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How to arrange a room so that was in it all

Today we'll show you the room of a Moscow communal apartments, where there is almost everything you need for life. Except, of course, a kitchen and a bathroom. Many of the ideas you can use in their own homes

In Moscow, at the Christmas Boulevard for more than three years removed housing young architects, graduates of the Moscow Architectural Institute (MARCHI). At 100 square meters the guys have created a non-standard apartment, which is not even just turned into a film set of domestic and foreign films.

In this four communal living architect, every room - a separate world. By the way, even a description of their bathrooms would be an interesting story, but look around today in one of the bedrooms, where you can easily plunge into the dreams of the sea and the waves lapping on the rocks. Why is it easy? Yes because the sea in these 12 square meters - not just anywhere, but directly on the ceiling.

Anton Semenov, architect

It creates projects for apartments, but more often - for cafes and bars. He was the author of the interior of the museum of Soviet slot machines in St. Petersburg. Her dream is to build a water tower for housing or an old hangar. He considers that the building itself gives rise to the idea of ​​interior arrangement.

The owner of this room - a cheerful architect Anton Semenov, the continuer of a dynasty of architects. He is a freelance artist, who at any moment can go anywhere to work on a new project, the main thing that he was interesting.

At 12 square meters Anton fit his room sofa, a full-length mirror, a computer table with chairs, beds and even a sea ... And now in order.

Office in the colors: yellow, gray, white, beige.  Office in the style of minimalism, pop art.

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Sea over your head and a bed under the ceiling

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Once Anton decided to save his small room of dullness and boredom. And a chilly November day decided to make repairs here. Since the footage is not particularly pleased with the upcoming arrange the room so that this small space were everything you need and more there is a place for the realization of new ideas.

To give up the big bed Anton did not want to, so placed it right at the ceiling. Design makes itself by buying the necessary materials in the usual hardware store. Since positioning the ceiling anything else was not planned, the bed could have been done any - in the end it turned out 160 x 200 centimeters. Her new location - the ceiling. Almost. It is now located directly above the entrance - wake up, you can enjoy the sunrise and let the sunbeams.

Living room, hall in the colors: gray, light gray, beige.  Living room, hall in the style of minimalism, eclecticism.

add to collectionOffice in colors: turquoise, gray, light gray, white.  Office in the style of minimalism, Scandinavian style.

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Practical idea: you save the common space of the room and protects the heat. After all, the warm air rises, which means that in the winter days of sleeping in a bed is much more comfortable, and romantic.

When the question arose whether to repaint the ceiling, the answer was unequivocal - yes. White has long bothered, and seemed too banal. I wanted to paint the ceiling blue. But the most beautiful, gentle blue hue of the color, the color of the so-called cloud, according to Anton, too pale, and he wanted something bright and unusual.

Turquoise seemed just that. Turquoise ceiling visually enlarge the space, making the room more volume. In the bedroom there was a certain depth and the illusion of more space. By the way, now in turquoise fashion - both in clothes, and in the interiors.

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Office in the colors: black, gray, light gray, blue and green.  Office in the style of minimalism, pop art, eclecticism.

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Furniture and designer fashion

Anton made a bed with friends, it is in the interior was the only man-made thing. Table, chairs and a sofa bought at IKEA . Welded staircase leading to the bed, went to Anton inherited from each other. Carved window frames - from an old farmhouse and a plaque with the name of the street was found in the yard.

It hung in the corner of the house next door, and once it broke away from the small piece. However, by a happy coincidence, instead of dumping it was friends of Anton, which earned him his find. Among architects generally accepted to share ideas and advise architectural solutions. Anton am sure that there are unusual in everything, just need to look more at the sides, in every thing to notice something of their own, individual.

In this apartment is often going to a lot of people are never bored and lonely. And lately the former communal flat at Christmas is increasingly becoming a platform for the set of movies. There were filming episodes for several tapes: "In sport, just a girl" (the premiere of this year), "Dyatlov Pass", "About Football" and others. It seems that the design of these rooms is no accident so attracted directors - because the apartment and the truth seems to be "cinematic" and quite unusual.

A new kind of Anton sleeping rooms are fully satisfied, it is nice and comfortable, it knows that change life easy, the main thing - do not be afraid. Creative people - they are, they muse knocks without a schedule.

Office in colors: turquoise, gray, white, beige.  Office in the style of minimalism, pop art.

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