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Federal Law № 218-FZ of 2006 citizens who have owned real property, were given the opportunity to register it in a simplified manner. These actions came to be called "dacha amnesty", a term which was first explicitly stated, but postponed to a later period.

Dacha amnesty today and plans

As amended by the Act of 2015 specified expiry date of registration of objects SGF March 1, 2018. However, the expected activity was not justified in this question. Citizens use this opportunity, but still quite a lot of real estate is not executed properly. It is for this reason that the State Duma submitted a bill that would once again postpone the deadlines for registration. Now it is planned to set a threshold on the date of March 1, 2020.

Recall that these immovable objects are subject to the dacha amnesty:

  • land granted to citizens for the use of country objectives, gardening, LPH, SGF;
  • built on the lands of the above buildings - houses, garages, and any other buildings, the erection of which do not require permission (barns, baths, etc.)

Restriction on registration deadline only applies to residential buildings on the site with the permitted use for individual housing construction or conducting LPH. Note that after the March 1, 2018 to all those who do not have time to issue ownership in a simplified manner on a residential facility, will have to undergo a difficult process. It is connected to obtain permits for the construction. Otherwise, it may be considered unauthorized construction. It is important to distinguish between a garden house and a house.

On the construction of a garden house, where it is impossible to register, a building permit is not necessary. This creates unequal conditions for citizens who have built on their dachas capital structure, wish to live in them year-round, and at the same time have a permanent residence permit.

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It is for this reason it is proposed to consider the bill, which allows to give some more time to those homeowners who do not have time to arrange them in the property under the simplified scheme. It is noted that such may be several hundred across the country. And two years for the completion of residential buildings legalization would be enough.

Today the plot of land, located in the suburban partnership, as well as buildings on it, you can register with the provision of this minimum set of documents. After registration of land ownership, a house on it can be issued only for the following securities:

  • entitling to allotment;
  • passports for residential building, obtained by means of cadastral engineers.

If dacha amnesty would not be extended, it will be required to make the documents listed building permit, which is issued by the local administration. Without his presence, not only it is impossible to register the ownership of the house in Rosreestra, but also to obtain technical conditions for connection to its communications.

The cost of cadastral engineers

Often, citizens are concerned about the high cost of services of cadastral engineers. Resolving this issue has been given to the jurisdiction of the regional authorities, which are entitled to set maximum threshold of prices for cadastral work. In this way:

  • In the Moscow region there is a maximum price of services per 1 sq.m. in 450 rubles., But not more than 7000 rubles. in one land.
  • In the regions of these tariffs are lower, such as Vladimir region set for cadastral definition of "amnesty" section rate in the 4 th. Rubles. But the price limits are valid only until 1 March 2018.

Of course, the state creates all conditions for the registration of citizens of the property for the account of such objects, fill the database with reliable information on their numbers and characteristics. But the highlight, in our opinion, is the taxation of land and buildings property tax and replenishment of the treasury. That is why many people do not seek to legalize the ownership of the houses in suburban lands. Even under the threat of recognition of their unauthorized construction.

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However, those who continue to remain silent on the availability of private housing in the area, you should know that to get permission from the administration on its commissioning can be considered impossible action. Even with access to the technical passport at home for some it may be difficult, but they are quite solved. If the state will provide a further two years to the simplified registration, the visitors can also declare and obtain title documents. This will allow them to dispose of the property legally.

How to make the house in the CHT on dacha amnesty: step by step guide

Simplified procedure for registration of an apartment house on the land in the CHT is subject to the following actions:

1. Gather the necessary documents on the list, which includes :

  • declaration or technical passport for capital construction, which shows all its characteristics (issued cadastral engineers with accreditation in respect of the right to issue such a document);
  • Citizen Identification Card, which registers the ownership structure;
  • documents of title to land under the house and check-out USRRE.

If a piece of land in the CHT is not yet decorated in the property, you will need a certificate stating that the applicant is a member of the partnership and owns an allotment in accordance with the rules. It is such a certificate is the basis for registration of rights on the ground first, and then the structure.

Help from a horticultural society (Sample) - Download

In case of participation in the CHT person who at the time of registration of the residential buildings have died, the issue can be heirs only after the entry into hereditary rights. If a notarial will, then there is a specific person it has been issued, and that it will. In another case, the heirs of the circle is determined by law. All the information about a citizen who owned the land, there is in the CHT, and there you can get the necessary documents.

2. The package of documents transmitted to the Rosreestr , one of the convenient ways. In this case, it is sure to make a statement in the prescribed form. The method determines the very citizen of the three available:

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  • private office visit Rosreestra or appeal to the MFC, and you can come up with documents in any of the user-friendly in terms of territory, without being tied to a place where there is a direct SNT and land in it;
  • sending mail with optional attachments are not only the documents themselves, but also their inventory (the letter should be sent with the notice, which will come back to you with a mark and that it is received by the registering authority specialists);
  • the online application process on the official website Rosreestra with attaching scanned documents.

Application for state cadastral registration of real estate rights (blank) - Download

In any of the cases of registration of the obligatory payment of registration fee in the amount of 350 rubles.

When handling a payment document the fact of payment of the fee generated can not provide. Information about that the amount paid, should be reflected in the registration body automatically. A copy can be embedded in the package only to accelerate the review process.

3. Preparation of the registration result . To carry out actions on registration of rights on residential building takes two weeks. After making base cadastral registration of all data transmitted to the package of documents, the owner receives an extract from USRRE. That it is proof of registration of the property for a particular citizen.

Extension of deadline for dacha amnesty to March 1, 2020, no doubt, has a positive side for those who are willing to formalize their rights to a house in the suburban partnership, but does not have time to do it this year. It should be understood that only a registered object can competently manage, without the risk of losing it altogether. Reducing the number of documents and the timing of their consideration to minimize trips to the chain of command and financial costs of obtaining additional securities.

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