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Greenhouse for seedlings. MINI greenhouse for seedlings on the windowsill. recall

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MINI GREENHOUSE with peat tablet: FEATURES ...

A set of 36 cells
A set of 36 cells

Those gardeners who grow the seedlings on their own, are well aware of how much effort you need to make to ensure that all the conditions for the germination of seeds and normal growth of young plants. In winter and early spring when the lack of heat and sunlight to make it easy.

Facilitate this task can be a mini greenhouse. If you use it together with peat pellets, you can expect not only a strong and healthy seedlings, but also on its successful transplant into the ground in the future.

What are mini greenhouses with pills

Many flowers and vegetables grown in our area, have a long growing season and do not have time to pass it 2-3 warm months. Therefore, they are grown seedlings from sowing the seeds in February-March and planting in the ground only after the pass probability of frost.

Of course, you can buy ready-made spring seedlings, but its price is much higher than the cost of a bag of seeds, and appeals to many gardeners to care for the plants from the very beginning.

However, not all turns out even germinate the seed, not to mention get out of it strong and healthy seedling. The reason for this is not only a lack of experience, but also the inability to create the right conditions.

Sprouting seeds

What you need seeds to get under way in growth? Moisture and heat. During germination of the air temperature and soil moisture is necessary to monitor continuously, but it is not always time.

What to do? The answer is simple: buy a mini greenhouse for peat pellets.

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The principle of its "work" is simple:

  • Saturated water tablets are installed in the greenhouse of the cell;
  • In each tablet planted seed;

Sowing the seeds produced by one in each tablet
Sowing the seeds produced by one in each tablet

  • Greenhouse covered by a transparent tablet lid and placed in a warm place. The lid does not prevent the penetration of light, but retains heat and does not quickly evaporate moisture;
  • When crops need to water, water is poured into the pan, where the tablets take the necessary amount of it. Thus, irrigation rate decreases, and the nutrient substrate is not dry.

As you can see, everything is simple and convenient. Parnichok similar can be done by hand, simply by pouring the ground in any capacity and covering it after seeding film or glass.

But watered in this case would have to top risking wash off the ground with the seed or not to guess the amount of water.

When the seeds begin to germinate, in addition to heat and moisture they need a lot of light and nutrients. All this will provide them with our pills - mini greenhouses are transferred on the windowsill or on a shelf with lighting, where the young plants will be covered, while continuing to be under a warm hood, and dissolved in water, the nutrients that make up the tablets, will allow to do without fertilizing and fertilizers.

The more convenient to use this simple device:

  • Seeds often germinate very uneven, with an interval of several days. Create all seedlings growing in the general bowl, ideal conditions becomes difficult.
    But if they are planted in the tablets, they can be removed from the parnika- "maternity home" and be transferred to another without disturbing the seeds have not germinated.

The photo shows that not all sprouted seeds
The photo shows that not all sprouted seeds

  • Many plants do not like to get wet stems and leaves - they start to hurt, to wither. Watering in the peat teplichke produced from below - through the pallet.
    Tablets draw a required amount of moisture, which does not harm the seedlings.
  • The most crucial moments in the growing seedlings - a dive and transplanting to a permanent place. Instruction requires transplant seedlings as they grow into a more spacious conditions.
    It is often damaged roots, broken stems, transplanted plants spend a lot of effort to adapt. With all this, the tablets can be avoided because seedlings are transferred to pots or in the ground along with them without any damage.

For reference. It is particularly convenient to grow with the help of pills plants from small seeds, as well as whimsical culture does not tolerate unnecessary manipulation.

How to use peat pellets

Peat or peat-compost tablets made from compressed peat, which are added in trace elements and nutrients.

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They placed a bag of fine mesh, which protects them from spilling. Open remains the only top plane.

compressed tablet
compressed tablet

Note. Tablets manufactured with different diameters - from 2-3 to 7-8 cm for seedling cultures of different dimensions. If purchased mini hotbeds for peat pellets has a cell, pay attention to their size.

To prepare the peat to the planting of seeds, pills poured a few minutes of warm water creamed. Keeping the diameter they increase in height by 5-7 times, turning into a cylinder.

Thereafter, excess water is drained and the upper part of this cylinder makes recess into which is placed and seed.

Saturated with water, the tablet increasing in volume several times
Saturated with water, the tablet increasing in volume several times

Further, all as described above: cylinder installed in the cell tray or greenhouse, are covered with a lid and sent to a warm place. Your task - time to add water as peat dries very quickly.

Let me give a few practical tips:

  • If you choose to use peat pills - mini greenhouses better to take the honeycomb. The solid tray with intimate setting cylinder plant roots as they grow may overlap.
    Tablets or placed at a distance from each other.
  • Pouring water pills to swell, add to it a little potassium permanganate to disinfect the turf.
  • If the surface of the tablet, a white plaque, it speaks of a permanent waterlogging. Watering should be temporarily stopped and ventilate the greenhouse.
  • Transplant seedlings needed when the roots grow outward. For this purpose they are put into a separate cup to the ground, without separating from the tablet.
    But before that it is necessary to remove or at least any torn fishnet to the roots in the ground to germinate freely.

Transplant seedlings into individual pots
Transplant seedlings into individual pots

  • If after sowing all the seeds that you still have extra tablets, you can save them until next season. They have a limited shelf life, if stored in a dry and cool place.


Get more information on the use of peat pellets can, watching the video in this article. And build them a home greenhouse can own, adapting it for any container with a transparent lid, or in the old covering it with glass or plastic wrap.

Try and make sure that this method is excellent for growing seedlings, and for breeding domestic flower cuttings.


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Explain that a home greenhouse for seedlings necessary thing, I think nobody wants. In greenhouses and seeds germinate quickly and the plants grow together, both in breadth and in height, regardless of the weather conditions.

There is a modern mini greenhouses for apartments, which can be installed on a balcony or against a wall. Use the mini-greenhouses convenient.

As a rule, they are collapsible and can be easily transported to the cottage with the onset of warm sunny days. But today, I want to show how to make a mini greenhouse for seedlings with their own hands. For the experienced gardener no discoveries will not, and beginners will be able to diversify your experience of growing seedlings in the greenhouse, in an apartment.

Mini greenhouse for seedlings. How to make the apartment a greenhouse for seedlings from plastic bottles

For a single plant will need 2 plastic bottles, sharp knife, soil for plants. Both bottles cut across. Take the bottle with a cork and a slightly unscrew it to drip down the excess water. As we know water stagnation in the roots of plants is extremely harmful. We put it in the bottom of the bottle and pour the ground and plant the seedlings.

Mini greenhouse for seedlings with their own hands
Mini greenhouse for seedlings

Once the plant will grow and you have them planted in open ground, on a bed or in a greenhouse, do not throw scraps of bottles. Will cover them svezheposazhennye plants - plastic will save them from the night cold and frost, which happen in May.

Make parnichok for seedlings can be of a plastic container for eggs. In this case it is reasonable to use for the cultivation of peat tablets. And after the sprouts grow to transplant them in the villa a greenhouse or larger capacity.

Parnichok for seedlings of a plastic container for eggs
Parnichok for seedlings of a plastic container for eggs

When the seedlings in the home mini greenhouse grow up, there is a question where they were transplanted. People are fond of, the seedlings can take all the window sills of the apartment. In this case, repot the plant in a large container, remembering that for the successful growth of plants need space and light, only in this case it is possible to grow seedlings of tomato with stalk thick as a finger. A top cover with foil for greenhouse planting and set on a balcony to make the house a place. There is such a film for the greenhouse as Svetlitsa, in which a lot of advantages, and including a remarkable heat-retaining effect. So if Coverings such as blankets your mini greenhouse for seedlings such a film, it will feel great on the balcony, and you free up space at home.

Using Svetlitsa for greenhouse
Using Svetlitsa for greenhouse