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100 coolest of wood products from the exhibition Wood Works

The modern design and decorative art objects made of wood worth 5000 and half a million, as well as plenty of fresh ideas for the interior - all this Wood Works. Roomble visited the exhibition and wants to tell about his impressions

In the last weekend of spring in the Central House of Artists on Krymsky Val happened fifth Moscow exhibition Wood Works. Here are involved the design bureau, carpentry and manufacturing companies, creating furniture, accessories and wood products.

People come here not only to look at the possibility of a tree and touch the smooth finished surface of tables or chests, but also for communication with the owners of companies and craftsmen, creating unique items for the interior. All masters are focused on modern and contemporary design, environmental friendliness and personality.

This year Wood Works and crafting Maker's Mark bourbon had an open design competition, which aims - to help designers to realize their ideas in mass production.

In search of even greater numbers of original and interesting ideas we walked through the exhibition stands and talked with the participants. The owner of a private workshop WoodenCat told that all the pieces of furniture she makes by hand, without the use of factory machinery. We use only wood and resin, with works even with exotic species.

In the workshop of furniture restoration "Chronotope" back to life furnished 50-80-ies - mostly wooden chests and chairs. Owners believe that the objects of material culture of the time have a chance at a second life. We really liked the casket handmade from walnut treated with beeswax.

Employees studio  Das Studio appreciate the natural beauty of the wood, so the presented exhibition desks and tables made of slabs of solid wood. New - unusual table made of elm with an insert made of ceramic tile.

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Sergey Bologov re-introduced its "nice things out of wood" . Among the objects of decor and interior we found trays, plates, knives, spoons, rolling pins, fixtures, cups, jars and more. Everything is done - yes - of wood.

At the booth of Studio Andrew Zharnitskogo AZ have attracted racks and dressing tables of different colors. On the surface - the usual table with drawers, but he is able to transform into a dream of every woman. Then she and storage space for small things, and the mirror, and even cache wire. Fine work!

The R-interior doing interiors and furniture production in their own enterprise. Now in fashion trends of the 60s, and the owners of companies are trying to be on the wave - producing the most authentic things of that era. Collaborate with architects and designers, embodying exclusive objects to life. We could not move away from the lamp with Batman, Superman and the Joker - the photographer very much wanted to put this at home.

"Workshop Klimenko" - two brothers, Alexander and Anton, who lead his family business for the production of solid wood furniture since 2006. They work with hard rock, as well as doing the dishes, and the board of great beauty, combining wood with resin. Want Me three-meter table made of oak for 250 000 rubles? We, too.

Modern ecological trend creates a lot of new ideas. How do you mean - watches, hats and bags made from recycled wood? Shop eco-friendly fashion Hollywoody offers this and much more. When you purchase any product plant a tree.

Lamps handmade of wood were presented at the company's booth Woodled . Basically working here with oak and American walnut veneering, as an array of bends. Make lamps, including individual orders.

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Points made of wood. Yes, and this was at the show. Their company does Woodsun . Founder designer spoke about the complex process of manufacturing eyeglass frames, as long as we have measured each model.

Moscow guys from the carpentry workshop Brutal Wood for more than four years made furniture. Their tables slab of resin glistened on display brighter than all the others. So attractive to the eye result they have hand polished. And the resin at the production stage is added a coloring pigment, whereby the tables are obtained remarkable coloring. Moreover, each product is unique.

At the booth of Es-Wood we are pleased to have taken breath on rocking chairs, while considering the amazing shapes of each cut down a tree.

Workshop "Drevodizayn" pleased not only fine examples of tables and stools made of wood, but wood and fish. It turned out that this box.

Even more interesting pieces of wood we saw at the booth Design.Tree01, «natural selection», Furnitrera and "Retrodoska" .

In the area of ​​direct sales of small items we found watches, toys, plates and trays, lamps and a coffee table in the form of a hippopotamus in a swamp. There were even seals.

Finally we completely struck from the workshop table designer furniture ChifFonnier . Designed in the style of a pirate, if raised from the bottom of the sea, it immediately conjures up thoughts of voyages. Barrel, the wheel, shells, stones, bagels on the box - everything is perfectly carved out of wood. The cost of this stage - only 650,000 rubles.

This was an exhibition of Wood Works Spring 2018. Let's hope that next time there will be even more shops and companies that will present even more original items made of wood. And we once again tell everything in detail.

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100 coolest of wood products from the exhibition Wood Works