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Bedroom on balcony

Bedroom on balcony

Many inhabitants of modern cities have complained about the lack of space in the apartment. To expand the living space, not necessarily demolish walls or to combine two apartments into one. Enough available space correctly. An example of such a rational solution - the use of the balcony at the living room. In this article you will learn how to convert your balcony under the cozy bedroom.

Advantages and disadvantages

Such a design solution has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include the fact that this room immediately solve your main problem - the lack of space. If you have extended family or older children, it has a balcony at an additional sleeping area you will definitely be helpful.

This option is good for those who need a bedroom for a short time - to put to live with relatives or friends, for example. This room can then easily be converted into a living room or a place to rest. Another plus of this redevelopment - a bedroom on the balcony, regardless of its design, it will look original and unusual.

In addition, the balconies are usually large windows and lots of light, and therefore, even in gloomy weather all the rays of the sun will accrue to the inhabitants of this small room.

Please bedroom on the balcony and lovers of minimalism. In a small space, you will only be able to install everything you need and then you can dispense with all superfluous details. And the order in such a small space much easier.

But there is a compact bedroom balcony and disadvantages. First of all, we must not forget that the balcony - it is usually separated from the apartment area. There is neither light nor central heating, so the installation of all the necessities of life will have to take care when re-planning, doing everything "from scratch."

In addition, for this you need a special permit that you can not give. And the time it will have to spend. Another negative - even if your balcony is glazed, it is still there would not be a sufficient level of sound insulation. Therefore, it is required to isolate the normal sleep.

7 photos

It is obvious that a small space - is a plus is not for everyone. Many just get frustrated because of the fact that the new bedroom turns a small-sized. In some cases, it is possible to place only a bed and a few external shelves.

Yet there is also a psychological factor - some people uncomfortable in such an environment.

Project preparation

If, after weighing all the pros and cons, you still decided to make his bedroom lodge, it is necessary to pre-acquainted with all the nuances of the procedure.

The most difficult process - obtaining all necessary permits. In order to post a non-residential space in the bedroom, you must contact the local BTI. This should be done already with the blank project, which will be spelled out all the procedures that you plan to do.

Remember that according to the rules on the balcony of the bedroom equipment is permissible only if it is larger than two meters in length.

Balcony on which you plan to arrange the bedroom, be sure to be glazed . Glazing is best to use double glazing. This will allow you not to freeze even in winter, especially if you additionally Insulate the room. To save space, the window must be either sliding or else with wings that open to the outside. The side walls are best left deaf.

Features warming depend entirely on what you type balcony. You need not only insulate the walls and windows, but also the floor to the ceiling. To date, there are plenty of materials for thermal insulation of the room. The most common of these are different types of foam, mineral wool and foil insulation.

7 photos

Since the balcony is usually no standard heating, the installation of heating devices you will also have to take care separately. For heating should be used or convector radiator. But remember that they must be as safe as possible. Using a host on the balcony of the heater is forbidden!

An additional advantage in the bedroom will be insulated floor. It is most often installed under tile. This combination is considered the best for the balcony. A simpler option - Infrared film floor. It is quite possible to put under the laminate.

How to make bed

When planning a bedroom, it is important not only to equip it in the right way, but also in style issue. There is a balcony with access to the living room, bedroom. On which the neighboring room, depends on the style of the new bedrooms.

It is desirable that the room was made in the same style with a balcony space. Then, the interior will be more organic and attractive.

Your bedroom on the balcony begins with the definition of the general idea, which set the tone for the whole interior. To visually expand the space, it is best to use bright colors for the walls, floor and ceiling. This room, and even in combination with large windows make your room more spacious and beautiful.

To you in the morning did not wake persistent rays of the sun, and at night did not interfere with sleep headlights and street lamps, stands to pick up the blinds or curtains. The choice of curtains or blinds depends on whether your room will be decorated in any style. For example, in the interior in a modern style loft or better fit laconic blinds. And in a small bedroom in the style of Provence will look good light curtains with floral or plant motifs.

In general, the curtains as walls should also be light - it's a great way to expand your space and add the interior of lightness.

The next, equally important stage - the choice of furniture. Since the space you have little, every detail of the interior must be not only stylish but also functional. No extra tables or cabinets to a small balcony will not fit.

The most important element of any sleeping area - bed. You can install a single bed, a sofa or even a couch to save space. If desired, you can even make a bed available upon request. In this case, it is exactly fit the size of the parameters of your balcony. If you have it wide enough, you can try to install it, and a double bed. Just be prepared for the fact that it takes almost all the space.

Also, you can just put on the floor or on a special wooden frame of a conventional spring mattress. In the room in Art Nouveau style this decision will appear stylish and modern.

Classic cabinets and tables in such a small space is unlikely to fit. Therefore it is better to pick up hanging shelves and corner cabinets. They do not occupy much space and can be placed directly on the wall above the bed.

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The final stage of registration of the new premises will be the decor. Arrange beautiful bed blanket, shelves and decorate with favorite books, frames with photos, paintings, flowers in pots and other items. The floor can be added to warm colored carpet that will not only decorate your room, but also to make the room more comfortable. That's all these little things make the individual dwelling on the really "our", and therefore they should be used, even in such a small space.

As you can see, in modern apartments new room can be created out of nothing. Replanning previously unused balcony, warming it and a small face-lift will allow you to create a cozy sleeping space for a child or an adult. Use wisely each square meter of their homes, show imagination and your comfortable living area will marvel at all familiar.

CAN arrange bedroom on balcony: PROS AND CONS - ROOMBLE ...

space organization Is it possible to arrange on the balcony of the bedroom: Pros and Cons 2018-10-09T14: 00: 00 + 00: 00 2018-10-09T12: 48: 27 + 00: 00 Is it possible to arrange on the balcony of the bedroom: Pros and Cons The bedroom on the balcony - great for romantics. However, the creation of such a space is often in doubt even among lovers of unusual. You are sure to understand whether you need a bedroom on the balcony, if you will read our article Is it possible to arrange on the balcony of the bedroom: Pros and Cons

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Is it possible to arrange on the balcony of the bedroom: Pros and Cons

Home / Tips & Ideas / organization space / Is it possible to arrange on the balcony of the bedroom: Pros and Cons

Tue, 09 Oct 2018 11:00:00 +0300 The bedroom on the balcony - great for romantics. However, the creation of such a space is often in doubt even among lovers of unusual. You are sure to understand whether you need a bedroom on the balcony, if you will read our article

Summer - a wonderful time of year when all becomes a little more. More sun, more rest, more positive emotions. All this, by the way, can be obtained by creating a bedroom on the balcony or on the balcony. However, in this embodiment, it has its pros and cons. What kind? Let's investigate.

First of: a unique space

Balcony allows even in a city apartment to create a space with a special atmosphere of the villa. If the bed is located on the balcony, you will be constantly available sunlight and freshness of summer, which means that every morning is good. Romance does not disappear in the winter months, when you can enjoy the falling snow.

Our opinion:

- Be sure to note the features of the space. Balcony furniture should be upholstered resistant to fading in the sun. Do not place the bed so that it is constantly falling sun rays - it is better to have had the opportunity curtained balcony.

Second for: plus one living room

If your apartment is not much living rooms, creating a bedroom on the balcony would gain additional meters. In that case, if the bedroom "move" on the balcony, the space that was formerly reserved for sleep, can acquire different purpose - to become a living room or nursery.

Our opinion:

- Bed - the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. There are several options for a place to sleep. If you have the opportunity, it is worth to book a bed the size of the balcony. Or you can opt for a folding model - a bed is easy to hide and thus save a few meters. Water or air mattress is suitable in the case, if a bedroom on the balcony of a temporary phenomenon for you.

Third for: the essentials

Most often, a balcony - it's quite a compact space. Here nowhere to roam, which means that in a small bedroom you can install only the necessary furniture and home furnishings. Here, you simply will not be able to create a mess.

Tatiana Serov, "The windows in the house":

- Creating a separate room on the balcony, be sure to start with the engineer gager, will stand whether the existing ceiling and balcony railings high loads, namely, windows, insulation layers, hydro and steam insulation and final finishing. Once you've confirmed with the expert capabilities conversion balcony into a separate living space, you need to carefully choose the glazing.

If we say that it is a bedroom, the heat insulation and sound insulation should be at maximum height. The best in this case there is an option glazing windows Rehau Intelio - this six-chamber profile of 86 mm, this is the most "quiet" and warm window. Sam glazing to choose no less carefully, because 80% of the heat in the room is precisely through the glass of the window. The width must be at least 40 mm, and the glass - a special, low-emissivity. In this the pane via nanotechnology suffered superfine eye and invisible layer of silver ions which does not pass any cold or heat. With these windows, you will significantly save on heating and air conditioning facilities.

First against: difficulty with communications

If you create a bedroom on the balcony, you will need to insulate the walls and floor. You also need lighting, and therefore will have to do wiring. Sometimes space is needed and soundproofing. All this work takes time. Remember that the installation of communication is only possible if you get permission to do certain organizations. Otherwise, you write out a fine, and will require to return the old look of the room.

Anastasia Topoev, architect:

- In the cramped conditions of city apartments, I think everything is possible, even in the bedroom balcony. Of course, it is important not to break the rules and regulations. But to be honest, to implement full bedroom on the balcony - this is something that I personally comes to mind in the least. This is due to the fact that, as a rule, for a full sleep a person needs silence and darkness. When insulation materials are used that do not allow to fully cut off the noise of the street, and the presence of windows makes the room too bright to sleep. If you still became necessary to create a bedroom, advise the organization of the enclosing structure balcony used not only insulation but also material for sound insulation. As well as curtains to darken the windows and does not transmit light blinds with the effect of the noise cut.

Second against: little space

We have already mentioned that on the balcony, you will likely be able to accommodate only the most necessary. This, plus, and minus - perhaps your balcony is so small that there will be a place for only one bed and a wardrobe, bedside tables, coffee tables and other interior pleasant things have to forget. In addition, not all people feel psychologically comfortable in a small space.

Alexander Fedorov, an architect:

- The bedroom on the balcony seems to me dubious undertaking. Firstly, there is usually too much light for sleeping, but this problem can be solved curtains. Second, it's cold (especially in winter). Water batteries are not allowed to make, so only elektroprogrev, and he was very dry air - also negative for sleep. The only option of accommodation bedroom on the balcony - it's if your balcony at least 15-20 meters, and you live somewhere in warm countries. Or if the balcony attached to the room and is its continuation.


Honestly ask yourself what it is you want. You really need to create a bedroom on the balcony? Do not be afraid that it will require a lot of time? If you are confident in their abilities, go ahead: inspirational photo balconies, warmed, spend communication, think over design. When you wake up with the first rays of the sun, you will realize that the efforts were not in vain. If in doubt, it can safely go to sleep every night on the balcony, do not bother with the creation of the bedroom. Simply put there is a cot or hang a hammock.

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Bedroom on balcony - what it should be? 88 PHOTOS ...

In recent years it has become popular to use the balcony as a living space, for example, by connecting it to the kitchen or living room, or turn it into a place of rest.

However, you can turn even the balcony in the bedroom. This idea will appeal to those who need to save the area and creative, creative individuals seeking to create a unique space around him.

When deciding how to make the bedroom on the balcony need to decide on her destiny.

You can then decide if you need a bedroom on the balcony, because the implementation of the design project may run into some difficulties, to overcome which will not be easy.

Table of Contents article

Balcony, bedroom

Turn a balcony into the bedroom winning idea in terms of saving space, but will have to work hard to turn into a cozy loggia, sleeper.

By creating a bedroom on the balcony in the first place we need to seriously think about it, all provided, as in the winter we have is a cold weather must also insulate a balcony, also require wiring. In addition, it is important to create in this small bedroom comfortable and attractive interior, as in the bedroom, we spend a lot of time.

Typically, special noise insulation and for insulating materials are used in the bedroom so that the room was warm and quiet atmosphere, a bedroom on the balcony was not an exception, so the process of alteration of the balcony at the bedroom it is necessary to take into account these features.

In addition, organizations need to design a bedroom to use the soft upholstery textiles or leather, because it is a decoration can make the room more elegant and more elegant, as in the photo on the balcony of the bedroom from the catalog.


The most optimal option in the formation of the interior bedrooms to a small balcony area - is to use the minimalist design.

minimalist style is most relevant when you create a bedroom in such a small area. Furthermore, such a style means comfort and functionality.

The idea of ​​minimalism - is, above all, the absence in the interior all superfluous. All that should be in the room to bear its own functional load.

High tech

For stylistic solutions characterized by the use of modern technology. In recent years, this style has become so popular that it was used even in the bedrooms.

Bedroom design in the balcony can be in the style of high-tech, such as a balcony can close the blinds with a control system on the wall to install the plasma monitor.

The rooms, decorated in the style of hi-tech, commonly used monochromatic color scheme that fits perfectly in the calm, soothing atmosphere of the bedroom.

When you create a design hi-tech must be borne in mind that finishing facilities, should be the most modern, such as wall surfaces can decorate the wallpapers in 3D performance, and as a floor covering is best to use liquid floors.


Stylistic direction Nouveau is characterized by simple, uncomplicated forms a smooth surface and a minimum of decoration.

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Due to the fact that the direction of Art Nouveau - is the use of advanced design solutions, combined with comfort atmosphere, this line can be used not only on the balcony converted into a bedroom, but if you plan to design a bedroom with a balcony.


Mysterious eastern direction of the interior for a long time at the peak of popularity, and it's all thanks to its diversity, because the concept of the East part of the Muslim and Arab world and culture of Japan, and this is not to mention countries as diverse as Turkey and China.

The most common decorating a bedroom in the Oriental style is to use fans, sofa cushions handmade ceramic tableware original forms with oriental ornaments.

Bedroom with access to the balcony

Quite interesting design to combine the bedroom with a balcony, and thereby increasing transforming room unrecognizable.

For example, a bedroom with a balcony can be framed in a single style and color space.

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With this design idea bedroom converted into bed and bower which is fenced off with exquisite curtains.

Photo bedroom on the balcony

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None of us would refuse to alter the loggia at its discretion. Sauna, library, gym or simply relax area - there is nothing impracticable enough only glaze and warm balcony.

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Additionally, you can make the transfer to the balcony bedroom or kitchen. It may seem difficult to fulfill, but in fact such modifications do not require large financial costs. Alterations in the balcony room, photo and description of which are collected in the article help you to verify this - all you can do with your hands.

A small balcony lounge Balcony converted into a storeroom Large balcony room can be divided into zones The original design of the room on the balcony Sports area and a sitting area can accommodate quite a large balcony A small kitchen can be placed on the balcony


Most of our loggias and balconies - rectangular in shape and relatively small size, but it does not become an obstacle to alteration. there will not be equipped with a Jacuzzi, steam room but with a "waiting room" fit perfectly. Simply, they are located in different parts of the balcony. Sauna just this type is shown in the photo.

Here's a sauna can be placed on the balcony

Sauna on the balcony. Photos steam.

"Dressing room" mini saunas can be equipped with the storage system to have everything at hand:.. Air Conditioning, bar, etc. A good example of this alteration can be seen in the photo below. Place for the bar at the top, the bottom shelves together everything else.

Option of storage space on the balcony, sauna

Sauna on the balcony with his hands. In the picture an example of storage space.

Restrictions on the conversion of the balcony to the sauna there is little, except that the heating can be there only on electricity: central heating output on the balcony impossible. This applies to any alterations.

Important:  When modifying the balcony of the sauna is necessary to take care of the quality of ventilation and waterproofing. Otherwise possible deterioration of health at the time of being inside the steam room and the wall adjacent to the apartment will be constantly damp. 

Kitchen on the balcony

Kitchen, located on the balcony, as in the photo - it is an opportunity to get an extra free rooms, such as dining room. Typically, this luxury is not available to most of us, due to the small size of the property. If the apartment is on the first floor and there is an opportunity to expand and strengthen the plate loggia, the kitchen will be available on the balcony, a photo where you can see:

Kitchen on the loggia

Remaking the loggia. In the photo a fully equipped kitchen.

Of course, in most cases, the size of a loggia or a state of the carrier plate does not allow to remake it into a full kitchen. Also, it does not always have the opportunity to bring back the water and sink to her. So sometimes it's just a take-out plate, wall cabinets, washing machine and / or dishwasher, table top remains in the same place. However, even with this alteration, as pictured, dining area expands considerably.

Small kitchen in the new balcony

A narrow balcony, a complete reworking of it is not possible.

As you can see in the photo, installed over the stove hood. If its installation is not in trouble, it is necessary to make a separate ventilation as during cooking stands a lot of moisture.

Important:  When modifying the balcony of the kitchen you need to remember that the installation of a gas stove where prohibited. All that can be used here - it's electric stove. 

Bedroom or lounge on the balcony

The greatest advantage of equipment bed on the balcony is that it is virtually outside the apartment, which means that the home is the noise is almost inaudible. However, the benefit from the adaptations easily turn into a disadvantage, if not in advance to take care of high-quality insulation - all the sounds from the street will be heard clearly. It is also necessary to pay attention to insulation and glazing warm, because you'll be sleeping right outside the window frames. Bed on the balcony, a photo of which is presented below, placed just so.

On the balcony you can set the queen-size bed

The bedroom on the balcony. Width allows accommodate only 1.5 beds.

The bedroom on the balcony, a photo where you can see, quite a narrow access to the bed only with the foot. In general, this is the only drawback rework the balcony in the bedroom. At the opposite end of the room you can put a chair or small table to work - it all depends on the area of ​​the room.

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The room on the balcony is decorated in oriental style From the balcony you can make pantry Add sauna on the balcony is not a problem The original design of the room on baklone Pantry on the balcony with his hands A small fitness area removed to the balcony

And do not forget the thick curtains, if the balcony is on the south side. It can be converted into a loggia and a extra room. Sofa act as an extra bed if necessary. You can set the sofa or hang a hammock - it is all about your imagination and design a converted room.

Options for lounges on the balcony

Replan balcony in the room to relax. Photo alterations from different angles.

Room for baby

The child needs some space, so the alteration to his balcony in the room need to try as little as possible to save space. Using compact gaming or sports parts and training (photo), will be a way out. To bed - if its location is expected in the same - you can choose transforming furniture. For example, you can install a chair-bed.

Children's corner on the balcony

A children's room on the balcony. Photo corner for games.

If the balcony revamped and will be used as a playroom, you need to take care of the storage system in her room for extra toys. This can be either rack mounted in the end of the balcony, and the box with a hinged cover. The latter can be used as seats, you only need to make them pillows. It is also a good option - a set of drawers (see photo).

Games on the balcony

Balcony, game room.

Important:  children's room - especially if the child is small - must be safe. In particular, all the windows should be installed special locks, which the child can not open yourself. The same applies to mosquito nets - they have to withstand a lot of pressure on them. These rules must be respected irrespective of the purpose of the room - it will be a bedroom or a game. 

Balcony as a wardrobe or pantry

Such alteration - a good opportunity to release additional meters of the apartment and use them at their discretion. And as the room would not be living here it is possible to do without a warm glass. Despite the apparent small terrace area, where you can hold a lot of things. The main thing well thought out storage system make it functional to the maximum. A good example of how to use the entire space of the balcony: in addition to the built-in cabinet storage space equipped with a window sill and a bench (see photo).

storage option

As from the balcony to make room for storage: a dressing room or closet.

Dressing on the balcony has one disadvantage - all the cupboards and shelves must be tightly closed. Otherwise things will fade from sunlight on them. The pantry also can be part of the shelves to make public, as in the photo below. But best of all, if these shelves will be located so that they are not direct sunlight - for example, under a window sill, as in the photo. In the photo a good example of such alteration.

That's how things can be stored on the balcony

The room on the balcony. Photo storage.

Important:  exercising any trouble, remember that increasing the length or width of the room more than 30 cm entails documenting changes. This is due to the fact that such an extension falls under the definition of "redevelopment". 

Exercise on the balcony

Personal gym in the understanding of most of us - it is the prerogative of the lucky ones who have a large private house. After all, a treadmill or other bulky simulator occupy a lot of space. However, if you have a balcony or a loggia, you can easily alter it under the gym. Glazing In this case, fit and cool, but the ventilation in the room should be good. Also, if the alteration is necessary to think about installing sockets - for simulators or turn the tape recorder.

Accommodation option sports equipment

The room on the balcony. Photos placing simulators. Horizontal bar placed at the end.