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In contrast to the rich green olive has a calm nature, perfect for the classic interior. In combination with other colors create a unique stylish room.

Features, impact on human

This color belongs to the warm shades. Like all green palette has a beneficial effect on eyesight.

green set

wall in olive color

Olive in the interior has a positive effect on the psychological state of a person, it helps to relax, unwind and get away from problems, also contributes to communication.

compact living

In the photo compact living in the decoration of which the three primary colors: olive, brown and beige.

The color palette starts from pistachio and ends earth. The interior should be metered using these shades, too much olive can lead to a passive state.

green wallpaper in the bathroom

Combination with other colors

The combination can produce completely different results. With cold, bright shades of the room will seem more spacious. Using a dark palette of the room atmosphere is more intimate and backstage.


The successful combination of warm and cold. Color harmony, making the interior a stylish.

Gray-olive interior


A softer blend. Suitable for a room in a country style of Provence. Bright colors add decorative elements in the interior.

Olive-beige kitchen


Restrained combination would be the best look in the bedroom, study, and living in a modern style.

Olive-brown lounge

White Olive

White combined in a light olive to make the interior fresh and natural with natural motifs.

White and olive bedroom

Blue and Olive

Harmony of natural colors will fill the interior of calm atmosphere.

Blue olive baby


The combination is successfully combined in the bedroom and children's room.

Yellow-olive bedroom

Photos in the interior rooms


The interior color of the kitchen may be present in the decoration or furniture. Decoration of the walls in a quiet olive will be the basis for classic cuisine. 

kitchen in a light olive green

A brighter shade and lacquered kitchen correspond to modern trends.

set glossy olive green

The photo glossy set olive green.

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In combination with chocolate tiles, colorful ceramics and textiles warming the interior is filled with rustic motif.

country-style kitchen

Living room

Olive green restrained shade will fit the living room in the style of classical direction, or country. The flowing lines of the furniture underline the elegance of the room.

living room with pale olive walls

In the photo room with pale olive walls, decorative pillows and colorful armchair.

Living in olive tones

Fresh pistachio shades harmonious look in the interior of a modern living room. 

pistachio shades on the wall

Living in brown and olive tones


Olive green promotes relaxation, subconsciously draws an analogy with natural herbs. The use of this color in the bedroom would be the best solution. 

green wall in the bedroom

glossy cupboards in the bedroom

Butterflies in the framework on the light green wall


Modern children's room - a place that can be filled with the most unimaginable colors. Green shade combined with a bright pink or blue elements fill the room with summer flowers. In addition, olive background will help to fill the room with various objects.

children in brown and olive green

In the picture children's area, one of the walls framed cork flooring.

children in bright colors


In the hallway it is inappropriate to use poisonous hues, and given the specific allocation of city apartments, olive green will be the most successful design.

pale olive walls in the hallway

olive walls in the hallway

wardrobe in the hall in olive tones


Olive tones will make the interior of the bathroom unusual. Ideally will be combined in a marble surface. 

a bathroom in green tones

Using the white zone can be identified, and to increase space.

white and olive bath

modern white and olive bath

style solution


Classic style is always popular. Noble shades and flowing lines decorate the interior of any room. Olive green is ideal for classical direction, addition of furniture graceful shapes and natural fabrics will support the general concept of the interior. Harmonious combination will pistachio and beige or chocolate.

classic style living room

classic in the kitchen


Modern style peculiar interweaving of contrasting colors. Dark olive walls harmonious look with elements of gray and black. Bright shades can be diluted with white, cyan and orange. 

Modern children in bright pistachio-colored

The photo in the children's bright pistachio-colored decorated walls, bedspreads and a shelf for accessories.


Country style combines all the natural tones, creating a unique atmosphere of rustic lodge. Olive combined with wood color will become the basis of the room design. Decor elements in the form of wicker baskets, rugs and carpets will support the overall theme.

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Country bedroom

In the photo  bedroom at design uses two basic shades, olive and brown.


When creating an interior in the loft-style main rule is the minimum finishing facilities or an imitation of it. Brick walls, unfinished ceiling and floor are typical for this area. Olive green will be an additional element in the overall picture.

loft in the living room

In the photo a spacious living room in a loft style with a complex roof design.

loft in the kitchen


The harmonious combination of natural materials in natural tones create an interior in eco-style. Textiles made of linen or cotton, wood furniture and variety of live greenery interior theme support.

Eco-style in the living room

choice of finishes


Decorating the walls in shades of olive will set the mood in the interior, warm shade creates a unique comfort. Dark olive walls in contrast with the bright ceiling visually make the room above. 

olive walls

Wallpaper with floral patterns on the background color create a rich mix of olives. The children's room can be used playful patterns. You can also arrange one wall, a reception will mark the central place in the room, such as the bed in the bedroom, a sofa or a fireplace in the living room.

wallpaper with greenery and birds

wallpaper with floral print

flowered wallpaper

In the photo bedroom in pale olive green with floral print on the wallpaper, curtains and bedspread.


Unusual decision will design the floor in olive green. In the hallway or living room of practical considerations, it is better to use a dark olive. Flooring carpet leaves the possibility of a simple change of scenery.

green floor


The white walls in the company with olive ceiling make the room larger. Registration may be monophonic or with complicated multilevel structure with a combination of colors.

a green ceiling

olive furniture


The living room looks spacious ideally sofa with fabric upholstery. Chair of a different color will make the interior of the ordinary. The furnishings combine pillows or blankets. The study will look harmonious leather sofa dark olive sofa.

Olive wardrobe and sofa

green sofa


Vintage olive chairs in the interior of pastel tones will be the highlight of the room. The decor or linens support the selected motifs.

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olive chairs

olive chair


Massive cabinet with unusual metal handles will decorate the bedrooms, designed in soft colors. 

green wardrobe

In the photo room with gray walls, green interior items acting as additional colors.

light olive cabinet


The olive color may be frame of the bed or bedding. 

bed and wardrobe in a light olive green

Accents in the interior


The picture can complement the overall color palette or to become a bright spot in the interior. writing technique emphasize the stylistic direction of the room.

picture and chairs in shades of olive


Olive curtains should be combined with other objects in the room, such as furniture or decor. Preferably use the design of the room in bright colors, to avoid the oppressive feeling.

olive textiles


Light fills the room tulle roses in the sun. When a cut unusual shades will play on light from a light beige to dark green. The addition can be made of thick fabric curtains echoing the color of the other objects of the room.

dark olive tulle


cushion color can be in one color version with drapes or furniture. Themed images support the general idea of ​​the interior. Often combine pillows of different colors.

interior room with green cushions

In the photo living room interior with green cushions.


Carpeted Floor olive equally looks good on dark and bright floor. For a modern and classic style will suit the flooring from laminate or parquet to country style and a loft, you can use the tiles.

carpet in shades of green

photo gallery

House - this is the place where you want to escape from the outside world and to be in harmony with each other. Using olive interior tones are available in the peaceful atmosphere of the apartment. In the living room, he will contribute to a pleasant time in the circle of close friends, and in the bedroom you can relax. Below are examples of photo olive color in the rooms for various applications.