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Blackest Night: Mysticism in the interior

Interiors in a mystical style gaining popularity. The reason - the series "Once Upon a Time" and other fresh films. The main thing - do not be afraid of anything. Black-black interior - it's just a fairy tale decorator In this article you will find tips on how to enter the interior of Ouija boards, but surely inspire you to create something of the same deep, mysterious and multifaceted as the darkest ..

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Tips for storage in a small apartment

Contents: Use the versatile furniture or become a designer's own furniture Wrap shortcomings lay flat in dignity Use the space under the ceiling to devise a system built-in retractable designs Store in a small apartment: attach and hang Use the space under the bed use multifunctional furniture If your apartment is small place - buy furniture, which will not take it in vain. So, ottomans are great ..

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100 coolest of wood products from the exhibition Wood Works

The modern design and decorative art objects made of wood worth 5000 and half a million, as well as plenty of fresh ideas for the interior - all this Wood Works. Roomble visited the exhibition and wants to tell about his impressions in the last weekend of spring in the Central House of Artists on Krymsky Val happened fifth Moscow exhibition Wood Works. Here are involved the design bureau, carpentry ..

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Among the herbs: a new format of an office desk

Operate in the open air - what could be better ?! But how to achieve this in a metropolis or a small town? New York designer Julio Radescu offered an unusual solution: office desk Personal Fresh Air. This, incidentally, was his thesis, he studied at the Eindhoven Design Academy. Table coined Julio, is capable of producing oxygen in an amount sufficient to ..

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Practical glass apron: how to choose and install

What apron you would like to see in their ideal kitchen? Tiles, mosaics, natural stone, or maybe a tree? Options are not so few and they are all in their own good, but we are sure that the best apron - glass. Let's talk about what are the advantages of glass aprons as they are, how many there are and whether you can install them yourself. Skinali ..

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Bright designer apartment in Nizhny Novgorod, 57 m²

The owners of this apartment - a young family of designers. This explains why its interior is so beautiful and amazing. And what's more important - the budget of the repair was the most modest, and much of it, went to the couple inherited. For example, a new interior fit perfectly restored cupboards and drawers, as well as a collection of coasters from different times. Witty beat it ..

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Burn with fire: 25 red things from our shop

The red color in the interior always attracts attention, so you should be careful with him. We have collected for you a selection that will help you understand how to make the red looked harmoniously: "Red and white: a color combination examples 35," "15 red bedroom", "Red bathrooms." And now we have found the 25 most stylish red things from our shop, which can become ..

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Kopeck piece of 55 m² under the roof in Sweden

Small house in Gothenburg in 1928 built not so long ago was converted into an apartment building. One of them is located under the sloping roof and pleasing their owners with bright colors and a cozy interior. Carlson, certainly, would not refuse to live in such an attractive loft. Photos from the site ..

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We master: how to separate friends

How to find a good master to repair apartments This world implacably and uncompromisingly divided into "us" - clients and "them" the Wizard. Appeal to "them" often translates to "we" in a whole series of problems and high costs. To once again not to get involved with "them", many try to perform all the work yourself. However, this approach is too ambiguous: is able to ..

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