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Making children's room - it is a creative process that must be approached with the utmost care and well thought-out details. Correctly chosen lighting child's room affects the overall health and emotional state of the child and also has an impact on its development.

Children's room is a separate little world where the child spends most of his time. Therefore, correctly matched and harmonious lighting is bright enough, but not annoying child is of paramount importance in the design of children's space. Help achieve this modern children's lamps. A color scheme can be very diverse. Children tend to enjoy pure colors or contrasting combinations.

Lamps for children's rooms can be divided into burning rattles for babies, preschoolers and fixtures for lights for school-age children.

Last minute rattle, as a rule, take the form of toys, emit soft, but high-quality light that does not blind baby. Such lamps are placed in a child crib and illuminate a small room section. They are very popular with kids, attract their attention and can also be used as a rattle.

For preschool children it is recommended to use lamps that emit is not very bright, but not dim the lights, because they do not quite shaped eyes are not ready for a long time to perceive bright light. But at the same time the light must be of high quality, as the child of preschool age is already trying to read and write.

The light in the room school-age child should be bright, as the child spends a long time for lessons. General lighting should be supplemented by a table lamp, installed in the left corner of his desk. Desk lamps for children's rooms should always be a shade that will protect baby's eyes from direct light.

light sources for children's rooms are wall sconces, ceiling lamps, bedside tables to lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, special light sources, which include other functions.

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Lights in the room must be appropriate to the age of the child. The baby's room should not be too much light, only natural soft diffused light. It is best to use a closed ceiling diffusers. If you purchased a chandelier with multiple horns, the ceiling should be closed and directed upwards. You can also buy contour lighting with spotlights, evenly and gently distributes light across the room.

Lamps for kids is made from colored plastic, cardboard, wood and glass, in the form of hemispheres, different animals, clowns and favorite cartoon characters. Bright colors and patterns attracted the attention of babies.

Just a baby crib can be hung sconces, night light or a lamp on a flexible stem to easily control the direction of light.

In a child's room of preschool and school age should be a ceiling light, wall-mounted and desktop.

Overhead lighting should not blind child, but at the same time should be bright. Well suited ceiling light white matte color, since it does not glare, and evenly and gently illuminates the room.

The most ideal option - it is the small lights on the ceiling of the room.

table lamp light should fall on the illuminated surface and not to create shadows on the head and the figure of the child. Better if it will be a light bluish cool hue that is less eyestrain.

Design table lamps is very diverse: from favorite toys and fairy-tale heroes to incredible, bizarre and unusual shapes, with an ergonomic design with a flexible foot for maximum comfort of use.

In the manufacture of table lamps, are generally used metal and plastic, which makes the lamp safe and impact-resistant. When choosing a table lamp for your child, pay attention not only on its design but also on the strength of the product, practicality and the total absence of harmful paints and materials that are used to cover the surface of the table lamps. The modern market today offers a table lamp with cushioning system from shocks.

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Wall sconces for a child's room can also take the form of various flowers, small animals and fairy tale characters. Typically, bras hung over the bed to read comfortably. And if such a lamp also features a dimmer, it can be used as a nightlight. Wall sconces can also be used to create a child's room separate play areas. They perfectly support game atmosphere and raise the mood of the child.

Increasingly in modern design children's rooms can be found outdoor floor lamp, but a wide variety of this type of lamps is different. Professional designers operate under their existing projects and decorate in a children's style.

Some lamps may be to combine and other household items. The most common fixture is lamp-aquarium in which fish swim. Watching them, the child calms down and adjusts to sleep.

There are lamps that ionize or humidify the air, and also include a quiet soft music.

Children's lamps use incandescent, fluorescent and halogen. For the playing area using light warm colors, and to practice the table is better to use a lamp with a cold bluish light.

Improperly organized light in a child's room can cause a bad mood child or cause problems with his health. Light in the room should be enough, and its source should not blind the eyes of the child and be very bright.

Lights in the nursery, of course, must be harmoniously fit into the interior, but most importantly - they need to be comfortable and safe. When choosing a lamp, keep in mind that the design should be durable, safe, functional, must pass control of toxicity and have a certificate of quality. It is important that children's lamp was made from environmentally friendly materials.

Choosing a lighting unit for a child, is not worth saving - for a cheap lamp is not always quality. Pay attention to the products of famous manufacturers, which is designed specifically for children and meet all European quality standards.

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Our online store will provide you with high-quality children's lamps of various geometric shapes, a variety of colors, as well as combined products. Here you will find lights that will appeal to you and your children of.