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Living in the house - this is the place in which, as the name implies, are hosting. However, the owners themselves are resting here while spending time in front of TV or a book, a drink, good conversation and other activities. Therefore, the living should be the most comfortable place in your home.  

If your family is made up of several people, it is important to take into account the interests of each. It is possible that someone from the family members in the development of a living room interior in the apartment will have to be given a place for the computer work, creative activities, even sports. All these factors need to plan even at the design stage of the room.  

Determine the center of the living room

living room design is inseparable from the competent planning. See examples of photo living room of the apartment, you can see the various options for space planning. Of course, the choice depends on your preferences, as well as the size and functionality of the room.  

Sofas and chairs placed around the room in any case not worth it. First, it is the last century, and modern design living categorically rejects such a plan. In addition, you will only clutter the space objects rest, leaving space for other functional areas.  

The best option for the interior of the living room is the allocation of a core group around which are grouped the other pieces of furniture. Typically, as a composition selected center seating area with sofa and TV.  

As the central element can be a fireplace, which is nestled near a chair, rocking, or even luxury skins for the rest.  

A standard set of furniture for the design of the living room in the apartment:

  • sofa;
  • several armchairs;
  • coffee or coffee table;
  • shelves for decorative articles and / or books.

If the room is large, or she would have to take on diversified functional load, of course this should not be limited. In the living room may well be the desktop computer, chests of drawers and cabinets, bar.  

To avoid too much clutter the cramped room, give preference to popular models transformer today. This furniture is very functional and allows you to fine save scarce space.  

The choice of colors

If your living room is located on the sunny side, you are not particularly limited in the choice of colors for its decoration and furnishing. living room interior design contrast will look very interesting. For example, the walls and floor are decorated in cool colors and the furniture in contrast - warm.  

Many contemporary interior design styles are welcome living room of the apartment "on a clean sheet." This technique involves the decoration of the walls and ceiling of a simple white plaster or paint. And the furniture and decor items can be picked up a wide variety of colors: bright or rich dark - to create a spectacular and stylish interior, delicate and pastel - for easy, comfortable and elegant design.  

For the living room with windows to the north, almost devoid of daylight, it is necessary to choose the finish in warm colors. This living room interior design compensates for the lack of sun, it will make the room cozy and relaxing in spite of everything.  

And, of course, if the room is a bit dark, it is necessary to take care of good artificial light. Best fit correctly placed spotlights that will illuminate every corner of your living room.  

Of course, the choice of colors for the decoration of the room has to depend on that of the visual and emotional effect you want to achieve.  

If the room is designed for violent parties and active pastime, it makes sense to arrange it in bright, saturated colors.  

If the owners are willing to indulge in a calm and relaxing holiday, then the interior of the living room should be well matched. In this case it is necessary to give preference to soft light tones or, on the contrary, deep and calm, but in any case not to scream.  

Finishing materials

The choice of finishing materials to a large extent will depend upon the style in which you would like to endure living in a flat design. So, for concise high-tech or minimalism definitely not suitable paper wallpaper with romantic flowers. And with the interiors in the style of Provence, or country will not be combined with bright carpets psychedelic prints and ultra-modern wall coverings with fur or leather texture.  

Also, great importance is the shape and size of the room. Properly chosen finish perfectly smooth out the shortcomings of the room and focuses on its merits. While mindlessly selected design can even ruin a spacious and bright room.  


The classic rule - for small rooms is better to choose light colors. It always works flawlessly. However, if such a solution seems too boring, you can try all sorts of interesting design options walls. Spectacular examples of the design of the walls in the living room, a photo of which are presented in this article will help you navigate and select the most attractive options for themselves.  

For example, even the smooth white walls can make the spectacular part of the interior, if you add to them or just bright contrasting color accents. See these unusual living room interior design ideas in the photo below.  

Very stylish look every possible niche of drywall. They not only enrich the interior, but also become its highly functional piece. After all, they can accommodate and decorative items, and items needed in the economy. And if such a niche beautifully illuminate the inside, it creates an interesting effect of depth.  

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Traditional option for finishing the walls of the living room - this is the wallpaper. The benefit of today there is a great variety of them: the classic paper, and modern non-woven, and washable and fiberglass, and even innovative liquid wallpaper. If you - a lover of change, it is possible to pay attention to the wallpaper for painting. With this finish, you can easily change the look of the room, at least several times a year. Note, however, that, as a rule, these wallpapers are designed for a limited number of repainting.  

In the modern interior look great smoothly plastered or painted walls. In addition, if you are a lover of the original design, you can pick up all sorts of plaster with beautiful and unusual textures. With its help, you can add zest to your design and create a truly beautiful interior of the living room.  

One of the fashion trends of contemporary design - a combination of materials. It is very important to use the same room as a combination of several finishes: different types and shades of plaster, paint plus a wallpaper or even a combination of two kinds of wallpaper with different patterns and textures. See examples of this design the living room in the photo below.  

With such a reception, you can not only make your interior a bright, stylish and original, but also successfully cope with the zoning of the premises. As you know, for the proper zoning is not enough to gather a few disparate groups of furniture in a room. To all this does not look like a "hodgepodge", you must select each of the functional areas of their own design elements. And here is the best fit clearance portions of the walls in different colors and even different textures.  


When choosing the design of the ceiling in the living room in the first place is repelled by the room size. How would you have liked any spectacular stacked structure, in a small room to overflowing clogged with necessary furniture, they will look ridiculous. In no case do not overload the room design.  

If the room is small, then the best option - a simple ceiling light shades with built-in ceiling lights. A good designer will move a small ledge around the perimeter, it will add a sense of depth.  

Another interesting solution to increase the visual space - the so-called "floating" ceilings. This two-tier structure with a small drop height and recessed light fixtures installed inside the "upper" tier so that they themselves can not be seen. This method creates a soft diffused light and interesting effect of depth. As a result, the room seem more visually high and spacious.  

However, remember that these design tricks you misplaced for small rooms with high ceilings. If such a room to try more "alienate" the ceiling due to visual techniques, you will feel it as the bottom of the bottomless pit.  

In the narrow room with a high ceiling, it makes sense, on the contrary, reduce the height - at the expense of visual means or with the aid of hinged structures. Then the living room immediately seem more comfortable and suitable for a comfortable stay.  

If you're lucky, and your living room is spacious and has a fairly high ceiling, you can safely experiment with their design.  

Here, in the course can go and multi-level suspension design is concise and intricate shapes and moldings, and columns, and festoons, and sophisticated lighting system.  

The main thing - do not overdo it and stay as part of the planned design of the room. If the room is decorated in a classic style parade, in the spirit of the Baroque or Empire, there is no doubt, and the bas-reliefs and columns would be appropriate. But for the more laconic modern style is to choose a simple and rigorous design of the ceiling.  

If your living room will be allocated to several functional areas, the zoning can "support" with the help of appropriately decorated ceiling.  

For example, the central seating area with sofa and TV band can be distinguished by the second tier of the false ceiling. Depending on the overall style of the room may be appropriate as strict rectangular shapes and soft rounded lines.  

The ceiling does not have to be white. Gentle, warm pastel shades will look perfectly in virtually any room.  

And the followers of more extravagant options, you can experiment with bright colors. It is not necessary to make out the entire ceiling in rich colors. However, if you highlight a spectacular shade of a part or one of the tiers, you get a great view.  

As for the materials, it is best to abandon the whitewashing and painting. After all, this will require a long and carefully align the surface. Great modern solution - suspended plasterboard ceilings and stylish stretch model. They are quick to install, provide a perfectly smooth surface, and in addition, you can create a variety of design options.  


Even just a few years ago, when choosing a lighting issue is always decided in favor of the big ceiling chandelier. Of course, today there is a lot of fans of such lighting devices, including decorated with numerous "crystal" pendants. But do not get hung up on this option, because the modern manufacturers offer a lot of interesting, stylish and convenient options.  

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If you are - because of adherence to traditions or to create a particular style of interior, opted for a massive chandelier, do not need to be limited to this. In any room would be appropriate for additional sources of lighting: wall sconces, floor lamps, standing lamps, portable.  

Additional light sources perform several functions:

  • Allow good light all the corners of the room, leaving him no land terra incognita, where at night dark, even pitch dark.
  • Create a separate lighting and comfort in each functional area. Thanks to the successful placement of floor lamp or a sconce, someone in the family with all the amenities can read or use the computer in a corner of the hall, while others are "Picture Show" or evening relaxation in the shadows on the couch.
  • Can create decorative lighting in a niche near the objects of art, etc.
  • Are additional decorative elements.

If you are a supporter of the cool design, it is the best built-in ceiling lights come up. They also allow you to create a separate coverage in various functional areas of the living room. Besides, with their help, you can always adjust the brightness level and brightness of the room. And for all that they are practically invisible, do not overload the design and fit virtually all interior styles.  

 We can say with confidence that the built-in ceiling lamp - the best choice for a small room with a low ceiling. But, at the same time, in a spacious hall, they will also be relevant.  

choice of style

When choosing a style is based on the taste preferences of the whole family. Look at the photo living examples of design in a magazine, on the Internet, learn a variety of styles, which has a great many today.  

Of course, it should be taken into account and the size of the premises. In a small little room in Khrushchev would be inappropriate to look magnificent baroque or any other "palace" interior. For a small living room is best to choose the sleek design in the Scandinavian style, classic elegance and a strict high-tech or minimalism. Perfectly suited Country and Provence, as these styles suggest comfort and homely feeling stressed.  

If your living room - large, there is, where carousing. In principle, large room can be arranged in almost any style that appeal to you and your home.  

When choosing a living room style design features sure to consider the rest of the interior rooms. Follow stylistic conformity and harmony.  


Classic style interior involves the use of natural materials as much as possible. The whole situation needs to breathe quality and good taste. As part of this style would be appropriate traditional furniture made of solid wood or, at least, quality MDF.  

Color classic interior - soft, calm, usually light. But, in principle, it would be appropriate virtually all shades (except for the bright and flashy) as part of the style, if competently beat.  

Elegant wallpaper, paintings, vases, traditional chandeliers, beautiful curtains - all this is a perfect setting for the classic interiors.  

Despite some design rules, there are different areas of the living room decoration in the spirit of the classics. Within the framework of the classical style can exist several variations:

  • rich refined and "Palace", which will be appropriate and more restrained gilding fanciful shape;
  • solid and reliable English style, involving high-quality furniture of simple forms and nevychurny decor;
  • neoclassic, implying lighter and simpler forms, expensive elegance without ostentation.

Minimalism and high-tech

Under this general trend can be combined as the hi-tech and constructivism. All of these styles require brevity finish, emphasized simple and modern models of furniture, recessed lighting, plenty of equipment.  

Minimalist color inherent soft, quiet combination, elegant and simple shapes.  

To high-tech as for all their similarities are more characteristic of saturated colors, metallic luster and a lot of glass. Furniture or decor in high-tech style can be very unusual, but at the same time concise and streamlined shape.  

Minimalistic interior room is most suitable for young and energetic people, keeping up with the times, which does not attach much importance to the luxurious surroundings, preferring the simplicity and elegance of lines.  

But do not think that the interior in the style of hi-tech or minimalism - it is something from the category of "cheap and cheerful". Such a design may well be much more expensive than some magnificent empire.  

Country and Provence

These styles are perfectly suited to fans of comfort, antiques and rustic simplicity. If you want to fully enjoy peace, relax and forget about the bustle of the city, this is a great option for the living room.  

In this country - a deliberately rough, stressed rural, with a simple, virtually untreated furniture and themed textiles. It is characterized by natural, natural shades: soft light and dark greens, whole gamut of brown, light yellow, ocher. From prints especially harmonic is large cell, as well as variations of floral patterns.  

Provence style is, as befits a true Frenchman, a refined, chic and distinctive charm. It is characterized by lighter shades of furniture and finishes: white, cream, pale blue, turquoise, beige. The decor and textiles can be very flirtatious: with ruffles, scallops, ruffles, etc.  

Today, data design direction is very popular not only in the design of country houses, but also in the finishing city apartments. Therefore, in the shops, you can easily find the furniture, decoration and finishing materials, perfectly correspond to these styles.  

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This style is now incredibly popular. The secret of his success in a harmonious combination of minimalism, comfort and comfort. He suggests a simple and uncluttered decor, convenient and comfortable furniture simple shapes, stylish, but at the same time soft and does not cause decor.  

For Scandinavian style characterized by calm shades: white, beige, light gray, gray-green, pale blue, dark blue. Often, in the colors of the interior traced some nautical theme.  

living room interior in Scandinavian style - it is an ideal balance between functionality, comfort, modernity and comfort. This is perfect for the stylish and modern furniture for the living room, a photo which you can see below.  

The choice of furniture

Before you start to choose furniture for the living room, carefully consider which functional areas will be provided in the room. Beautiful furniture for the living room, where photos can be seen below, this is not all. It is important to place it correctly to all inhabitants and visitors of the apartment was cozy and comfortable.  

If it is exclusively for families, the comfortable sofa, chairs, racks for TV, and a pair of racks will be enough. If space allows, you can add a coffee table, as well as small tables, where you can place a variety of decorative items.  

If you often throw parties, love to receive and entertain guests, it is useful to you bar. It looks stylish, modern, effectively, it can serve as a place to store all sorts of items and allow to organize the supply of drinks and refreshments for guests on a very small area. In addition, the bar can be a great separation element, if you need to zone the living room.  

The dimensions of the sofa and the number of seats is adjusted depending on the number of family members and the number of possible guests. It makes no sense to choose a sofa and three armchairs airfield, if you live alone and rarely take guests. In this case it is necessary to limit more compact version and leave the room more space - to create a sense of spaciousness or to accommodate other functional elements.  

If you suspect that your guests can stay overnight occasionally, by the choice of the sofa should go very carefully. Choose a folding model, which can be full night's sleep, if necessary. If spending the night guests can be a little, it makes sense to consider options, Transformers seats that can be decomposed and converted into a bed.  

Modern designs usually do not involve the placement of solid wardrobe in the hall. It is assumed that this tradition is to stay in the Soviet past. However, if you do not have a dressing room and enough space for storing items in other rooms, no one can force you to give up a spacious closet in the living room.  

Within the framework of classical interior it can even be a solid wall. However, if you prefer a more modern design trends, it is better to pay attention to the stylish wardrobes. For small rooms are ideal models with mirrored doors, they can expand the space visually, and will not burden the interior as their counterparts with blind doors.  

A small room is not necessary to clutter up a large number of furniture items. This "abundant" environment will overwhelm, distract, and just get in the way freely move around the room. If you are not so many things, it just should not be put in the living room a massive wardrobe, limit light and elegant rack. If you want to create a truly lightweight and stylish design, pay close attention to the living room furniture in a modern style, photo wherein Can see below.  

If you do not plan to frequently take guests there is no sense to purchase a grand dining table in the room. In order to have a coffee or a bite to eat in front of TV, it will be enough elegant coffee table. To save space, you can select a function table-transformer, which will serve as a support, and a repository of books and magazines, and, if necessary - to unpack a fairly full bridgehead for home meals.  

Fireplace in the interior of the living room

If you want your living room to breathe genuine comfort and hospitality, consider purchasing a fireplace. Of course, in a city apartment to install a real fireplace is practically impossible. But today in the sale is a great mass of imitations, which will emphasize the elegance of the interior, create an atmosphere of comfort in the room and even be able to warm it.  

For apartments perfect electric fireplace. Do not think that this is more than a beautiful analogue heater. In fact, modern manufacturers produce incredibly lifelike models that mimic the amazing real flame. There are even models with sound and fragrant accompaniment. That is in front of you will not only be an illusion of open fire, but the real crackling and the smell of burning wood.  

Fireplaces are produced in a variety of styles: classic elegant, ultra-concise high-tech model, mysterious gothic, richly decorated with gold and marble rococo, cozy stove in the spirit of a country. In addition, the fireplaces in the living room and may vary by location: near-wall, corner, island.  

Such a variety of models will allow you to choose for your living room is an option that perfectly fit into the layout and design style.  

A photo

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