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Inspiration 83-year-old Giorgio Armani knows how to be the interior 2017-07-11T12: 30: 31 + 00: 00 2017-07-18T00: 37: 23 + 00: 00 83-year-old Giorgio Armani knows how to be the interior Today, the great designer birthday, and to its 83 th anniversary, he has become the benchmark in almost all areas of relevance to the design. We decided to look in detail at an interior side of his labor 83-year-old Giorgio Armani knows how to be the interior


83-year-old Giorgio Armani knows how to be the interior

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Tue, 11 Jul 2017 9:30:31 +0300 Today the great designer birthday, and to its 83 th anniversary, he has become the benchmark in almost all areas of relevance to the design. We decided to look in detail at an interior side of his labor

July eleventh Giorgio Armani is celebrating a birthday, and with it the whole world is celebrating. After all, without the great couturier, an artist, a whole era of the designer and architect has developed would be different, and the word "style" would mean something entirely different.

The first Armani is considered to be a fashion designer, but for us it will always be the legislator interior fashion. It is surprising that although this man is not seeking discoveries and innovation and desperately nostalgic in their work, despising the fleeting trends and trends, present and future of its grand interior! Of course, it happened on purpose.

Once Giorgio Armani seriously about becoming a doctor, and even studied for nearly two years at the medical faculty. How can we contact you lucky that only one fear the sight of blood made him quit his studies! Since then, it took more than fifty years, and the Italian designer has created his own empire, which deals with literally everything. And the point is not to seize the market and become a monopolist, but rather to let the fans of the brand have not just clothing or sofa, and a lifetime of Armani!

Gradually, the fashion designer has become a manufacturer of cosmetics, accessories, furniture, flowers, confectionary, electronics, seized the restaurants and hotels, resorts and clubs. Says George himself, he created a "global lifestyle-brand." But there is still much to undeveloped, and stop our present the birthday boy is not going to.

Just imagine: you wake up in the bedroom Armani, put on a suit from Armani, drink coffee from a cup on the Armani and leave by car Armani breakfast in the restaurant Armani . It sounds incredible? But this is not a joke, and is almost a reality, and fans of this way of life is more than enough. It is about them, about their customers, and thinks a great designer, striving for new challenges. But that's not all that distinguishes it from all other brand.

Of Armani / Casa of Armani / Casa of Armani / Casa

Giorgio - the sole shareholder of the company. Billions of dollars, a huge amount of units, continuous growth, and all that he manages alone, not going to share with anyone. And while giants like LVMH and Gucci, hunting for Armani empire for many years, and such a deal could be very beneficial to him, he prefers to remain the sole owner of and make all the decisions, not focusing on any whose opinion other than their own.

Why is it so important for consumers? Yes, because you can be sure every item you purchased is under the name Armani, carries with it the thought of Giorgio and just his style, rather than collectively selected ideas. How many global brands can boast similar? It seems that the fashion and design sector, Giorgio Armani can be considered as surviving dinosaur.

Of Armani / Casa of Armani / Casa

As for the furniture brand  of Armani / Casa , it appeared in 2000. Trying to pick up finishing materials and furniture for their own boutiques, Giorgio realized it was time to go deep in this part of the design world. And here it is worth more to talk about, what the Armani style. Its main goal - to make simple things luxurious and respectable, without complicating them, the main thing, according to the designer, is the quality. That it makes things expensive.

Therefore, the furniture Armani, as well as clothes, minimalism with brutal, masculine traits, precise geometry and restrained colors. To the beloved clothing combination of black and white Armani added all shades of brown, the chief of which was the color of wenge and metal shine. And, of course, work on the interior textiles shall be held not less than on clothing. Do you want a sofa with a podium though - go to Armani.

Of Armani / Casa of Armani / Casa of Armani / Casa

But also in the production of furniture Giorgio did not stop there: if you do the interiors, then do a whole. Therefore, together with the brand Armani / Casa  was born studio  l'Interior Design Studio Armani / Casa , which can design the interior entirely Armani. Among its projects accepted in the first place mention Maçka Residences in Istanbul, The World Towers in Mumbai, India, Tower Makati Century Spire in the Philippines.

Trying to keep everything under control, Giorgio Armani nevertheless gladly cooperates with other global brands to help him realize a dream. It is through such collaborations interior completely Armani has become a reality.

For example, the kitchen line  Armani / Dada was created with another global brand and the greatest professional in creating kitchens. Not surprisingly, the result is so impressive, and because  of Armani , and  Dada are accustomed  to think globally. In addition to the development of kitchen furniture for home, factory Dada creates projects for commercial, residential, medical and hotel luxury complexes, such as the Four Seasons in Shanghai, San Pietro All'Orto 6 in Milan, Foster + Partners in the UK, 40 Mercer in New City, White City of Tel-Aviv.

Of Armani / Dada of Armani / Dada of Armani / Dada

Beyond the kitchen was the turn of the bathrooms. Production of plumbing had to trust the brand, which again will think not of individual items but complex solutions, and will be able to create a full bathroom by Armani. This brand became the company Roca , and together the two giants were able to derive a formula perfect bathroom luxury room. We have already talked about the new collection of Armani / Roca , which was released in 2017. Surprisingly, both luxury and practicality can get along together!

It is also important that the resulting outcome fully reflects the presentation of Giorgio on proper bathroom. In one of his interviews he gives it a precise definition of 'expensive plumbing, natural materials, exquisite textiles, glamorous accessories and most importantly - the air! "

Of Armani / Roca of Armani / Roca of Armani / Roca

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To make furniture from Armani, Armani need materials. In particular, textiles for upholstery and interior design Armani / Casa creates with the participation of  Rubelli. This brand is one of three world leaders in the manufacture of tissue and is also not limited to a small, private, albeit very expensive interiors.

Fabrics  Rubelli used in the decoration of the most famous opera halls, theaters and museums in the world, not to mention the ancient castles or luxury yachts. Textiles of the brand adorns the Grand Theater, La Scala, the Teatro La Fenice in Venice, the San Carlo in Naples, Petruzzelli in Bari, the Sheraton Hotel, Hilton, Sherwood, cruise lines Carnival, Celebrity Cruises, Costa Crociere, and so on. By the way, Rubelli supplies fabrics for the royal families of Spain, the UK, Oman, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands.

One of the main features of the factory is that it owns an archive with thousands of tissue samples of different styles and eras, and many new collections are created by archival documents and old technologies with modern quality. You can imagine how much international experience of ancient traditions and eternal style contains every piece of cloth, created in collaboration Armani and  Rubelli .

Of Armani / Casa by Rubelli of Armani / Roca of Armani / Casa by Rubelli

Continuation of the story with the finishing materials become exclusive line of wallpaper of Armani / Casa , which George himself has developed together with the famous Italian company Jannelli & Volpi and introduced in 2015. So far, it includes three collections: Graphic Elements on a textile basis with geometric prints, Precious Fibers in soft shades with a base of nonwoven fabric on which the top suffered layer of tissue, and Refined Structures on the basis of vinyl prints, imitating the skin of reptiles, mosaic tiles or depicting landscapes. Create an interior in the style of Armani "from and to" become much easier, and this is just the beginning!

Of Armani / Casa, the Graphic Elements of Armani / Casa, Precious Fibers of Armani / Casa, Refined Structures

Not surprisingly, the whole idea of ​​a complete interior, furniture, materials and own studio finally found its best expression in the design of hotels. As he said once, Giorgio, "Sell one table or even 10 tables - it's not business. A new hotel required immediately tables 100, 150 beds. Now that's a business. " In addition, he always wanted to show what should be a real comfort at the hotel. And appeared Armani Hotel Dubai and the Armani Hotel Milan.

The building acquired for the latest Armani himself when he was a child he used to come here in a cafe with his father. And when an adult took the dream come true, found that in terms of the building is shaped like the letter A. If you want to get into the world of Armani , do not take the 700 euros per night! You will see the traditional designer color combinations, simple shapes and luxurious materials. For example, the walls here, even in the bathrooms, upholstered in silk. One look is enough to understand the style of Armani fashion seriously and for a long time, probably forever. And in '83 - is not the limit, it is time to start a new grand stage in the work. Happy Birthday Giorgio!

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Giorgio Armani (Giorgio of Armani) - a world-renowned fashion designer, the great couturier who became a true legend of the fashion world. Why he did not stay away from the hotel business? How did the Armani Hotel?

Corporate style Armani and his ability to feel the subtle trends have made it one of the best designers in the history of Fashion Industry. He is not poor (7.6 bn. Euros in 2016), and has many national and international awards. He read, and still very much in demand. He does not miss from idleness. Although he was already "over eighty," he still continues to work productively and to create new masterpieces. He - the engine and the brain of his fashion empire (2000 stores operating in 100 countries around the world!).

So what leads this man, and constantly forces him to invent and implement something new? And why, after all, the hotel? Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that as the Armani does in his favorite business, in the modeling business? After all, this is his attitude to life and to other people. What he is doing there, he is trying to spread around!

Armani like "change the world", to make it more beautiful and accessible to people. And his whole life doing this, completely changing our understanding of what is the true role of clothing, and creating the style that we later use. Armani helps us feel more confident and comfortable in their clothes. He has created new standards and revolutionized the fashion industry on its head turned the old laws of fashion, and proved that a close and uncomfortable can not be a luxury! His new style became a symbol of the true (but not ostentatious) refinement and elegance.

Armani style - this is not a set of some dogmas and postulates, but rather - their rejection. In the arsenal of the designer - a categorical rejection of any unnecessary accessories and jewelry, from "kruzhavchiki and ryushechek". A main principle - this is an absolute minimalism, or "the perfection of small." 40 years Armani fighting for the liberation of men and women from the conservative and tailored fashion for global "softening silhouettes." Armani "disenchant" us and proposed a new uninhibited style, more pleasant and comfortable clothing that allows to move freely and, at the same time, not losing elegance. by Armani clothes always brings the "flavor of the movie stars of the golden age" of Hollywood. Simplicity and luxury, beauty and uniqueness, and a very strong influence on the visual sensation of "spectator" (the spirit of relaxed and fresh sexuality). Armani is well able to do it. Favorite phrase Giorgio Armani: "If you like me, and like you!"

The phenomenal success of its collections Armani is able to replicate and spread to the surrounding world, on various items and accessories. "This style - it is just the ability to tell a complex" , - says 80-year-old designer. And he successfully applies his magic technology in very different directions. Giorgio Armani, multiple winner of the ranking of the most successful designers in the world, decided to step into the world of big business. In 1989, Armani opened his first restaurant. And now he has been a dozen cafes, bars and restaurants in major cities around the world.

The hospitality industry has become the most large-scale enterprise Armani. The legendary couturier went calmly and confidently on the hotel market. Having signed an unusual contract for "Construction, maintenance and management of hotel chains" to a Dubai company «EMAAR Hotels and Resorts», Giorgio Armani has taken over the functions of control over all aspects of the concept, design and style. Currently, Armani is already the owner of two luxury hotels. As well as in its collection models in its hotel establishments every detail thought-out to the smallest detail. Conciseness, classical, and already familiar minimalism.

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2010 - DUBAI. The first five-star hotel «Armani Hotel Dubai» opened in 2010, the highest in the world and the famous building - Dubai Burj Khalifa. It has 160 rooms and suites, spread over several floors of a skyscraper nearby (1 to 8 and 38 to 39). Seven restaurants, exclusive boutiques Giorgio Armani, Spa-center, nightclub Armani Prive.

At the end of 2015, Dubai opened the second hotel of the famous fashion house - «Palazzo Versace Dubai». In appearance, it is the Italian palace of the 16th century, with delicate features of Arab culture. Gorgeous landscaping. More than a hundred of the best masons and mosaic artists from around the world participated in the decoration of the hotel. Donatella Versace personally designed the all suites and public areas of the hotel. Each piece of furniture, and most of the details of the interior, furniture and fabric coverings, linens and kitchen utensils for the numbers taken from the collection of brand Versace Home, or House of Versace designed specifically for the hotel.

Grand Couturier devoted work on the property five years of his life. The general concept of the services offered and every detail of the design of the hotel personally designed by Giorgio Armani. Including luxurious furnishings «Armani Casa», and even restaurant menus, and the amenities in the rooms. Style rooms - luxury minimalism, elegance and practicality, combined with precious materials and refined details. Form rooms designed so that here there are no corners. At the opening of Armani she said: "My old dream was to open a hotel in which I would like to live alone." The arrival of Armani brand in the hotel industry literally materializes philosophical mottos fashion: "Rest in Armani" and "home - away from home" . Armani offers a special service style. At the core of the service is a unique concept of «lifestyle-management»: the personal manager for each guest, from booking to departure.

2011 - Milan. Milan - hometown Armani, as well as the financial and economic capital of the country. second hotel «Armani Hotel Milano» was opened in 2011, in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods of Milan. Giorgio Armani has developed a special concept for the architecture and layout of the hotel, as accurately expressing the urban aesthetics of the city of five million in its design. The use of the interior stone and marble. Discreet luxury and austerity, the combination of historicity and relevance, maximum convenience for the guests - a typical manifestation of Armani style. Simple interior, with his characteristic for Armani minimalism and brevity. Furniture - from «Armani Casa» collection of colors - pewter, bronze and beige.

Hotels in Dubai and Milan - is only just the beginning of the plan. During the next 10 years of hotel Armani plans call for the construction of hotels in Morocco, Egypt, in New York, Tokyo, Shanghai and London. Recall the words of the great couturiers, tell them about himself and his activities: "... Armani - this is a picture of the world, beyond the lifetime of any trends. I was able to push the boundaries of his empire in the area to which the earlier one did not make it: we are releasing fragrances, accessories, home furnishings, telephones, televisions, flowers and chocolates. Even the hotel! My Empire - is a global lifestyle-brand "!



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Brightness .

First of all let's talk about the level of illumination.

ICE LIGHT BULBSBrightness in the children's room should be enough, because the vision in children is formed by up to 19 years and it is important "not to plant." 

Regarding the central lighting child's room it is important to understand that with the appearance on the market of LED bulbs brightness level of the question they decide. Previously we did not have analogs or analogs of the cost was too high, and our choice is often limited to the number of shades in the lamp.

To date, even the lamp with a lampshade can give enough light , if you select LED bulbs bright enough for him. Prices are already "do not bite" - these bulbs are from 35 hryvnia, and have a warranty of 2 years. As usual light tends often burn out and must be changed periodically, as well as the "winds" of 10-five times more electricity the LED analogue recoups its costs significantly. Ask the price of bulbs here.

Besides the central lighting must always take care of  the local , in particular TABLE LAMPSof  table lamps  for work and reading. Choose the best table lamp  LED, adjustable  - this model will give an adequate, bright light and easy to use. Many desk lamps have  a flexible stem,  which allows you to adjust the slope and area lighting desired area.

Thus, we advise you in choosing the chandelier to the nursery to pay attention primarily on the design - it must be suitable in color to the overall design of the room, and like both you and your child.

The design of the chandelier for a child's room

When choosing a lamp in the nursery, be sure to show your favorite options detke - even in a relatively small age small resident of his room in a position to make a choice - it is already quite capable. Independently selected lamp for the child to play a special role - because he talks about his independence and "adulthood", and sometimes kids want to grow up too soon.

chandelier in the nursery

Encourage your child to choose from several chandeliers describe playful features and association with each chandelier - let the process of buying a chandelier in the nursery will be part of an entertaining game. Then gather together the lamp! Before  how to hang it on the ceiling turn training into the game, let the child help you, because the assembly of meshes is very similar to the assembly of toy-designer. We have a lot of chandeliers, which are somewhat similar to the "puzzle" and may well be a kind of functional toy. Like chandeliers in  our online store discount a lot of house: they all come with a remote control. These models have a bright colorful design with multiple lighting modes. More information about the modes can be read here. Remote control, you can change the lighting modes, including different sources of light, which is very convenient and interesting for the child. Use the keyword search "panel" to examine such models in detail.


The perfect solution for a child's room will be LED lighting. These chandeliers INL 9332C Green 20are made of non-toxic plastic, the colors are very extensive, it can be matched to any interior. If you grows young footballer, you can not worry about the integrity of the lamp - there is no fragile glass components. But the remote that comes, is doing such a chandelier perfect for a child's room - with the remote, you can change the light color from warm yellow, cool white and manage the brightness of the entire premises: gradually changing from maximum brightness to soft muted light of a lamp. The entire range of LED lamps look under lamps - lamps Pripotolochnye - filter "with remote control 'goods


We offer you a great and affordable way to add to your child's room exclusive and originality.

Silicone suspension loftOur company is engaged in the production of lamps in a loft style, we make to order both small and global projects around the world. Our work also has a stylish solution for children's rooms. Pay attention to the low-cost silicon hangers - they come in a variety of rich and vibrant colors, and the cost of 125 USD. They can be hung both individually and collected in a chandelier-spiders, combining the length and color of the items. spiders chandeliers to order we are from 200 UAH per "foot".

The price of these exclusive models readily available, and the result is a mega stylish and very modern. Come join us in light salon or simply send a request to the post, select the color, describe your wishes and we will design for you an exclusive and non-standard solution.

colorful spiderred spiderSuccessful shopping, beautiful and brave decisions you ideas!

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Creating a new image, women are drawn to the most original and unusual experiments in clothing.

To look harmonious, ladies should pick up for her wardrobe the most diverse components to suit that was always the case.

In addition to dresses, in the wardrobe of stylish beauty must be present fashionable pantsuits for women who may become a universal solution for all occasions.

Fashionable pantsuits for women 2019-2020 will be for fashionistas super option seems to work as well as for everyday life because fashionable pantsuits for women 2019-2020 are presented in a variety of styles, among which every woman can find their favorite suit.

Beautiful pantsuits 2019-2020 for girls and women have become a stylish trend, which is due to the original version cut and variety of textures creates stunning images for confident women.

Beautiful pantsuits for women 2019-2020 at their shows presented by such well-known brands of the fashion industry, like Schiaparelli, Aallto, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, H & M, Kenzo, Valentino, Versace, Christian Dior.

Incredibly original styles 2019-2020 were among the novelties Van Noten, Ester Abner, Elenareva, Alexis Mabille, George Amirejibi, Djaba Diassamidze, Diana Kvariani, Katerina Kvit, Pirosmany, Charms, Antonio Bererdy and other famous designers.

The most beautiful and stylish pantsuits for women and girls 2019-2020 are presented in a wide variety, but there are fancy pantsuits that are most popular in the near future. Let's look together these fancy pantsuits for women novelty.

The most fashionable pantsuits 2019-2020 for girls and women: current trends

Today, every style trouser suit deserves attention, because such clothes - it's always impressive, stylish and exclusively for any fashionista.

Particularly interesting for the women will fancy pantsuits 2019-2020 with short trousers.

Stylish cropped trousers with cuffs or without arrows fit neatly business woman who is not afraid to attract the attention of others.

Fashionable pantsuits for women with short trousers can be combined with jackets of different length and style.

Fashionable pantsuits for women of this type look stylish in combination with different types of footwear, in particular boots, dress shoes, comfortable boat and etc.

For girls who are looking for fashionable pantsuits for women in 2019-2020 unusual options like style trouser suit in a sports style.

Fashionable pantsuits in a sporty way allow a woman to feel at ease and comfortable, but a freedom to look very stylish.

Such remarkable a style trouser suit can pick up polusportivny shoes, and other components of the image in a casual style.

At the peak of the popularity of beautiful styles of pants for women 2019-2020 in bright color combinations.

Fashionable women's pantsuits in shades in silver, green, emerald green, red, blue, of course, does not diminish the popularity of the classic tones (recall, this gray, black, brown, beige), but will fancy pantsuits for women more eccentric and extremely effective. Also relevant are pantsuits pink, yellow, blue.

Fashionable pantsuits for women 2019-2020 in bright floral and abstract prints also will delight fashionistas in the near future.

Particular attention should be paid to the fashionable pantsuits for women in the strip and the cell.

As the strip and the cell in updates pantsuit is to surprise the variety.

A favorite with many print Turkish cucumber also decorate fashionable pantsuits - new items.

But the hit of the year will be a stylish fashionable pantsuits for women sleeveless 2019-2020.

This style is considered to be universal, because you can wear it when it's cold, and when it is warm.

Another fashion trend, which is a variety of fashionable pantsuits for women 2019-2020 - styles with Basques.

With impeccable style pantsuit this emphasizes the waist, creating a sensual and very feminine look.

It is important to choose a stylish shoes for such a suit. Most often a safe bet for this set will be shoes with high heels (heels).

Fashionable pantsuits for women 2019-2020 hailed as a short length jacket and elongated styles jacket below the hip or knee length.

Trouser suit with short jacket suit women of small stature. They visually lengthen the silhouette, highlighting the charm of the figure.

Such a jacket suit pants cut wide and straight and slightly form-fitting styles of trousers.

Popular will fancy pantsuits for women with flared trousers, skinny, Pantaloons, and, of course, as we have said, short trousers.

Experimental became fashionable pantsuits 2019-2020 retro and original news pantsuit in grunge and punk. Such models have won the hearts of fashionistas unusual cut and metamorphoses of color combinations.

Fashionable pantsuits for women oversayz 2019-2020 in trend. Layering and awkwardness popular even in trouser suits.

Style oversayz create a chic suit for the holders of such, so, no doubt, this fasonchik like most creative fashionistas.

In contrast to the style of costumes oversayz trends that emphasize the waist line, and gently enveloping silhouette will also be relevant in 2019-2020.

Universal inherently fashionable styles trouser suits for women and girls 2019-2020 will be a perfect choice for work clothes and publication.

Therefore, no matter how pantsuit you choose, you will look stylish and impressive, if pick up for him the right accessories that will transform even a modest style of dress.

And now let's look the most beautiful styles of trouser suits for girls and women, among which you have to find your style.

We presented pantsuits most different directions, so here you definitely consider something for themselves.

Simulate your style: original pantsuits 2019-2020: trends, styles, photo examples