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Author: Vladislav Greeks

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PROXY - objects in AutoCAD. How to work with them and how to edit ...

Using third-party sites opens additional possibilities of application software and related products. If the application in which the side of the object was created, not loaded, it uses the proxy object.

Side of the object - object type is created in the application ObjectARX ® (AutoCAD Run-Time Extension), having typically more specialized functions than standard AutoCAD objects and AutoCAD LT. For third-party objects include parametric solids (AutoCAD ® the Mechanical), interactive (with intelligent functions) designations doors (AutoCAD ® Architecture), polygon-objects (AutoCAD ® the Map 3D) objects - associative dimensions (AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT).

In addition to the Autodesk, there are software vendors that use ObjectARX to build applications that can be used to build graphical and non-graphical side of the object. These objects can be used in AutoCAD applications.

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Proxy objects

Proxy objects are used in AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT and other applications instead of the third-party sites created by ObjectARX applications, if the latter is unavailable. Later, when the application becomes available, a proxy object is replaced by a third-party entity.

Proxy objects greatly simplified as compared with the original object side. Editing Proxy objects are defined applications ObjectARX, in which the objects were created. For example, operations such as erasing or movement of the proxy object and change its properties may be acceptable or not depending on the application that created them.

Opening the drawing, it should pay attention to the "Proxy Information" dialog box. This window displays the total number of proxy objects (both graphical and non-graphical), name of the application required for the normal output of substituted objects as well as further information about the type and display method proxy objects. With this dialog box to control the display of proxy objects in the drawing.

adapters objects

Adapter objects - it is a means of access to a special viewing and editing of the standard third-party objects in other applications, is used if the application which was created by a third-party entity, the system is not installed.

Using the Lens Adapter provides greater flexibility to work with third-party objects than using proxy objects. Adapters facilities also allow collaboration with other products of Autodesk.

If the ObjectARX application is not installed on the system, you can search for available adapters sites on the Internet. For example, when receiving a drawing objects created using Autodesk Architectural Desktop software is not installed in the system, loading is performed AEC adapter objects for viewing the drawing in the original form.

A full list of the currently available adapters objects presented at the Microsoft Web site at Autodesk // addresses.

classification of objects

If the application (for example, of AutoCAD ® the Map 3D) classification of the elements has been assigned to an object (object), it can be viewed on the Properties palette, recording the "Class Name". If the classification of an object is removed from the XML-file or deleted file classification itself, in the name of the group classes displayed an exclamation point. Information about the conditions of creating classifications cm. In the AutoCAD documentation ® the Map 3D.

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You can also use the "Quick Select" to select objects by their names or properties of classes.