. For everything it takes an hour or two of time and a plumber cope for half an hour.

    What will it cost replacement ceramic cartridge? The answer is quite ambiguous. Brand faucets for the bathroom or kitchen costing a few hundred dollars to the price of the cartridges have a hundred green and a guarantee of 10 years.

    Replacing such an expensive "client" is also a match - 30-50 dollars at best. At the same time, cheap "Chinese" is rarely cost more than 3 bucks, but a challenge to master cost another 10-15. And how long will stand the product of Chinese consumer goods? It happens that the 3-4 months, but basically it is enough for 2-3 years .

    The only advice for the extension of the period of operation of the cartridge - water filtration , but often it will help not only the cartridge, so that the tips helpful. Of course, the company for its market held teeth, what is called "death", so they mixers "Chinese" do not fit, but the fundamental difference in structure between them. Therefore, if you do not shovel money ship, it is best to learn to repair their own hands and will always be a case to prove that the hands on the ground and no leaking ink cartridges in the apartment are not terrible.

    Video replacement cartridge