Alternative tree: how designers are rethinking the main symbol of the New Year

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Alternative tree: how designers are rethinking the main symbol of the New Year

Inspire contemporary designer can do anything, anything, and the New Year - is no exception. Rethinking the traditional character - a festive fir - annual fun representatives of creative professions. Horizontal tree in Gorky Park in Moscow seems to have seen it all. We collected seven more ingenious designer of the year trees. Encased in a solid block of ice with a fiery trunk and hanging upside down - we tell about the most talked about fur-trees of the world, from London to Melbourne.

Upside-down tree, London

Inverted back up and suspended from the ceiling of the British Tate, this tree - an invention of the Iranian experimental artist Shirazeh Houshiary. It literally turns our understanding of the traditional Christmas tree with "upside down." Wood is suspended in the center of the spiral staircase that allows visitors to see it in all its glory, from the crown to the roots. On the roots, by the way, it is emphasized: to attract the audience's attention to the usually hidden part of the spruce, the artist covered the tortuous roots of gold leaf. "I would like to emphasize that the spruce - one of the oldest trees, and its roots is a symbol of stability and durability", - says the artist. Design tree at the Tate Gallery is not new: every year they invite contemporary artists to create the Christmas tree tradition is valid since 1988.

Tree in the form of a crystal, Melbourne

In December, the summer comes to Australia, but it is not the reason to stop celebrating Christmas, think local. From traditional tree also did not give up, but instead, as is customary, to decorate it with lights and toys, Australian designers have come up with a tree packed in a transparent crystal. Every evening it is illuminated by colored lights, and a nine-meter Christmas tree, which is placed in the square QIC Eastland shopping center in Melbourne, became the center of the light show.

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Tree with "fiery" barrel, London

Located in Mayfair in central London, this tree illuminates the facade of the hotel The Connaught is one of the highest in this year - 17.5 meters. The project is owned by Antony Gormley, one of the most famous contemporary British sculptor who worked on it together with Zumtobel, an Austrian company that specializes in the manufacture of lighting equipment. As a result, it acquired Tree glowing trunk-style lightsaber, bursting out of the ground. "Winter is the darkest time of the year - says the sculptor - and I hope that in this time of global dysfunction, this magnificent tree is the source of vitality."

Spruce and mysterious female owl, London

British designer Simon Costin more than 20 years working in the fashion industry, and therefore it is not surprising that when creating a Christmas tree, he decided to use his extensive experience in fashion design. Wood for The Edition hotel he did, inspired by the theater, and main source of inspiration was the designer for Irvine Welsh story of a woman who has turned into an owl. Its spruce, draped like a web of thin gray branches, crowned by a fantastic half-woman, raspravavivshaya hands on the back of it - huge owl's wings. Through theatrical mask she looks at everyone who enters the hotel lobby.

"Engineering Tree" Olborn

"Christmas tree", invented by American architectural bureau SOM, has been installed in the Utzon Center, which is now an exhibition "Limit heaven engineering architecture" - she explores the structural engineering practice and philosophy of SOM. Temporary sculpture seven meters was developed in collaboration with the Danish lighting designer Stinsenom Warming. Sculpture programmed to glow a lot of options. "If you go inside the tree, you can get an impressive and, in some kind of mind-bending experience of perception of space" - says Lasse Andersson, creative director of the Utzon Center.

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"Icy" tree, London

Artist and designer Alex Chinnek - Master illusory sculptures with a lot of readings. Tree, set in the heart of the magnificent Granary Square on the outskirts of Kings Cross is an elegant Christmas tree, enclosed in a massive piece of slowly melting ice. Christmas tree is placed in the pool, supposedly with water, actually - with a transparent wax. "Ice", by the way, in fact, too, is waxing. Tree height of two stories illuminate the nearby fountain, which is particularly famous for the London area.

Spruce with antique statues, London

Rather than resort to lights and tinsel, a young designer D. Anderson addressed the culture of ancient Greece and decorated his tree body parts of famous Greek statues: legs hanging at the bottom of the tree, several fine head frame top. It came unexpectedly surreal and rather in the spirit of Salvador Dali than in the spirit of ancient Greece. Christmas tree installed in the gallery Hepworth Wakefield, where Anderson's solo exhibition will be held in the near future.