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House of the shipping container: interesting projects and construction technology

This article discusses the features and specifics of the budget accommodation, as the home of the shipping container: the advantages and disadvantages of buildings, the technical parameters of the building material and the average prices for its purchase. The text contains information that will allow to create your own home on the site of the containers: interesting ideas, photos and videos, and tips for planning and unusual projects, step by step construction technology.

Two-storey house of colorful shipping containers


House of the shipping container: what is its specificity

If you wish to get a comfortable and practical housing in the shortest time necessary to pay attention to the projects of houses from the sea containers, the price of such structures in comparison with standard buildings is significantly lower and more affordable for the majority of owners of suburban areas. This type of construction is gaining popularity due to the low awareness of the population. Outside of housing, made on the basis of container is widely used for several decades.

The interior of the house built of several containers

How are home from containers: photos and features of buildings

The container construction is considered to be the future of technology, which will soon help many people solve the housing problem. In European countries, this approach is widespread, resulting in a new branch of business. This direction includes services for the design and construction of houses under the key container, the so-called "semi-finished designs."

Semi-finished product is called the model used as the basis for construction of the building. This design is made in a factory, it has a rough floor and walls. In addition, the standard equipment includes semi additional systems and elements:

  • window construction;
  • electrical wiring;
  • the door;
  • heating system.

The container can be cut out windows and doors on their own

After selecting a particular project owner of the land plot will only have to buy shipping containers in the required amount. They are delivered to the construction site, which will then be combined into a single structure. Using such models can significantly reduce construction time at home, which is one of the most important advantages of this technology.

Helpful advice! In the process of building a house can be advantageously combined with other shipping containers, construction modules, for example, concrete or brick.

Why buy a house out of sea containers: the advantages of buildings

Housing made of ships or cargo containers have many advantages. They are seismically stable construction, so construction of this type are often constructed in areas where there are a variety of natural disasters, such as hurricanes or earthquakes.

Container house can be increased at any time, simply by adding one or more blocks

The blanks in the form of containers allows to obtain housing, which does not differ from the capital type structures. From outside the modules can be finished lining, on the inner side plating is performed by using the gypsum board. Thus the cost of container buildings is much lower than the cost of capital housing. Choosing as the material for the construction of sea container house, the owner can be sure that in his home not zavedutsya harmful insects and rodents.

For the construction of the building is required no more than 2-3 months based on containers. If you minimize some types of work, for example, to simplify the finish, it is enough to be 2-3 weeks in order to enter the house in operation. Since the container construction are lightweight, no need for the regeneration of a massive foundation. The modules can be mounted directly on the compacted earthen platform.

Blanks can be used not only for the construction of residential buildings. They are ideal for implementation with porches and economic objects buildings projects of the shipping containers.

The walls of the container house are covered with sheets of plywood

This technology is not limited to the specific climatic conditions. With adequate insulation the house of the containers can be built in almost any latitude. Since the modular workpiece designed for sea transportation of such houses can be safely installed on the frozen ground. They show resistance to low temperatures and adverse weather conditions. Container house can be built in areas with steep slope areas.

Interesting fact! Shipping containers are widely used for the construction of housing in Antarctica and regions in the Far North.

If the design of the house from the sea containers does not involve the installation of stained glass in the wall, such a construction provides maximum protection for occupants from intrusion of outsiders.

Extending the floor and ceiling of the container, you can get a rest area - the terrace

Disadvantages of modular houses from block-containers

Accommodation of the cargo and shipping containers has so many flaws. Stunning resistance and durability of these designs includes a reverse side. To containers can withstand long-term operation under aggressive atmospheric agents, they are pretreated with special compounds and dyes. These protective coatings contain toxic substances. So before you start the construction of the house of container, remove paint.

Modules billet made of metal, so in the summer design surface becomes hot, and in winter - cooled. To ensure a comfortable house to live weather conditions, be sure to take care of the quality and efficiency of the insulation.

Under the influence of moisture metal covered with rust. To prevent premature failure of construction, it is desirable to inspect the building regularly for corrosion and carefully look after him. Low ceilings - one of the most significant shortcomings. If you perform thermal insulation of the ceiling and the floor, the maximum height of the room will be 2.35 m.

In the interior of the containers are combined modern materials and non-insulated block elements

The dimensions of the photo and containers for construction of houses

The dimensions of the containers are usually indicated in feet. To build houses suitable design for the transport of rail and sea cargo. Moreover, the size can vary depending on capacity. For transportation by rail using containers with different capacity, but for housing only use the large-capacity.

The internal dimensions of the container equal to 20 m 2,33h5,86h2,19 m. With such dimensions, the design has a useful volume of 29.5 m³. Less space reserved for the installation of cladding and insulation, it will be the approximate size of the internal space of the room.

Typically, the construction of buildings used cargo containers of standard size 40 feet long. . The inner dimensions of such structures - m 2,4h12h2,35 One container will be sufficient to create:

  • utility room;

The dimensions of the 20 foot sea container

  • large outbuildings;
  • storage;
  • workshop.

Using the unit 2-3, the house can be built, which area will be 120 m². An interesting option you get when you install two containers next to each other, connecting them with stained glass and covered with a roof.

Interesting fact! In America and Europe are widely distributed home of 40-foot containers. The first creator of such housing was the architect Adam Kalkin. The house was the result of a creative experiment and it consisted of 3 sea containers.

Dimensions container units:

Container size, ft External dimensions of the container, m The internal dimensions of the container, m Internal volume in m³ The size of the doorway, m
20 6,05h2,43h2,59 5,75h2,35h2,39 33.1 2,34h2,28
40 12,19h2,43h2,59 12,03h2,35h2,38 67.5 2,34h2,28
45 13,71h2,43h2,89 13,55h2,35h2,7 86.1 2,34h2,58


In most cases, the containers have a rectangular shape, although there are also square versions with increased height.

How much will the purchase of building materials for the house of the containers: blocks price

Price blocks to build a house of container depends on various factors. To a large extent it is influenced by the configuration and size of the structure. Additionally, the cost depends on whether the container is new or he used previously. If the product is used, then its price will depend on the state. The cost of shipping containers, which are well preserved and have normal geometry, will be significantly higher than that of the defective products.

Average prices for containers of 40 feet:

type of container product Features price, rub.
new containers
40 HCDD tall, double doors 305000
40 DV standard 330000
40 HC tall 360000
Used Containers / y
40 DV standard 120000
40 HC tall 125000
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Building a home-based container units will cost approximately 30 {05fcdc0b6023e75834b541e39a889fff3f5fa9f7569f93925edcad312d2cb373} for less than the cost of the stationary housing, made of brick.

Interesting projects and photos of houses of container prices for turnkey construction

Every year the architectural design of residential buildings is becoming wider and more diverse. Some people in the effort to emphasize their status buy big houses with modern design, made of steel, concrete and glass, others prefer extravagant solutions, for example, a house of sea containers. And variations on this theme can be countless. Someone is using the container as an extension to the building, and someone the house is limited to the walls of the container.

For a small container house will be enough wood base-foundation

Design houses from container: photos, ideas, design options

Despite its simplicity, it is quite interesting looking house designs of containers of 40 feet. Such structures can be used as guest or lodges. Buildings receive small and at the same time very careful. This option is ideal for the construction of the budget, if the land area is small.

Of course, the small size and shape of the container is significantly restricted the owner in terms of design and decoration of the future house. However, some people, it does not stop. To improve the appearance of the building by using the sliding door and large windows stained visually expanding interior space. Advantageous to look at home, painted in bright colors, such as blue, green or yellow.

Helpful advice! If over the front part of the building to equip a small shelter, during the summer rain it will be possible to keep the doors open, without fear that water gets into the room. For these purposes fit polycarbonate sheets. To support the overall exterior, can be for the house of the containers to buy colored polycarbonate repeating coloring building.

Beauty and functionality of container houses are not inferior to brick and wooden buildings

To create a warm and comfortable environment is desirable to use wooden panels as inner sheathing. Even the most simple design can be transformed into a great place for recreation and residence, experimenting with colors and materials. This house will perfectly fit into the surrounding landscape, if we break around flowerbeds. Bold designers can try to arrange a flower garden directly on the roof, using for this purpose the cacti and other light-loving plants.

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Houses made of shipping containers: photo projects and impressive buildings from the best architects

Pretty impressive looks in the photo design houses, designed by architect Adam Kalkin, who appreciated the advantages and durability of sea containers. If you wish to acquire housing with a large area, you can take advantage of its multi-level building projects.

According to the idea created a kind of "house in the house." For this massive structure placed inside separate smaller components that can be used as an independent complete building. Due to the large sliding doors made of glass can be harmoniously combine living space to the outside world.

Two-storey spacious house, designed by architect Adam Kalkin

Despite the unusual concept, in this house you can put all you need for a comfortable stay:

  • living room;
  • kitchen;
  • several bedrooms and bathrooms.

Aesthetically multilevel house with a plurality of container sections looks attractive and unique, and by the presence of transparent glass doors and it without a large space is filled with ease and light.

No less impressive look photo 2-storey building, designed by architect Marcio Kogan. This project allows on the basis of industrial elements, combined into one, create a residential building for a limited period of time. At the same time necessary to set the home area, the containers are mounted on each other, and then the building was expanded. The result is a structure with a large inner space. In the widest part it is possible to equip a comfortable living room.

Two-storey house, built by the architect Marcio Kogan

Helpful advice! If you use a smart system of sliding doors, living space can be extended to the street, thus providing a beautiful view of the room and access to the courtyard.

For construction can be used shipping containers of 40 feet. Thanks to the use of bright colors and modern ecosystems for home, simple blocks are transformed into functional accommodations with a joyful and cheerful design.

Unusual examples of buildings from containers: photo projects and non-residential buildings

Freight containers are used not only for the construction of residential buildings, but also to create other projects. A perfect example of this approach is the Starbucks coffee house, which is conceived as a businessman was made of modular elements. This modern café of the containers has an original and unusual design, unlike the usual design of these institutions.

The interior of the cafe, which was built out of shipping containers

For many people, freight containers evoke associations with fast delivery and fresh food, so this concept can be safely used for the construction of their own shop or cafe. The compact structure of the container is able to hold everything you need to run your own business. Places will be enough to install the equipment and to equip a small working area for staff.

Armed with the idea of ​​designer Stephen Shupa, you can create a temporary office of the containers for the young company. If there is no certainty about the business stability, modular construction of the cargo units are an excellent solution to the problem. This method is unusual and does not require large expenditures. Stephen Shoop designed office building is L-shaped. However, this does not mean that you can not use other options of accommodation containers.

Modern creative office modular containers

Office building of cargo containers a bit like a warehouse building, but it is not without attraction of the industrial style. The interior space can be used effectively for decorating offices. In this case, all necessary for work will be always at hand, and if you want to have enough space for a small meeting or a business meeting. It all depends on the number of containers used for the construction of office and what is its internal layout.

The stylish interior of the office premises of container units

Interesting projects houses of container: design options

To create a beautiful modern home will be enough, and two containers 40 feet long. Such projects are suitable for people who do not seek excess. High-quality finish and modern furniture can help turn a house into a container housing that meets basic requirements.

People who prefer spacious accommodation, it is better to give preference to projects of houses, consisting of several blocks. Online you can find photos of houses from shipping containers, which do not always have a presentable appearance, but inside they are very practical and easy to use. The building consists of 4 blocks can build a large spacious kitchen and living room, bedrooms, etc. somewhat.

Helpful advice! If the second level of the building to push forward on the first floor, you can get a kind of canopy. The space underneath is ideal for decorating the terrace, which is a perfect place to relax in the air in the summer.

By combining the blocks of different colors, you can get an interesting and unusual exterior

Unusually look at the photo interesting home successfully blends container blocks and open spaces. Using modern technology and design solutions can be created in this building a comfortable environment for living. Before you begin construction, should think about how to add to the project elements such as:

  • operated roof greening;
  • high-tech porous insulation;
  • geothermal heating system.

All these innovations will create a real house, suitable for the whole family permanent residence.

Popular projects houses of container and construction costs

The cheapest option is the construction of housing in the purchase and implementation of the project country house consisting of a single container. If it is required for permanent residence, it is necessary to think about the construction of several blocks. Thanks to the volume construction of buildings, consisting of individual rectangular cells, it is possible to get accommodation with original design and different heights, and in confined spaces.

House sea containers supplemented glass extension LED backlit

Buy a house of container total area of ​​about 90 square meters can be approximately 360-450 thousand. Rub. Such a project involves the installation of three units in the same plane. If the add-in to perform the second floor, using an additional 2-3 container, housing costs will increase by half.

Modular from one container characterized by simplicity and practicality. In one room can be combined dining room and bedroom, as well as to organize the partition small bathroom. This option is ideal for temporary 1-2 people.

If placed in the same plane unit 3, it is suitable for up to comfortable family living with two children. A total area of ​​85 m² will suffice for kitchen (14 m²), dining area (23 m²) and several bedrooms (36 m²) and toilets (12 m²).

To use the containers as living rooms, they must be carefully insulate

Two-storey building of the freight units have the same terms as the modern buildings with a large area. In this case, the layout of the house of the containers should be divided into zones for other purposes. On the first floor is better to arrange a spacious living room that can be used for entertaining and family gatherings. Immediately nearby it is desirable to arrange the dining room and the kitchen. The second floor can be used for recreation. It is better to arrange the bedroom.

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On each of the floors, it is desirable to arrange a general-purpose room:

  • toilets;
  • bathrooms;
  • storeroom (pantry, walk-in closets).

Important! Before you begin construction, the containers should be checked for the presence of radiation. Secure rate of 35 mR / hr (micro roentgens per hour).

The average house price of turnkey containers:

Materials for price, rub.
Shipping containers b / y (2 pcs.) 160000
Construction of the strip foundation 90000
Laying of floor covering 40000
Construction and insulation of roofs (tiled or bulk insulation) 36000
Mounting of the outer insulation (mineral wool boards) 30000
Construction of a wooden frame clapboard siding + 25000
ceiling Organization (chipboard and timber) 12000


Costs for the purchase of materials is 393 thousand. Rub. If you hire for the construction of a modular home from the company-contractor containers, taking into account the cost of services will increase the price of housing is about twice and will be 786 thousand. Rub. These figures are only approximate. Costs will depend on various factors such as the quality and type of finish, the characteristics of soil at the site, and other conditions.

Features baths of sea containers and average prices for construction

Cargo containers can be used not only for the construction of residential buildings. Baths made of blocks, are in high demand among consumers who are attracted to the mobility of these structures, the reasonable price and the ability to adjust the settings to suit individual needs. Most often, for the construction of baths from the container used 20 blocks tifutovye High Cube. The area of ​​this element is equal to 13.53 square meters.

This space is sufficient for the organization of the main components:

  • shower;
  • steam room;
  • lounges.

Average prices for a bath under the key:

name of the project Equipment price, rub.
Standard Cleaning and preparation, installation of foundation, floor arrangement, sewage and water supply, the walls and the floor 300000
optimum Standard + glazing, final finishing of the walls and ceiling, installation of electrical wiring, installation of doors 400000
Maximum Standard + + optimum installation of all elements of lighting, plumbing, heating equipment, ventilation, underfloor heating 500000


Note! All projects listed in the table suggest improvement steam, water and sewer systems, electricity supply and cut window openings. Insulating glass is not included in the total price.

Consumer opinion about the houses of the containers: User reviews forums

Many owners of suburban areas have already used the idea of ​​the construction of residential containers and shared their opinions on the forums.

From the container units can build houses, temporary buildings, guest houses, saunas, etc. workshops.

"If we stick to all the requirements and perform complete insulation, house of container units will be a good solution of the housing problem. I like that for the construction of the supporting structure spent a minimum of time. You can then choose to your taste doors and windows, as well as finishing. No need to build the massive base, which greatly simplifies the work. Of course, the size and shape of the modular elements are limited to the standard framework, but with a creative bone even this problem can be circumvented. "

Evgeniy Dorosh, Moscow

"My neighbor at the cottage started with one block, gradually pristraivaya him additional modules. Now it is a country house of the containers does not look worse than the steady building of bricks. Here I am seriously thinking about the construction of such housing. House looks interesting both inside and outside. By neighbor complaints never heard, so I think that's worth a try. "

Violinist Igor, Ekaterinburg

Neat country house from offshore block organically inscribed in beautiful landscape

"With brick building container house can hardly be compared. But considering the price, which is about 5 times less, such housing can be safely viewed, if the family budget is limited. "

Roman splints, Samara

How to build a house out of containers: Technology and recommendations

Housing construction on the land plot is carried out in stages. Since the building does not need a complex foundation, all the work can be done independently. The main stages of construction:

  • project development;

External home decoration from marine blocks made with wood and metal

  • improvement of the foundation of the building;
  • installing containers;
  • roofing;
  • installation of insulation;
  • internal and external finishing works.

Design houses from container 40 feet: layout of the building

Planning is developed taking into account the purpose of the building. Many companies offer standard designs for the construction, but to create a modern housing of the container is better to use a personal touch. However, you should not rely solely on their own intuition. Despite the apparent simplicity of the construction process, be sure to operate within design work.

Before you begin construction of a building of cargo containers, you need to perform strength calculations. For this purpose, the load weight are calculated on the basis of the data calculated optimum dimensions of the foundation. In addition to these calculations in the project documentation prescribed type and quantity of building materials, as well as the appearance of the building.

3D-residential project of two shipping containers

Note! To find out the cost of housing out of the containers, it is necessary to take into account the delivery. This service can affect the final price.

Depending on how many containers will be used for construction of the house, and how they will be placed in relation to each other, you can get a room with a different layout and size. In most cases, developers have resorted to the embodiment, where multiple containers installed successively under one roof. In this case, the modules are adjacent to each other long side. With this arrangement, rooms are connected through the organization of internal openings.

An interesting embodiment is obtained if one of the walls will have a hinged design. In this case, it can perform the function of houses adjoining space. On the inner side of the wall can be installed panoramic windows. This project will not only be successful with regard to ease of use, but also safe.

The house with two bedrooms of the shipping container 40 feet

Disposition of the holiday home of the containers will be more diverse, if you place the modular units in a staggered manner. Designers a chance to show imagination and achieve interesting results. Quite popular options for parallel placement of cargo containers. The modules in this case are set at a certain distance from each other.

Convenient and comfortable layout turn in projects where containers are located one above the other. On the part of such a design is similar to a drawer. If the blocks to place the letter P on the site, it will be possible to arrange a patio. This zone can decorate and arrange for a family holiday.

How to build a house made of container that meets the security requirements

Bacteria and rodents can cause serious damage to the building, however, serve as a source of danger and other factors, such as the robbers. There are special design and technological techniques to avoid intrusion and ensure their homes protected.

Bright and creative house of sea containers

The front door - one of the most vulnerable areas. To protect this stretch at home, it is advisable to install immediately after her carcass wall where the hole made. During the absence of the property owners will be protected with two door designs: standard and tamper-proof.

Another way to improve the safety of buildings against burglary - install the wall with a lifting structure. This method is convenient and reliable, even though it costs. For lifting structure installed glass wall, which will provide a further building of natural light.

Helpful advice! If the lifting wall is used as terraces, desirable to use for its manufacture timber.

House only for a summer residence can not sheathe insulating materials

The size and shape of doors and windows do not affect the security of the building level. These elements are selected based on design space or the exterior of the house.

Construction of the foundation for the house of the sea containers with their own hands

The first phase involves the construction of foundation work on the site. The house can be installed on the pile foundation blocks FBS tape. Selection depends on the base portion of the relief features and soil properties. Do not install units without foundation, because the ground under the weight of the building will sink, while in winter the construction freeze will be much.

If the construction of a country house is meant for temporary residence, as the basis of suitable foundation blocks. The two-story building requires careful preparation. In most cases, experts advise to use a reinforced foundation belt type. For its construction will need to dig a pit, so can not do without specialized equipment, such as excavators and trucks that will take out the soil.

Choosing the type of foundation for a container house depends on the number and arrangement of the blocks

If the site is located on a low swampy ground, it is better to give preference to the pile foundation. Pouring cast foundation under the house of the block of containers with several floors is desirable to use cement grade 400, which is mixed with water and sand. Adding the resulting mixture is special hardeners, can significantly extend the service base.

You can use ready-mix concrete to perform the work. In this case, the set shuttering and reinforcement cage construction which is filled with a solution. To get high quality results, be sure to seal the concrete. For this purpose a deep vibrating tool.

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Constructive part of building a house of cargo containers: installation units

By setting the area of ​​cargo containers can begin only after the concrete is completely dry. This requires at least 22 days. If purchased for the construction of sea containers 40 feet long, the need for their installation crane.

For transportation and installation of containers need the help of specialized equipment

Helpful advice! Until the concrete dries, you can anticorrosion treatment of freight containers. For this purpose, the blocks are colored with an iron and lead oxide. As topcoat is better to use a dye that exhibits resistance to extremely high temperatures.

When pouring the concrete is completely frozen, you can install the modules on the foundation. Then they strapped and scald. This is done in order to secure the construction of the house on the foundation of two containers and connect the units to each other.

At the next stage the internal interior partitions. For these purposes it is desirable to use gypsum boards. This material is easy to handle and is easy to work. The steel sheet may be used as an alternative. To obtain the necessary elements, you need to remove the inner wall of the container, which does not fit into the requirements of the project. This procedure is performed directly before the units are installed on the foundation.

Mounting blocks container only after complete solidification of the foundation

At the same stage of the hole under the windows and doors. To this end, the Bulgarian could be used. After the operation is completed, should carefully treat the edge portion cut by special means.

Since the construction of the freight container is not designed for holes, resulting in rigidity of the block assembly work will be reduced significantly. To strengthen the supporting structure in weak areas, namely in the window and door openings, it is necessary around the perimeter weld pipes or channels. It must be done so that the ribs extend from the floor to the ceiling.

To connect all the elements bearing structure is desirable to use a continuous seam. Bond container body with stiffening ribs to perform better by spot welding. In the absence of treatment skills to the welding apparatus it is desirable to use the services of a professional, as it is very important to maintain the necessary slopes and angles.

Projecting upper container may serve as a canopy for the outdoor area

How to perform roofing work in the house of the containers with your hands

First, the core portion is formed of the attic floor. For these purposes, it is recommended to use beams with a 10x10 cm cross-section. Fixation frame to the container by means of screws. For bonding the boards together is desirable to use bolts plumbing.

When the core portion of the attic is ready, set rafter system. If the board size is registered in the project documentation is correct, then in the course of their work do not have to be spliced, so the design will be more durable and reliable. To connect trusses to use self-tapping screws. Further formed crate, over which the dip galvanized steel sheets are stacked. Performing roofing work, we should not forget about the steam isolation. To do this, between the crate and the steel sheets are stacked insulation film.

There is another way of organizing the steam isolation. For this purpose, below the roof of the house with two laterally mounted tube length of 40 cm and a diameter of 10 cm (3 pcs. On each side). They will ensure the ventilation of the space located under the roof. Holes for installation of pipes, are made in advance.

Construction of a pent roof container house

Important! Steel sheets are available in the price, but they make too much noise during a heavy rain and wind. Therefore it is necessary to give preference to soft roofing materials, for example, Ondulin.

High-quality thermal insulation of the containers contemporary house

The thermal insulation need any premises residential purpose. Especially it concerns the building of maritime containers, which are well carried out not only heat but also sound. So do not interfere with the installation of sound-proof insulation materials perform.

As the insulation the following materials can be used:

  • polyurethane;
  • mineral wool;
  • Styrofoam.

Scheme insulation container house

The maximum life of mineral wool is 10 years. After that, the material loses all its properties. In contrast to the mineral wool, polyurethane foam and have a dense structure. Thanks to this installation of such thermal insulation is carried out quickly and easily. The service life of polyurethane foam and is 20 years old. These materials have not only heat, but also sound insulating properties than can boast of mineral wool.

For fixing heaters can use plastic pins or a special adhesive compound. plastic elements are screwed into the wall of the freight container in advance. Above the insulation film of the polyethylene plank. Then, the installation of a decorative layer, e.g., DSP or lining.

Thermal insulation of floors is similar. For this purpose we use polystyrene plates. Use of mineral wool on floors is highly undesirable, because it can trap moisture. Additionally, you can perform the concrete floor.

Thermal insulation of expanded polystyrene slabs internal walls of the container

In the process of warming it is important to not only use high-quality materials, but also to try to correct the loss of heat sources as possible. As a rule, their roles are the flaws in the design, which include:

  • gap;
  • cold bridges;
  • Lots with high thermal conductivity.

The main source of heat loss are slit. If the assembly structure is made of poor quality, all efforts will be wasted on warming. Therefore it is very important to carefully handle all the joints. Cargo containers are made of metal. This material has a high thermal conductivity, so that heat insulation is performed not only domestic but also on the outside of the building.

Qualitatively insulate the container house can use the sputtering insulation

The source of heat loss can serve as windows and doorways. In order to prevent a rapid cooling of the premises, it is necessary to choose high-quality materials for thermal insulation of the door structure, as well as double glazing on windows suitable thickness.

Note! Do not skimp on insulation. If qualitatively perform all the work, you can significantly reduce the cost of heating a container building in the future. Therefore, the choice of materials should be approached very seriously.

Which materials are used for interior and exterior house from a block of containers

Once formed internal insulation house wall surface closes OSB plates, gypsum board or plywood sheets. These materials are mounted on a rigid frame, which is assembled from metal profiles.

For exterior cladding container house can be used any finishing materials

Ceiling coverings can be very diverse:

  • drywall;
  • Armstrong system;
  • stretch ceiling;
  • painted wood.

For finishing wall surfaces using the same materials as in standard houses, such as wallpaper, plastic panels, decorative plaster, paint. The floors are covered with tiles, parquet, linoleum. It all depends on the destination premises, personal preferences and budget capacity of the owner.

The walls of the containers must be warmed, sheathing gypsum board or plywood sheets, and then dyed, oblitsevat clapboard or by any other finishing material

The materials used in the external finishing work:

  • natural stone;
  • block house;
  • siding;
  • decorative plaster;
  • fake diamond;
  • plastic panels.

Finishing material for exterior use is selected taking into account the climatic conditions and building design.

Connecting the container door to communication systems and heating

Since the container buildings do not require a massive foundation, floors can be cold. The best option for the modular homes will be heating system "warm floor". In the presence of high-quality thermal insulation of walls and roof it is able to create a comfortable climate for living. underfloor system can not be used as a main heating source, especially if the ceiling in the building high. Require additional heaters.

Helpful advice! If you install rooftop solar panels, you can organize a convenient and efficient heating system.

For heating of the containers at home, you can use wood-burning stove

If the house is used for permanent residence, you should take care of the presence of all necessary communications. These include:

  • sewer system;
  • electricity;
  • water pipes;
  • gas supply.

If electricity and gas can be brought to the house at any time, the calculation of sewerage and water supply is carried out at the stage of project execution. If the system of centralized water supply is not available, would have to find alternative sources, for example, to build a well and connected pumps. In the absence of conditions for the creation of the sewage system this problem can be solved with the help of the cesspool or septic tank. Also, it does not interfere with the installation of the system, providing a natural and mechanical ventilation.

If there is communication container home comfort will not concede brick cottage

Recommendations for the Development of housing containers

When all construction and finishing work is completed, you can proceed to the arrangement of the house of sea containers. With respect to the style of decoration and furniture, there are no restrictions. The owner can decide independently, creating interior design. Exceptions are styles such as baroque and classical, which are characterized by the use of massive furniture. In conditions of low ceilings such registration would be inappropriate.

It is desirable to avoid dark and dark colors. White and pastel shades allow visually enlarge the space inside the container. A similar effect is created and glossy mirror surface. Container building blends perfectly with panoramic windows. This type of glazing would make the construction of a modern appearance.

Inside one container can be placed a small but a full-fledged housing

Using imagination, you can turn into a full modular design and a comfortable house, and the presence of canopies or porch will give him extra comfort.

How to build a house out of containers: video review technology