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How to use glass jars in the interior?  15 ideas.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, jam, honey, peaches sold in glass jars, and what to do after using the product with the bank?

Banks come in different sizes, shapes and they can be used in interior design in many ways. Do not rush to throw a glass jar in the trash, it is an application and not one. On our website we describe different ideas on how to use glass jars in the interior.

Preparatory stage.

Before you use the glass jar in the decor, and its lid should be washed with detergent for washing dishes, and then carefully wipe dry with a towel.

It is possible to postpone a few cans on a shelf or in a box, and then to translate creative ideas into reality.


The simplest use of conventional banks - is used as glasses. For a photo shoot beverage, wedding photo shoot, on a picnic, barbecue.


Banks to supply drinks

Usually kebabs buy disposable cups, such as they are, and inexpensive, but they are purchased each time. Banks folded, washed and can be used repeatedly. Just the little things in life can and should save money.


Many cafes, shopping malls, you can see the idea when sweets: marshmallows, macaroon, chocolate, dried fruit, cookies are stored in large jars with a lid.


Storage of sweets in jars with a lid

In suburban homes idea to store sweets, too fit. Large banks with sweets can be put in the center of the table.


To use candlesticks are best jar of baby food, they have a small form and narrowed neck.

Banks can decorate with paints, glue rhinestones on them, napkins (decoupage technique) or beautiful cut fabric, paper, newspaper, lace, magazine clippings, artificial flowers, tie the thread, wrap the twine and a candlestick ready. We insert a candle, burn and enjoy the beauty!


Candlesticks from jars of baby food

Candlesticks are used in the design of the romantic, the New Year's table in a cafe, restaurant or at home. Candlesticks can be used to create beautiful pictures to the written themes.


Christmas candlesticks from cans

At the time of New Year candle can be decorated with moss, cones, fir branches, snowflakes and asterisks.

Photo frames.

Take a picture or a beautiful picture, a little bend the edges and put in a jar and cover with lid. Photobanks we arrange the room, hang or decorate their showcase.


Frame from banks

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You can do a little bit differently. Print or crop a photo for a small size, inserted into the zip bag, glue on the wire to the cover. At the bottom pour sand. Close the cover and make great memories of the holiday, traveling.


Memories of the journey in banks

Photo of the glass does not lose color, it is protected from dust. No need to spoil the wall of the apartment and nailed.

Vases for flowers.

Pour into jars and water paste flowers. Decorate their dining or coffee table in the house of a man podokonnik.Obychno 1-2 vases and birthday give a lot of flowers.

Therefore, 3-tions banks have always come to the rescue. This additional capacity for storage of flowers and bouquets.


Bright flower vase from the jar


With a flavor we fill the room smells different. For example, take a jar, pour the coffee and put in a tea shop and coffee. Coffee lovers attracted by this scent, and they will enter the pavilion to try the coffee, as well as acquiring it.


Coffee cans fill the room with the scent of magically

You can fill up bath salt, add water and a few drops of orange oil and put in a toilet room.
The cabinet will be special odors to repel moles.


Flavor bank of salts and essential oil

In libraries, museums can use flavors that did not smell of old books and furniture.
The intense heat resulting in a flavor senses body. Such a flavor of the cans must be placed in the office that the person had the strength and the ability to work and perform tasks set by the leadership.


This is the most common method of using banks. On the table we place the student several tall cans and insert pencils, crayons, markers, pens, brushes.


Storage pencils in banks

The creative workshop store buttons, elastics, needles, thread in the high banks. On the lid, you can glue the foam rubber, covered with a cloth to insert Tailor, conventional pins and needles.


Jars for storing sewing details

Every man has his home area. The jars can store small items and accessories such as nails. Pour nails in the cans, and the can is pasted with a label number (diameter), or simply write the figure with a marker.


Organizer for the nails of the cans

Cover jars can be stuck under the shelf, and then twist the jar with small details.
In the closet in the high banks can store cereals and pasta. Through the transparent glass is always visible when you need to buy a new pack.


Organizer for storing cereals

The kitchen in small banks can store spices. Not to forget, write the name on the bank: black pepper, red pepper to the potatoes, cloves, coriander, saffron, ginger, spices for fish.

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In shopping centers have pavilions, which offer hairdressing services: braided tresses, do curls, beams. In transparent banks can store studs, pins, rhinestones, perevodilki stickers (temporary tattoo).


Jars of hairpins and elastics

The fabric store small items can be stored in banks: buttons, rhinestones, beads and glass beads.


Banks may be used as lighting: lamps, garlands, night light. With their help many people make out tracks in suburban areas and in the evening from the gate to the house, such jars light the way.
Can be hung on a tree or banks arch. Around the neck of the cans anchoring wire is suspended. Inside the tablet is inserted candle and ignite.


Example of lamp and candle jars

Packing for a gift.

Buy vitamins, pills, small candies, chewing gum, nuts, marshmallow, coffee, tea, fortune cookies and pour into a jar. Tie a bow of satin ribbon and gift ready!

These budget gifts you can make for the holidays, when it is necessary to congratulate the large number of people, and the budget for small gifts. For example, for the holidays: February 23, March 8, Teachers' Day, the day of the physician, the day of the child, family day and New Year's.


Christmas gifts in banks

In addition to food to put in the bank can be anything: a helmet, nail polish, soap, perfume in a small vial.


Florarium - a floral arrangement in the glass. Commonly used small plants: cactus, succulents, kids violets, money tree, aloe, sprouts of orange or lemon.


Decorative florariumy from small cans

At the bottom is laid drainage, then the land, planted plants and florarium ready. The composition can be decorated with small figures. This often used animal figurines, as well as to put decorative stones or glass beads Marbles, small-sized objects: house, bridge, car, shells, decorated in a butterfly or mushroom.


Florariuma landing in a jar

The fence in the garden.

Take the bright colors: pink, yellow, blue. Slightly pink paint is poured into the jar, then poured back into the container. We put on the table and waiting for when the paint dries. We make a colorful banks and inserted upside down into the ground around the flowers.


Border of colored cans for the garden

Paint jars with bright colors - this is a great idea for a garden, flower beds, local area.

Capacity for cutlery.

A glue between 3 and 4 banks cutlery. Banks should not be too small or large. The average size, size cutlery.

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We arrange all the cutlery by type: spoons, forks, knives, or mix it all together.


Storage of cutlery in banks

Usually in cafes and restaurants are already cutlery, but it's not hygienic. When making a table in the bank, you can insert cutlery with cloth fabric and bring to the table when guests order food.


Decor banks to supply cutlery


Who said that only paint on paper or canvas? You can draw animals, flowers, trees, berries, even the pictures on the bank.

Sales have contours of paint for painting on glass. Such loops have a thin spout through which it is possible to draw fine lines.


Dressing jars with paint-circuit

Choosing the Internet drawing such as a butterfly or a cut from a children's coloring. Attach the inner side on the tape. Take the black contour encircle and then painted parts bright contours.

If you can not draw, you can proceed as follows. White paint over the jar in a 2-layer. Cut out napkins beautiful pattern, glue using PVA adhesive. This technique is called decoupage. Open cans of paint or add them to the palettes. Take a fine brush, dip in paint and draw out the boundaries of drawing and draws some elements, such as flowers stamens.


Decoupage on banks

Beautiful jar can be presented as a gift to a loved one or use it to store anything: tea, coffee, sweets.


When the flowers grow, they need light and warmth. Bank to turn over and cover. Now this mini Teplicka will guard sprout from drafts.


Banks protect from cold sprouts

Water tank.

In hot weather, the water is poured into the banks, and we arrange for an apartment or office. This method slightly increases the humidity. Like this is not only a person, but also the color.

In winter, it is necessary to do so, too, due to the fact that due to the heating appliances in the room air is very dry.
At their summer cottage, you can arrange the big banks in the area, they will be recruited from the rain water and then this water, you can water the flowers in the garden.


The water tank of the banks

Banks in the interior can serve in different ways: candle holder, photo frame, but instead of the frame using a conventional jar. Organizer, vases, glasses - a great many ideas!

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