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painting on the wall

Often, the real estate market there are little apartment in the panel house or studio, looking at which a question arises: "How in such a room to live?". Do not underestimate the potential of Khrushchev area 40-60 sq.m. in the house of the old buildings. Small tricks will help to create a beautiful and modern design 2-room apartment.


In a small bedroom apartment area of ​​40 sq. . M, located in the panel house, a number of shortcomings:

  • Narrow passage leaves no room for furniture. None of the design project will not be able to correct the layout standards 2 bedroom properties.

- saves the area, but not always reflect well on the comfort of the residents.

  • Combining bathrooms

toilet and bath

  • Kitchen is always a separate work area should be highlighted. It does not matter whether the interior developed 1-room or two-room apartment 40-60 sq.m.

Low ceilings are different "Stalinka", "Khrushchev" and "brezhnevki".

  • Thoughtful design project will help to correct this deficiency.

sofa and TV

Re-planning is always done after a detailed analysis of the premises, as well as the representations of the residents of comfort.

  • For each family member should be allocated to private space in a small two-room apartment in the panel house. If the floor area does not exceed 40-60 square meters, the personal zone should be allocated to furniture, curtains or other techniques.

table and chairs
then develop a design project and think through the interior of Khrushchev.

  • First, the style of the room is chosen,

white sofa
Before you develop a design project must take into account the technical possibilities of residential premises in the panel house.

  • Age of the building, the location of walls, windows and doors - all this affects the redevelopment plan.

chair and pillow


Disposition BR "stalinki" handicap differs no standard area, high ceilings and lack of load-bearing walls. This allows the development of various projects. You can, for example, one-bedroom apartment to make 3-room. But usually, the design project is thought out in order to increase the area. Therefore, most of the room 40-60 sq.m. made studio. For this kitchen area attached to the room or the room combined with a corridor.

painting on the wall


Khrushchev characterized by small quadrature, low ceilings, combined bathroom and communicating rooms. Therefore, the interior of the premises with an area of ​​40-60 square meters, are conceived so as to correct the error lay. To begin in the corners of bearing walls transferred doorways. If the room is designed for two occupants, then it becomes a studio. Area bathrooms increases due to the corridor.

If the 2-room Khrushchev will accommodate a large family, it is necessary to separate part of the hallway, corridor increase. If the location allows you to bathrooms, you can push the wall.


The 2-room "brezhnevki", an area of ​​40-60 square meters, more conditions to create a modern design: kitchen up to 8 m, overall the room, separate toilet. The main drawback of such premises - a big load on the load-bearing walls. They not only can not be demolished, but the transfer aisle. Therefore, the design project of redevelopment is reduced to unite bathrooms, hall and dining room. Further thought out interior that would visually increase the size of the rooms.

Facilities modern buildings are rarely in need of redevelopment. They built a large-sized separate rooms. Very often there is a loggia that can be combined with a living room.

blue sofa

designers Tips

The secret to success in any art is thinking through the details. Therefore, the design of the 2-room dwellings tailored to the personal preferences of the owners.

You can execute all premises in the same style or different, even contrasting and incongruous. The first option is used if separate rooms and are united only by a corridor. For apartments polustudiynoy layout in which the kitchen area is combined with a hall and a corridor into a single space, it is better to use two different styles. In the residential area should focus on large and space, and in the bedroom to use the soft style, creating a comfortable environment.

zoning of premises

Functional zoning can help most convenient to arrange any room. Its essence lies in a logical arrangement of several work zones in the same area.

Kitchen-living room. The most common method of zoning, in which the dining area is located on the border of the kitchen and hall. In relation to the kitchen in a remote corner you can equip an office or library. An example of such design is shown in the photo below.

sofa and cushions

Living-room. For registration of such zoning is better to use a screen or partition separating. An example of such design is shown in the photo below.

desk and computer

Bedroom cabinet. The only way to combine these premises - installation of a compact bed that can be hidden in the closet. Double bed as bulky furniture object occupies all available space. The interior of the room is thought out so as to extract a small screen work area.

bed and desk

Living room (bedroom) -garderob. Such an element complementary to any relaxation zone. The cabinet can serve as a dressing room, located at the back of the room or shared room into zones.

bed and pillows


Each style provides the palette. Equipping a small-sized room, the main focus needs to be done to increase the space. For this thought out interior in light shades with a translucent textile, mirrors and glossy surfaces. The studios can be used textured materials, drapery and massive furniture.

Cold palette help to visually enlarge the space, but they create formal and presentable. Therefore, they are supplemented with ethnic décor and bright colors.

Thinking through the interior is not a large space in the panel house, consider these details:

  • Furnished 2-room Khrushchev should establish a small-sized, modular: a coffee table that, if necessary, will be transformed into a dining table, folding bed, corner wardrobe.

wardrobe and bed

  • To add functionality or decorating a one- or two-bedroom apartment can be used ceilings. For example, you can set in the bedroom LCD-TV over the bed.

TV on the ceiling
If the one-bedroom Khrushchev, 60 square meters, has a balcony, it should be connected to a residential area.

kitchen on the balcony
If possible, it is necessary to develop a design project 2-room or small rooms in the house together with the specialists.


One bedroom apartment - one of the most common housing options. Despite the small area, it is quite roomy and comfortable. Great for living as a single person, and families with children. Bedroom apartment allows for a variety of design ideas. It radically transformed and transformed into a modern and comfortable living space.

Create a modern design 2-room apartment is simple. Selection of ideas for such housing is huge and diverse. To realize them is not difficult. Especially if to seek help from professionals.

2 idea bright interior room of apartment
On the table in the kitchen you can put flowers

version of the original design of the apartment
On the wall in the hallway you can hang pictures

option unusual style apartment
The combination of white and chocolate-colored interior

By the choice of a design project should be approached intelligently and to take into account a number of points. Chief among them is the room geometry and arrangement of the window openings. Since this change is difficult, and in many cases impossible. Interior Design 2-room apartment should be agreed with the data of its features. This will allow him to get a concise, beautiful and modern.

No less important role played in this process, wishes the owners of property. On how comfortable is it depends on the atmosphere in the room. It is not necessary to clutter the interior furniture and other items. It is necessary to consider all the details. This will provide functional and comfortable place to stay.

the idea of ​​a beautiful design 2 room apartment
Modern style in the interior of the living room with light walls

the idea of ​​an unusual style 2 room apartment
In the kitchen, the TV can be wall mounted

Design of an apartment without redevelopment

This embodiment assumes plan apartments having two chambers which are isolated from each other. They have a small area, but convenient and comfortable. Distribution of the space may extend several embodiments.

The most common involves the use of a small room, like a child's, and a large living room. This option is great for families with children. Also practiced another way the organization. In this case, a large room, which is located far away from the entrance, stands a bedroom. The space allows to equip:

  • a place to rest;
  • dressing;
  • a baby cot.

This design is a standard one-bedroom apartment and common. With his arrangement is better to use light colors for walls. For example, beige, sand and others. They will create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in a small room.

version of the original interior apartment
Above the bed to hang the chandelier

variant beautiful style room 2 apartments
On the wall to hang a picture of a modular

bright idea interior apartment
Nice chocolate color in the interior of the living room

That it did not seem boring and monotonous, it is necessary to use a bright accents. They revive the situation and give the interior bedroom apartment individuality. To do this, perfectly suited green and blue colors. They should not be very bright and muted. This interior-bedroom apartment is universal. If necessary, it is possible to supplement, improve and re-equip. This room will be easy for the infant just born baby.

Ceiling better to use colors that will contrast with the walls. When this material must be of high quality, abrasion resistant and dark. Otherwise, it would not be very comfortable environment. Well, if it reflects the sun's rays during the day and filling the room with light.

You can also use the mat, which gives the room coziness. The main requirement is to it in size. Better to choose a small light-colored rug. Thus, the interior is a spacious one-bedroom apartment with infinity edge that visually increase its volume.

The ceiling is shaped in the classic style and bright colors. This makes the room spacious and comfortable. Well suited small lamps, to dissipate the heat rays of light. For this room it is not necessary to use suspended structures, as taken centimeters from the ceiling. As a result, it will reduce its height and create the effect of crowding.

As decorative elements are perfect for paintings, photographs, and more. They must be properly matched to the overall interior space. Thus, it will be a combined and harmonious look. Arrange them so that the person's attention during the rest is dissipated in space.

bright apartment design idea
The combination of white and black colors in the living room interior

2 embodiment unusual design room apartment
Modern style kitchen interior in gray

Studio: design features

Quite often, these apartments have a small kitchen. To hide this shortcoming, you can use the advanced options plan. In this case, an excellent solution to the problem is a design project studio apartments.

Such an option the interior favored mostly creative people. Since they do not feel comfortable in a small space. The increase in area is achieved through the use of visual effects and change of apartment layout. The transformation of the space to create a comfortable and convenient place to stay, leisure and creativity.

2 embodiment unusual interior room of apartment
Beautiful ceiling with a chandelier in the bedroom

the idea of ​​the original style of the apartment
Design bright bedrooms in a modern style

the idea of ​​the beautiful style 2 room apartment
Together with the stretch ceiling is possible to make the backlight

The main task when creating the design of a two-room apartment-studio is to provide volume and space. This will help bright colors for the walls, floor and ceiling. But there is one problem - the room has several functions. Therefore, the individual zones should be allocated. They are intended for different purposes:

bed in niche

The idea of ​​using light design in an unusual style home picture

  • recreation;
  • cooking;
  • dinner.

You can use as different styles and shades. This will highlight every area visually. Perfectly suited neutral colors combined with additional decorative elements. Can be used and the type of mobile partitions. For example, in a bedroom to the zone intended for recreation or work. This wall can be easily moved and if necessary change the area of ​​the premises.

2 embodiment beautiful interior room of apartment
Modern living room in a minimalist style

2 embodiment of the original design room apartment
Bedroom interior in modern style

Re-planning: options

Design one-bedroom apartment can realize the most interesting and original ideas. Especially if we are talking about a large area of ​​the room. Quickly and easily can be converted into a two-bedroom apartment. Additional room you can arrange to suit all tastes. It will be an excellent bedroom, nursery, office and so on. It all depends on the requirements and wishes of the owners.

Repair and redevelopment has not only advantages but also disadvantages.



The increase in space

complex repair

A simple process of dismantling the walls. Since those involved who are not carrying

Separation takes room area

The new layout offers a number of opportunities to design repair

Additional financial costs of dismantling and erection of walls

Repair requires more time. Accompanied by a high degree of dust and dirt.

You first need to carry out repairs. He suggests combining several premises, and then the division of space according to certain proportions. This design option is perfect for a large bedroom, a hallway and a loggia. Their combination will provide a large area of ​​space, which is already possible to work at its discretion.

To separate one room from another, use the walls of plasterboard. Good fit and walls equipped with sliding doors. Thus, the light will penetrate into the room, where there are no windows.

beautiful kitchen decor in the style of avant-garde photos

beautiful burgundy color in the style of the house photo

version of the beautiful interior ladder in an honest house photo

the idea of ​​the beautiful style apartment
living room is designed in a chocolate color

alternative bright style apartment
The combination of light and dark colors in the living room design

the idea of ​​unusual design 2 room apartment
Decorating the walls balcony can be made flexible stone

For visual separation often use multilevel ceilings. They are equipped with a large number of lamps, which are regulated. To increase the volume of the room, you can install a glossy ceiling. He will hide the decline in its level.

Walls can be made in different colors. The space allows the use of several shades. The main thing that they blend and harmonize. Thus, the design of two-bedroom apartments will be concise and beautiful.

Remodeling - a major operation, which must be consistent with the corresponding specialists. Otherwise, such work will bring a lot of trouble. Landlord will be fined large. In some cases, it does not pay to do, need to restore the original appearance of housing.

the idea of ​​the original interior apartment
The kitchen can also look beautiful

2 embodiment bright interior room of apartment
A sofa in the kitchen is perfectly complement the interior

The solution for couples

The couple often chooses as housing one-bedroom apartment. This is not surprising. If you correctly pick up the design project 2 room apartment, you can make it as functional and modern.

The perfect solution for couples is a studio apartment. This lets you use the room efficiently. Set the partition with the ability to move apart, racks and so on. Looks good play of light, it changes and transforms the space.

Ready design project one-bedroom apartment can be prepared as specialists, and on the Internet. space network offer a lot of options for housing arrangement. Each of them will be able to choose the option that would suit him.

Ready design projects 2 bedroom apartments are quite expensive. Especially if they are made of high-level experts. On the Internet you can find it free. Responsibility for this lies with the owner of the design.

2 embodiment beautiful design room apartment
On the ceiling, you can set the backlight, it looks awesome

the idea of ​​the original interior 2 room apartment
living room design is made in a modern style

embodiment unusual style room 2 apartments
The harmony of colors in the design of the living room

Interior for a family with a child

With the advent of children in the family in the house, everything changes. Especially living conditions. It is important to equip the corner of the child, where it will rest, play and engage. For this is well suited separate room. It is in such design variants:

  • standard;
  • redevelopment.

the idea of ​​the original design of the apartment
Above the fireplace, you can put the TV

2 embodiment bright design room apartment
A great option living in a small apartment

When it comes to standard apartment design variant, the room has a small area, equipped as a nursery. Suitable option redevelopment in three rubles. Extra room you can arrange as a nursery. Thus it is better to use pastel shades to the room was bright and cozy.

Design Interior 2 room apartment - it's a great opportunity to implement any ideas. When choosing a particular option processing facilities should be guided by the preferences of those who will live in it. You can use the unexpected decision to create a cozy and modern atmosphere.

Video: Repair and remodeling 2-room apartment

50 photos of the interior of ideas 2-room apartment: