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Plan kitchen, bathroom with a balcony, allowing (sometimes significantly) to expand the kitchen space and adds a number of unique options for the design of typical apartments. Leaving aside the question of legalization of this action, talk only about the features layout and design of such facilities.  

1. Kitchen design, combined with a loggia in an apartment.
The total space of the balcony and the kitchen provides many new features in the interior NCCA plays. If initially you had 2 separate rooms, after combining them, you get one. However, the architecture of the building itself (even after redevelopment) will dictate pronounced zoning, due to their primary purpose. And it must take into account in its design. Points that require special attention:

  • Drop in floor levels
  • Different ceiling height
  • The increased area of ​​glazing
  • The presence / absence of communications (heating, sewerage, etc.)

When designing a kitchen, a loggia, you can either try to neutralize the existing zoning, or emphasize its opposite - both methods are practiced, and it depends upon personal preference and taste.

In the photo above it looks quite a loggia organic extension of the kitchen, making it a single space, and transformed into a dining table on the ground photo division specifically emphasized the arch and piers:

Exit from the kitchen to the lodge can be arranged in the form of an arch, this approach allows you to save the "native" size of the opening in the bearing wall. If it is sometimes necessary to isolate connected to the loggia the kitchen, they can quickly be divided by an arch using curtains as in the first photo.
When planning, try to keep all the utilities in the old places, and the deaf loggia walls used for additional storage space. Do not transfer to the lodge stove, sink, hood and a central heating radiator!  Such a transfer requires a lot of coordination and is combined with a kitchen loggia, unlike moved completely rarely needs such radical change!
If you want to place there the refrigerator, do not forget about the "triangle rule" , the size of which is important to observe. However, if you have a second refrigerator or a chest freezer, the loggia for them a good place.

2. Kitchen, united with warm balcony.
One should always remember that the lodge has two deaf sidewalls and glazed balcony on three sides, so united with a balcony kitchen usually has a pronounced zoning regulated. Often glassed space is convenient as a dining area, many left the pier, turning it into the bar:

Differences in gender / ceiling to highlight areas levels are rather a plus, since it allows to reinforce the impression, but can ruin the interior of a small kitchen with a balcony because of heaps of parts and inconvenience of transportation. In small spaces, try to plan the floor at the same level, and cumbersome and rarely used items keep on the balcony, which is necessary to allocate a special storage space in the form of cabinets or open shelves.

The kitchen with a balcony, with a larger window area by combining space, requires more attention to them. Try to avoid the standard offerings, pick something interesting, with unique decor elements, but corresponding to the chosen style of the room. For example, in the network there are kitchen design with a balcony in a rustic style with fashionable panoramic glazing - it looks funny. It is better to choose trivial glazing, which can be unikalizirovat careful selection of curtains or blinds.

We should also be said about the heating. Many "internet experts" reprint each other's stupidity, that is combined with a balcony kitchen space warmer than usual. It is not true! In rare cases, when (before redevelopment) in humans were old leaky windows and thin wall street windswept, application of modern double-glazed windows and insulation reduced the total heat loss of the kitchen. But initially I hope it is not prudent, because the heat loss through windows is always higher than the main walls and the balcony before the merger with kitchen Gazebo space worked as an insulating gateway. Therefore, consider the need for additional heating during the planning and design, for which we can take a variety of underfloor heating or electric heaters (central heating does not use the default). In this case, as in the case of windows, it is important to consider not only thermal performance, but also to match the appearance of the instrument with the general style of the room. Modern Kitchen interior with balcony (loft, modern, hi-tech, and the like) does not cause problems, but in severe cases (Provence, art deco, etc.) should look at the ceiling infrared panels and the heating baseboards that are hidden systems and not an eyesore.

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In conclusion, we present a few photos, where (in our opinion) design coincident with a loggia (balcony) kitchen made the most successful:

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  • Brief important - determine the verge of what is permitted
  • Ideas for the kitchen, combined with a loggia
  • Curtains, lighting, zoning


Kitchen with access to the balcony has a hidden decorative and functional capabilities. After combining the kitchen with a balcony or loggia - a great way to optimize space, which allows you to:

  • increase the kitchen area;
  • improve the thermal and sound insulation Kitchen (through the glazing and insulation of a balcony / loggia);
  • make the kitchen lighter.

kitchen design, combined with a loggia or balcony looks interesting. Re-planning allows you to organize the space outside the box and turn an ordinary balcony into the bay or picture window.

Kitchen Design and loggias


  1. The need to legalize alterations - to collect documents, ordered the project and wait for permission. Keep in mind, the coordination of associations dealing with kitchen loggia itself costly, troublesome and often prolonged;
  2. Additional costs for heat insulation, the installation of the system " warm floor " warm glazing and finishing.

Brief important - determine the verge of what is permitted

Combining the kitchen with a balcony can be:

  1. Partial, when doors and windows are dismantled, and the remainder is used as a partition podstolya for countertops.

Partial consolidation of the loggia and kitchen

Combining the kitchen and living room with panoramic balcony glazed entrance

  1. Complete when the wall separating the two spaces are removed completely, and form a single room.

Combining the kitchen with a loggia with the demolition of walls

  • If you remove the only window that permits will not need clearance, but will have to return the window and the door to its original place in the sale of apartments;
  • If, however, completely dismantled the entire wall, you will need the approval of a new plan by the relevant authorities;

Combining the kitchen with a loggia

  • Load-bearing walls can not clean at all - and the resolution in this case can not be obtained. For example, in a panel building load-bearing walls - it's construction, more than 120-140 mm thick. For other values ​​of a brick house - to carriers include those designs which are thicker than 3 brick (380 mm) in the monolithic - 200 mm;
  • Can not be transferred to the battery loggia central heating water.

Matching association balconies and kitchens

Keep in mind that even if the partition between the kitchen and balcony is not a carrier, it can not be demolished without permission. In no case do not make alterations without the consent - it is dangerous, not reasonable and not profitable. In case of violations (to identify them is not difficult) to the violator shall be imposed penalties and injunction lead cuisine in an original form. It is better not to consult in forums and on the internet, and direct from the BTI and the designer.

"Legalization" demolition of walls between the balcony and the kitchen - the theme is serious and requires more detailed disclosure in a separate article. And now let's talk about how to maximize the use of additional meters.

Loggia, kitchen, must comply with the following rules:

  1. Residential glazing balconies can be made of special heat-preserving aluminum or PVC profiles;
  2. It is mandatory to arrange high-quality waterproofing and insulation mineralized wool or expanded polystyrene floor slabs, walls and ceiling. Additionally insulated zone balcony system "warm floors", can be used if desired electric convectors and heaters.

Ideas for the kitchen, combined with a loggia

How can you beat the kitchen space, combined with a loggia? We offer you the following popular ideas:

  1. Design Ideas with a dining area on the balcony

It is the most favorite among the people a way to use the balcony. It allows a working kitchen area to make more spacious dining group moving to the loggia. The photo below shows an example of a kitchen-living room design, combined with a loggia.

  • Dining on the balcony
  • Dining on the balcony
  • Dining on the balcony

And here's another kitchen-living room with balcony with panoramic windows:

  • Open plan kitchen with a loggia
  • Open plan kitchen with a loggia
  • Open plan kitchen with a loggia
  • Open plan kitchen with a loggia
  1. Design Ideas with breakfast bar

On insulated balcony can be arranged dining area in the form of a bar. And it can be used in partition, which used to be a window for podstolya bar. Examples of such rearrangement look pictured below.

  • Combining the loggia with kitchen
  • Combining the loggia with kitchen
  • Combining the loggia with kitchen
  • Combining the loggia with kitchen
  • Combining the loggia with kitchen
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Kitchen Design room with a balcony

However, this partition can be converted into a table, designed not only for breakfast and snacking, but also for storage.

kitchen design, combined with a loggia

  • kitchen design, combined with a loggia
  • kitchen design, combined with a loggia

In the next photo submitted design kitchen with balcony and a bar band that both zoned and integrates the kitchen-living room.

  • Kitchen-living room, with a bar on the balcony
  • Kitchen-living room, with a bar on the balcony
  • Kitchen-living room, with a bar on the balcony
  • Kitchen-living room, with a bar on the balcony
  • Kitchen-living room, with a bar on the balcony
  • Kitchen-living room, with a bar on the balcony

The bar also can be made from the balcony of a window sill.

  • The bar counter in the balcony, open plan kitchen
  • The bar counter in the balcony, open plan kitchen
  • Windowsill-bar on the balcony, open plan kitchen
  • Bar rack on the balcony, open plan kitchen
  • Bar rack on the balcony, open plan kitchen
  • Bar rack on the balcony, open plan kitchen
  1. Ideas balcony arrangement with the placement zone art storage area, and a working zone plate

Such alteration of the combined kitchen you need to think carefully, because you need to take into account the permissible load on your balcony, and conducting communications. For example, on the balcony, kitchen refrigerator can be installed, but this is not always convenient from the point of view of the "work triangle".

Refrigerator on the balcony, kitchenRefrigerator on the balcony, kitchen

Here you can also hide the washing machine.

Washing machine on the balcony

In theory on the loggia can be installed even in kitchen with electric stove, sink and cooker hood. Agree on such alterations can be only if you live on the first floor. For the removal of kitchen onto the balcony, you will need to transfer all utilities, so the work area should be placed on the same side, where once stood all the equipment and sink.

The transfer of the kitchen to the balcony

  1. Ideas kitchen design with a seating area, an office, storage area and a garden on the balcony

Loggia, kitchen can beat not "cooking" method. Here you can arrange a library "lounge area" with a mini-bar, room for work and a hobby, a winter garden or a children's playroom. If you like this idea, it is recommended that all the same fence "nekuhonnuyu" part of the space is not only visually but also physically, by means of the "French window", screens, low walls, shelving or curtains.

  • seating area and an office on the loggia
  • seating area and an office on the loggia
  • Recreation area on the loggia
  • Recreation area on the loggia
  • Recreation area on the loggia
  • Recreation area on the loggia
  • Recreation area on the loggia
  • A garden and seating area on the balcony
  • A garden and seating area on the balcony

The recreation area on the balcony, open plan kitchenThe recreation area on the balcony, open plan kitchen

  • The kitchen, open plan loggia
  • The kitchen, open plan loggia
  • The kitchen, open plan loggia

A sofa, a library and a bar on the balcony, kitchen

  • A sofa, a library and a bar on the balcony, kitchen
  • A sofa, a library and a bar on the balcony, kitchen

Interior balcony, kitchenInterior balcony, kitchen

Curtains, lighting, zoning

After combining the loggia with kitchen is complete and ready for decorating the room, you can begin to design and interior arrangement.

See the material on the topic: How to choose curtains for the kitchen with the balcony door - 4 solutions

There are a few important tips:

  • Both zones are made like new kitchen decoration materials, in the same style and similar color schemes;
  • Zoning suit "French windows", the remaining small partition, transparent doors as in the photo below.

Kitchen with a balcony door and a glassKitchen with access to a balcony with French windows

  • floor level difference can not hide and remove and use as zoned podium to isolate the sitting or dining area;

The threshold between the combined kitchen and loggia

  • Another way to design exit to the balcony from the kitchen: columns and arches ;
  • Kitchen with a balcony in the form of arches
  • Kitchen with a balcony in the form of arches
  • Kitchen with a balcony in the form of arches
  • The windows on the balcony can be issued by the Roman , roller , panel curtains and blinds . Depending on the style of the interior will be appropriate and curtains, tulle , curtains with lambrequins ;
  • Blinds for balconies, open plan kitchen
  • Blinds for balconies, open plan kitchen
  • Blinds for balconies, open plan kitchen
  • Blinds for balconies, open plan kitchen
  • If additional balcony space is small, it is best not bulky pieces of furniture used, replacing the closed cabinets open shelves, a dining group - folding table with easy chairs;
  • Lighting can also be a unifying factor - it is across the ceiling area installed spotlights , and on the walls sconce .

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